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December 2019

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Happy, Healthy Holidays Christmas at the Smiley’s

She roasts her signature turkey with grain- free stuffing along with a wealth of other side dishes with natural ingredients. Believe it or not, you may have already seen Jen making some of these dishes. The local news has had her on several morning shows, teaching viewers how to cook several seasonal meals that avoid artificial additives while adding flavor. Frankly, before meeting Jen, I didn’t think eating healthy could taste this good. When we started eating cleanly as a couple, it ended up being less of a difficult leap than I thought. Diets are notoriously difficult to keep, and I was expecting this to be the same story — but it wasn’t. The difference was that we never actually put ourselves on a restrictive eating plan. We didn’t cut out any specific food groups or dedicate ourselves to a single style of meal. We just made an effort to buy food we normally would but without the added preservatives and other chemicals. This approach makes a huge difference in my mind. It’s less disruptive than trying to alter your eating habits around a whole new diet, but it still gets you looking and feeling better. Honestly, it’s just as simple as looking at the nutrition and ingredient labels on the back of grocery store boxes. See a bunch of unpronounceable additives? Maybe find a healthier alternative. Of course, part of what made this transition easier on me was Jen holding me accountable.

Christmas is a sight to see at our house. As longtime readers of this newsletter will know, we usually visit family for most holidays, but Dec. 25 is our turn to shine. Yaya, Poppy, aunts, uncles, and cousins come pouring into our home. We usually have about 20–25 people over for dinner, and they all have to adhere to a strict dress code. You see, every year, Yaya and Poppy provide the party with matching pajamas. Everyone, including Jude, Luke, their cousins, and adults, are all decked out in our slumbertime best. Even the dogs get in on the fun! In fact, that brings me to our newest guest we’ll have to get PJs for this year. Babe was somewhat of an early Christmas present and the latest edition to the Smiley family. At just 4 pounds when we brought her home, Babe’s a little French bulldog puppy. She already gets along well with our 12-year- old Frenchie, Betsey Rue, and my wife, Jen, adores her. We all do if I’m being honest. When she’s not fawning over both dogs, Jen is marshaling the whole family to put this Christmas party together. She goes all out on decorations, including lights, candles, and Christmas tree stuffers. And, as if this wasn’t

In fact, Jen’s been so good at coaching our family to better health that she’s begun to offer her talents to the wider community. A few months ago, she launched her own 12-week coaching program designed to help people look and feel their best. If you’re looking for a little extra help with your New Year’s resolutions, check her out at “Get Jen Smiley” on Instagram.

Happy holidays, and here’s to a healthy start to the new year!

enough, she takes on all the cooking for the holiday feast as well!

-Seth Smiley

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