Joy Inside - Digital Through the Ages Booklet


Through the Ages

Psychedelic 70’s

We like to start our session with an overview Here’s one from “The Psychedelic 70’s”

1977 Rocky with Sylvester Stalone

1973 Power cuts

1972 Watergate Scandal

1976 Six Million Dollar Man


1970 Clanger s

1979 Margaret Thatcher

1975 End of Vietnam War


1974 Eurovisio n Song Contest

Have we captured your favourite 70’s moment?

Swingin Sixties

A variety of music links each session Here’s a few from the “Swingin Sixties”

Do you know who sang these songs?

Rock Around the Clock

Each session we enjoy chatting Fashion was one topic on “Rock Around the Clock”

Which fifties fashion do you still wear?

We’ll Meet Again

Every Session includes a quiz Who was the British actress who starred in

She fell off the horse during filming and broke her back!

the film National Velvet?

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