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titude is destructive and drives victory and purpose from the church and saps her of the life­ blood of vitality. In addition, we are convinced that already we have lost the battle to such twen­ tieth-century problems as the pop­ ulation explosion, crime, sex em­ phasis, and drug abuse. But this is not true. God has not been caught off-guard by the twentieth century. In John 12, Christ stated, “. . . greater works than these shall ye do, because I go to my Fa­ ther.” I am convinced that we are in an age of God-given blessing. Just one example is the fantastic ability He has given us in the field of ma s s communications. The Holy Spirit knew that at this time a third of the world would be in the chains of Communism. There would be no other direct means of bringing the Gospel from the out­ side than through broadcasting. But there must be people to make this ministry possible. Secondly, our job of communi­ cating the spirit and action of modem missions outreach through the Sunday school is a pivotal one. Lasting impressions are settled in a child’s heart as he works his way up through the departments of our Sunday morning class­ rooms. What kind of impressions will he receive in your Sunday morning session . . . or mine? Several things must be done in order to reverse this trend of a declining number of people mak­ ing themselves available to God for service. 1. We must be strong and of good courage. Live and breathe optimism in your departments. Paul stated over and over again that he was convinced that the ul­ timate end was Christ’s, and he rested in that. We must picture the world opportunity for service as one of great hope rather than one of despair and forlorn out­ look. We must show in our own lives that Christ lives and is work­ ing. 2. We must understand the world situation. If our job is to

inspire Sunday school students to service for Christ, we must know the opportunities for service. Sub­ scribe to magazines, missionary publications, read the material in your church library, and talk with every Christian worker you can. Ask, then, “What are the real challenges and opportunities in your field of endeavor?” 3. We must insure that we do not differentiate between some kind of local service vs. foreign service. 4. We must understand the role of emphasis on service. Young people must know that even a cup of cold water in Christ’s name is valid and important in this day of a world searching for love, peace and someone who cares. 5. We must get to know our students. The amazing example of Christ is that the Greatest Teach­ er that ever lived spent three long years, day after day, night after night, and month after month, giving His disciples an in-depth view of what He had for them. He knew them intimately — their hearts, their desires, their past and their hopes for the future. You cannot cast your Sunday school program in any different way and expect to have a lasting impact. Around the world at this hour people are looking for freedom from tyranny, disease, hunger, loneliness, and spiritual darkness. Jesus Christ is alive and at work. He is the Eternal Contemporary for He said about Himself, “Be­ fore Abraham was, I am.” Christ is sensitive to the needs of the world and to the people it will take to reach this world with the Gospel in our generation. The young people with whom you are working will have a large part in taking the answer to free­ dom in Christ to a world without Him! Make sure you challenge them to serve th e Lo r d and ground them in His Word. Mr. Phill Butler is active in the Na­ tional Religious Broadcasters Western Division and serves with radio station KGDN in Seattle, Washington. TH E KING'S BUSINESS

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