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The Be YoungTotal Health Strategy is carefully designed to give Distributors the confidence and tools they need to fully maximize the benefits of one of the most generous compensation plans in the industry. In this guide, we outline the initial conversations, the available resources, and key strategies for making the most of Be Young’s unique message of all natural health and wellness through a return to nature. These strategies are designed to guide Distributors through simple discussions based on an understanding that there are dangerous toxins in the environment, and that people’s lives are negatively impacted by both internal and external factors. Be Young Total Health offers quality solutions to many of these problems through its unique, life restoring products. The Be Young Total Health Strategy also demonstrates how easy it is to transition from product conversations to successful network marketing and compensation. With this knowledge, a commitment to building a personal business, and the wealth of information available through Be Young’s library of online resources and product information, our Distributors are equipped to find Life Restoring, Life Rewarding success. OBJECTIVES

In order for the Be Young Total Health Strategy to work for Distributors intent on building a business and/or increasing their residual income, it should be easily emulated, simple to follow, reliable and effective. Success in a network is only achieved when a sponsor bases their success on more than encyclopedic product knowledge, but rather makes connections founded on the real needs of their team and customers. Creating independent and well-networked teams is good for our company, and it is good for our Distributors. That’s why Be Young is committed to helping you succeed. To accomplish this, we have developed the Be Young Total Health Strategy to provide easy to follow instructions on Prospecting, Networking, Sponsoring, and Building Teams That Work.

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