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5 reasons why you need a wedding gift list

Get the gifts you really want (and keep your guests happy too!).

It’s not all toasters and tea towels Have all of your favourite brands plus furniture, experiences, honeymoon funds and even charity donations. Prezola combines everything you could ever want on a single easy-to-use online list. Mix traditional brands like Wedgwood and Le Creuset with modern brands like and Graham & Green, plus gifts from other websites too!

TOP TIP: Add more gifts than guests. Someone with a tighter budget might pick one item, while others may want to purchase a few as a bigger gift.

Upgrade your newlywed home Gifting today is less about setting up home and more about upgrading to things you’ve always wanted. Think about fun gifts like wall prints or cocktail sets and choose presents that reflect your personality to make guests think “that is so them!“.

TOP TIP: Guests are happier to give money if it’s for something specific rather than one big fund. You’ll still receive 100% of the cash to spend how you like.

Easy for friends and family It couldn’t be simpler for guests with free delivery standard and free gift list cards to send out with your invites. If you’re opting for guests to bring cash gifts on the day, it’s actually quite risky. Money can get lost, stolen or cheques can be made out to the wrong name – nightmare! We insure your money without any fees or ties – you get 100% of the cash in your bank account.

Guests really do want to buy gifts There’s no need for registry guilt. This is a once-in-a-lifetime mega wish list for your dream home, who could say no to that? If asking for the latest candy-coloured KitchenAid mixer makes you feel uneasy, it shouldn’t. Many of your guests are planning to buy a present, so you’re actually doing them a favour by choosing things you’ll enjoy. Add a personalised cash fund If you’re already living together and want money towards a honeymoon or house deposit, it’s very common and guests are happy to give a gift you really want. Prezola makes it discreet too. Personalise cash gifts with your own images and text such as a helicopter ride or surf lessons so that guests feel as though they’re buying an experience.

Why choose one store... Create the registry of your dreams with 50,000 gifts from 500 top brands plus exclusive brands you won’t find on any other gift list! You can quite literally have anything you want.

...when you can have them all? It’s fun and easy to update your home with gifts, plus you can add honeymoon funds, cash contributions, experiences and charity donations for the ultimate gift list.

Prezola is the UK’s favourite wedding gift list and four-time winner of Best Gift List. It is also the highest rated registry with thousands of five star reviews on Feefo. Join thousands of happy couples

For more luxury items, guests can contribute any amount they want towards a gift, working together to buy what you want. For example, five guests can pay £100 each to purchase a £500 sofa on your list. No limits, no minimum spend and no pressure for guests. Easy! Club together

Prezola has hundreds of UK and international breaks for a romantic getaway after the wedding. Add boutique hotel stays from Mr & Mrs Smith with experiences such as hot air balloon flights, theatre tickets and boat trips from Virgin Experience Days to create unforgettable memories. Make it an experience

L Fully flexible honeymoon fund Let your guests pay for your honeymoon! Create

personalised cash gifts with your own text and images or choose from Prezola’s selection. There are no fees and you receive all of the money to spend how you like.

Why choose Prezola?



500 brands

50,000 products

Honeymoon funds

Charity donations



Cash contributions

Price match guarantee

Secure funds

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