5 reasons why you need a wedding gift list

Get the gifts you really want (and keep your guests happy too!).

It’s not all toasters and tea towels Have all of your favourite brands plus furniture, experiences, honeymoon funds and even charity donations. Prezola combines everything you could ever want on a single easy-to-use online list. Mix traditional brands like Wedgwood and Le Creuset with modern brands like and Graham & Green, plus gifts from other websites too!

TOP TIP: Add more gifts than guests. Someone with a tighter budget might pick one item, while others may want to purchase a few as a bigger gift.

Upgrade your newlywed home Gifting today is less about setting up home and more about upgrading to things you’ve always wanted. Think about fun gifts like wall prints or cocktail sets and choose presents that reflect your personality to make guests think “that is so them!“.

TOP TIP: Guests are happier to give money if it’s for something specific rather than one big fund. You’ll still receive 100% of the cash to spend how you like.

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