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UNDERWATER LIGHTING - GENERAL: Nuclear & Water Treatment Industries

AQUALUX STAINLESS STEEL Aqualux is a system of underwater lighting equipment based on a series of parabolic, aluminised, reflector (PAR) lamps designed for direct immersion. A watertight power connector cap is bonded to the hard glass envelope, obviating potentially troublesome seals and facilitating easy lamp replacement. The mating connector is of a type employed in deep diving equipment and moulded directly to the power feed cable and the union is secured by a stainless steel locking sleeve. This technique is applied, as standard, to PAR 56 & 64 envelopes embodying 500 and 1,000 watt, long-life, tungsten-halogen capsules and may be used on special, discharge sources.

Protection of lamps and universal orientation is afforded by “free flooding”, stainless steel luminaires. These are relatively light in weight and provided with a bright, polished finish to facilitate decontamination. Lamps must be fully immersed during operation. Water level switches are available for inclusion within power supply and control circuits to ensure that a minimum of 50mm (2 inches) of water is maintained above the lamps.

* Full Technical specification available on BGB website: www.bgb marine .com


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