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A compact and robust, underwater camera assembly for feed response and behavioural monitoring of fish stocks. The FR Camera is designed for operation in low light conditions and housed for permanent immersion in sea water. Feed response monitoring is achieved with the camera rendered positively buoyant by the attachment of a floatation collar, allowing it’s deployment to look vertically upward from a predetermined point beneath the feeding stock. The accumulation of debris on the camera viewport is minimised as a result of the housing.

The combined camera power and signal cable is taken to the cage side and terminated in a connector for interface with the monitoring system. The cable is designed to resist abrasion and remains flexible in cold conditions. Like the camera, it is designed for permanent immersion in sea water. Camera monitoring systems are available and may be configured to suit individual requirements. Components include camera power supply units; picture monitors; signal amplifiers; automatic and manual, camera selector units and cable assemblies.

* Full Technical specification available on BGB website: www.bgb marine .com


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