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January 2019


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A s we begin another new year, a lot of people are thinking about what they want to accomplish in the months ahead. I am also looking ahead to the new year with optimism. I’m excited to see what 2019 will bring, especially following a great 2018. Last year was fantastic. The clinic grew, and we brought on new team members, including Dani Fiorito, our front desk manager, Dr. Michael Blackledge, and Dr. Kat Arave, who joined the physical therapy team. All I can say is that we have one of the best teams around. They work so well together. It’s a cohesiveness that has allowed us to see more patients than ever. In fact, we set many clinic records last year. That is nothing short of incredible, and we wouldn’t have been able to ensure each patient gets the care they needed without this team. On top of that, the clinic got certified in the Stay Active and Independent for Life (SAIL) program. Since we started offering SAIL classes, we’ve seen several people come in to exercise and work toward regaining, or managing, their independent lifestyles. SAIL is a class for people ages 65 and older, and it’s great for anyone who is concerned about balance or falls. So far, we have noticed a decrease in the amount of falls in patients, which is a win in my book! My own personal 2018 was fantastic as well. I was able to take a 2 1/2-week vacation to spend time with family and sail around San Juan Islands. That alone energized me for the rest of the year. And that brings us to the new year! As I look forward to 2019, I can say with confidence that everything feels really good right now. I kicked off the new year sailing. My family and I started sailing 10 years ago, and it’s become a New Year’s Day tradition

for all of us now. The cold winds are in your face, and

you return to dry land feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.

As we take on the PT world, I see the clinic growing

a little more, following the

trend from last year. Part of that will be

through our community outreach. You can expect more classes and more involvement in the community at large.

While it’s still very early in the year — and I can’t say too much just yet — I can say we have a bunch of other fun initiatives planned, too. The staff is working on some really cool projects that we can’t wait to share in the coming months. For now, we’re just excited to help people minimize or eliminate their pain without drugs or surgery. If you’re thinking about your own goals for the new year, managing pain is one to add to the list. I know there are still a lot of people out there who aren’t sure what to do about their pain. We’re always here to answer your questions — and to help you start the year off right.

Happy New Year, and we’ll see you soon!

–Dr. Orit Hickman • 1

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