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The Importance of Perspective


A s we prepare to head into a brand-new decade, I can’t help but reflect on how much things have changed over the last 10 years. I can’t deny that change is an exciting prospect for both my business and my family. While my work has taught me countless valuable lessons over the years, I recently had a poignant realization from interactions with my kids. Just the other day, it hit me like a ton of bricks that my daughter isn’t a baby anymore. Long gone are the days when she’d drown in her mother’s clothes and clack around in heels 10 sizes too big. When she was younger, a game of dress-up meant the clothes always made their way back into my closet at the end of the day. But now, when something of mine has been missing for several days, I know it’s not because she’s still playing dress-up. She’s wearing my clothes and experimenting with my makeup in order to feel like an adult. While I can’t wait to see the beautiful young woman she’ll grow into, part of me can’t help but think she’s trying to grow up too fast. PERSPECTIVE OF THOSE INVOLVED, AND THAT’S JUST AS IMPORTANT TO CONSIDER AS THE COLD HARD FACTS.”


from school upset one day recently because one of his classmates told him his lunch “looked gross.” While this may sound trivial to most of us, for him, it was the most upsetting thing to happen to him all day, and it made me realize how different his perspective of the world is. In my world, I couldn’t care less if someone told me the food I ate looked gross. But in his world, it was a mortifying experience that he might never forget about. This, combined with my daughter’s desire to step into a new role in her own world, has given me a lot to think about as another year comes to a close. Life is all about perspective. This is something incredibly important for me and the entire team at Council & Associates to remind ourselves of every day. Personal injury and accident cases are an especially delicate facet in the practice of law because advocating for someone boils down to understanding their experience and seeing it from their perspective. For example, a minor neck injury as a result of a fender bender may seem trivial, but without understanding the client’s perspective, you can never really know the gravity of the situation. You may not realize that the victim of this accident is, in fact, a surgeon who must be able to crane their

neck at a specific angle so they can perform life-saving operations. In this case, that minor neck injury means everything — not only to the doctor who can’t perform their job but also to the patients who are waiting on that same doctor to provide surgery they need to lead healthier lives. Behind every action and reaction is the perspective of those involved, and that’s just as important to consider as the cold hard facts. Here at Council & Associates, we do our absolute best to see the perspectives of all our clients so that we understand what it is we’re fighting for. We don’t have a cookie- cutter approach to our cases, because no two cases are ever alike. We value that mindset above all, and I’m so thankful to everyone in my life, from my coworkers to my clients to my family, for helping me understand just how important having perspective is. It gives me the passion and understanding I need to lead our firm into another great year and another promising decade.

–Lashonda Council- Rogers, Esq.

My son also gave me a profound perspective to step into the new year with. He came home


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