I continuous electric lead guitar by Lake. Al though Sinfleld doesn't hc1ve the greatest voice in the world, his words and arrangements take care of his ina:dequacy as a lead singer. ! The album opens with "The Song of the Sea Goat," a flowing melodic ·song based loosely on a theme by Vivaldi. Here pianist Keith Tippet excels with a liquid tinkling sound that escapes all barriers of classification. "Will It Be You" is as country as Sinfield dares to go and he ends up sounding like Ringo Starr. "Wholefood Boogie" could well be the sister of Crimson's "Cat Food." With a rollicking sax section, it rocks and rolls but still remains fa Sinfield's musical vein.

town." Seems like have been smoking it or have caught the fever, because this album lacked a lot of the punch that made their past efforts so much fun. They've even hired the Memphis Horns to fill in some of the gaps. · Still, they've chosen some good material. There are a couple of P. Rowan. songs, including '' Lonesome L.A. Cowboy," a companion· piece ' to it (?-Ed.), a classical western tune (? 1 -Ed.) "L.A. Lady," and a song by Grateful Dead lyricist Robert Hunter (???-Ed.), which comes off sounding very Dead-like (!!!!-Ed.). Unfortunately, there are only two songs from the genius of the group, Jim Dawson, but his touch can be heard on several others, especially the little gem stuck in at the end, "Cement, Clay and Glass." Here his voice blend!i nicely with that of guest Buffy St. Marie, and with the softly wailing horns (The horns, a noble experiment don't always work, but . ' they're OK h"ere.). As a whole' the album lacks the rich ' I production that made their last one, Gypsy Cowboy, so atmospheric, but the New Riders have given us another pretty record jacket and most importantly, a worthwhile album. Next, please. ' · -Dave Meinzer

pm) in Clark Gym. Tickets are $3-students, $4-loafers like the one pictured above and $4-night of concert. Purchase them at Buff State and UB ticket offices. excepting Lieber and Stoller's "Trouble," most of the cuts bear obvious traces of influence. "Crazy 'bout A Blues Guitar" starts out sounding like Steve Stills meets Steppenwolf and features some very Jimmy Page-ish licks. Further along in their obsession with guitars and blues comes "Do I Love You (Does a Guitar Play the Blues?).c' ' Judging by the title, the uninitiated might dismiss the cut as just another stupid novelty cut, but on first listen, this image is destroyed as the song is a tight competent rocker that gets right to the point and stays there. "Edmonton Rain" is the obvious Top 40 cut and has some tasty piano that could make Elton John run for cover. "Trouble" is the album's gutsiest rocker, highlighted by Paul Dean_,' s Beck-influenced punk guitarwork. Producer David Kershenbaum has done a splendid job of recording the band, keeping the bass bottom-heavy, the drums snappy, the guitars forceful, and the vocals dominant. Scrubbaloe would do well to stay with him for their next album, as he contributes as much to their sound as any member. Scrubbaloe Caine are going to send a lot of the current rock 'n' rollers bac,k under their rocks cringing , in embarrassment in that, in one album, they've done more for Canadian rock than the whole lot of other bands combined. Physically speaking, Round One is a knockout. Rock 'n' rave. -Andy Cutler and Gary Sperrazza

David Bromberg, upon hearing the news that he'd be playing another concert: "Farr-out, but how come they keep putting me on the bill with blind guys?" Oct. 28, UUAB presents Doc Watson and David Bromberg for 2 shows (7 :30 & 10 still get the same amount of profundity. With Pete Sinfield we are concerned with, as with Dylan, primarily a poet and that's what this album is: a collection of poetry in the largest sense of the word. -Andy Cutler

"Hi, I'm Frank Zappa, an~this is my new band, the Mothers. This time they're real mothers, On Nov. 21, Festival East presents Me, Me, Me with the legendary Taj Mahal 8 pm at the Aud. Tickets ar~ Rafferty. Just imagine a voice that can sound "like Paul Simon at times, John Lennon, and McCartney at others. That's Rafferty. · His songs have a popish flavor, which means that they'd do well on A.M. That's all it means. Rafferty's rock songs are rock songs without the excesses of hype and roll rock groups. One .is constantly comparing Rafferty's soft rockers such as Half a Chance, Make You Break You or New Street Blues with Beatle's efforts before Sgt. Pepper such as Revolver. Nothing wrong with this. Rafferty also offers us a few country-rock tunes such as Didn't I, Can I Have My Money Back? and One Drink , Down. These songs are better than tolerable, if you like fiddles and that sort of thing. If you don't, well, they're all very short and well interspersed with the rest of Rafferty's tunes. Then there are highly sophisticated melodies, or outstanding cuts such as Mr. Universe with some clever lyrics, To Ei3ch And Everyone complete with Harmonium and harpsichord and Half a Chance employiilg two separate melodies woven together. ' Rafferty's lyrics are honest. They're 'not brilliant, but they're not pretentious. In Where I Belong Rafferty sings: "i hope that I'm winning the Race..." Whether

$6, $5, $4 and you can purchase them at all ·Festival ticket outlets, including Man II and Pantastik stores. So give yourself a thrill by coming, he 9 r?" Jerry Rafferty is winning is still to be determined, but one thing is certain, if you enjoyed Stealer's Wheel, you 'II enjoy Rafferty. , I must warn you however, that there are no clapping percussives on Rafferty's album, so if that's all you're into folks, forget it. -Michael Sajecki

"Now what the hell does 'I need to suck the breasts of time and freeze her milk in ink' mean, Peter? And I wish you'd stop wearing my shoes.". The title cut feature·s Greg Lake on joint lead vocals and it is where Sinfield's mediocre voice is most painfully pointed out. "Envelopes of Yesterday" sounds frighteningly like Roxy Music which is understandable in light of their discovery by Sinfield (he produced their first album). Again the lyrics are poetic and rambling: "I need to suck the breasts of time and freeze her milk in ink." ·The masterpiece of the album is "The Night People," another excursion into the 'real world' as seen through the eyes of a poet. Here the full traditional horn section is utilized in an interesting arrangement by Mel Collins. Although some many find fault with Sinfield's vocals, they're the least important part of the album, as almost anyone could sing or speak the lyrics and

Scrubbaloe ROUND ONE-SCRUBBALOE CAINE (RCA) From the friendly giant on our northern border comes Scrubbaloe Caine, one of the finest bands to emerge from Canada in awhile. It's probably not accidental that traces of the Guess Who pop up now and again because not only are the GW the deans of Canadian rock, Scrubbaloe contains Jim Kale, formerly the GW's bassist. Though all the material is original

Pete Sinf ield STILL-PETE SINFIELD (Manticore/Atlantic) Tbis album may sound a little Too King Cri~son-ish for some people's comfort, but in actuality is a Jriumph for Pet~ Sinfield. You may recall Sinfield as the author of the dreamy, escapist sometimes insane lyrics for King Crimson. This is his first venture as I a solo artist/vocalist and he's greatly aided by ex-Crimsonites Greg Lake a~d Mel Collins, Collins' flute and saxes taking care of the space left by the exclusion of

New Riders PANAMA RED-NEW RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE (Columbia) Midway through the title cut of Panama Red, the electric cowboys of San Francisco sing: "Everybody's actin' lazy/ Fallin' out and hangin' 'round/ Nobody feels like workin'/ Panama Red is back in





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