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In 2018 we trialed Mirage for the first time. In 2019 we have exchanged the complete red poinsettia assortment by Mirage.

• The perfect Allrounder • Compact to medium habit, ideal for the most used potzises, space efficient and grower friendly variety • Vibrant red bracts with long-lasting cyathia • Low or non PGR requirement depending on culture • Big cyathia

“Mirage is the ideal Christmas star for growers and consumers.”

Mirage has a compact growth, is growing slowly, requires little PGR and has a beautiful V-shape. The intense red colour is eye-catching. It is for sure one of the most striking colours on the market. In addition, Mirage has less stretching in short day, gives little failure, has a great shelf life and beautiful cyathia. It is an easy and strong plant. Mirage is the ideal Christmas star for grower and consumer.




What is also characteristic for Mirage is the little need of PGR. We spray on average 80% less PGR on Mirage than on other varieties.


Jordy Zwinkels Kuivenhoven Poeldijk BV, The Netherlands

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Mirage Red

Syngenta Flowers EURZ0009





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Mirage is one of our best red varieties because the plant builds up harmoniously with a very good branching and strong roots. This variety has a great benefit because we can universally applicable it for a 6 cm mini till a 17 cm bush. Cramer Jungpflanzen

invest in this variety for the next few years as well, with ever-increasing numbers. The Mirage has many strengths: V-shaped bearing, very robust stem (even when grown in a 16 cm pot it does not need elastic), very easy to bag. It branches out very well, the color is a nice RED, very pleasant. It’s the exactly tight precocity for our Sicily, it does not defoliate even if cultivated at high density per sqm. The shelf life is excellent. And last but not least, the use of plant growth regulators on this plant is almost zero.

"There is only very less need to use PGR and it has one of the best attractive bright red bract colors with very nice and long lasting cyathia."

We have a large production of poinsettias, and we always try to improve ourselves by looking for better alternatives to the varieties we grow. 3 years ago, we tried Mirage and we immediately realized that Mirage met our needs, so we wanted to Florguarino

Francesco Guarino Florguarino, Italy

Martin & Alexander Cramer Cramer Jungpflanzen, Germany


Euphorbia pulcherrima

Euphorbia pulcherrima


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