Poinsettia 2020-2021 | UK

Red in your ­ greenhouse, red at retail, red at home with Mirage Stealing the hearts of consumers in the holiday season; assuring your greenhouse is filled year round. At Syngenta Flowers we have a complete Fairtrade certified Poinsettia assortment that fits both your needs as well as the retailer and end- consumer. Take Mirage, a true star that meets the requirements of many greenhouse conditions, is easy to grow in all pot sizes and therefore a perfect grower solution. At the same time, this beauty has stunning red bracts and loads of ciathia which have long shelf life. Moreover, Mirage needs little to no growth regulators. Mirage has that perfect red shine starting in your greenhouse, in store at the retailer all the way at people’s homes. If your market is looking for a true, sustainable Christmas Star that is worry-free for your production then this is your pick. Besides Mirage, in this catalogue you can find established names such as Mira and Mars. We are excited to introduce the Toro Red, a luxury star bred for larger pots and South Europe. To complete our assortment, we offer specialties like Roccostar Bright Red and Superba New Glitter to offer you a one stop shop experience. The way to your success starts with healthy and strong cuttings and young plants. We are ready to deliver the best cuttings and young plants to you every day, so that you can take the first step towards a good result. From the selection of the best crop and along the way during your production we offer you expert advice,


since the nature of the production of this crop requires the right attention. We are pleased to be able to offer this to you.

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In all that we do, we want to make sure that our core values are respected and shine through:

Product forms

Production & use

Passion for customers – we bring products, services and solutions that customers value

Pot size (cm)

Use Mini

Jiffy/paper pot Available as Jiffy/paper pot

Long view – we aim at strengthening the industry for the future, economically, environmentally and socially

Quickstep ® Available as Quickstep ®

Use Midi


Growth for all – for our customer, our employees, communities and industry partners; we share the value we create Determined execution – we are disciplined, focused and keep it simple; we are accountable and find a way to deliver

Use Standard

URC Available as unrooted cuttings

Flowering months

Greenhouse performance 1 = compact / 5 = vigorous

Use Tree/Pyramid

Licence fee

Earliness 1 = early / 5 = late

Stem length 1 = Short / 5 = Long

Flower colour

How matters – we are transparent in what we do; we foster diversity and inclusion.

Flower size 1 = Small / 5 = Large

Flower type

Response time

From all of us at Syngenta Flowers, we thank you for your business and we look forward to continuing to work together in a successful partnership with you in the forthcoming years.


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We wish you a great season!

Mark Schermer Head of Syngenta Flowers



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