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OB- ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR This stage is an in-depth study of how organizations and their teams intertwine with each other on a collective and individual level. This is also a study of desired business behaviours to accomplish the business goals. The emphasis is to action a people framework to actualize the desired organizational culture. Areas of expertize: - Creation and implementation of competency frameworks - Setting up HRM processes to augment growth - Create tools and frameworks to support business behaviours and scale up goals

OC – ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE This change project initiative provides a fundamental and radical reorientation in the way the organization operates. It is based on a belief that the success of any organizational change effort can be summed into an equation: Success = Goal clarity x Measurement x Method x Control x Focussed Persistence x Shared Vision Innovative change solutions: - Identification and activation of change projects - Review and monitoring of change projects - Enabling collaborative creative result oriented discussions and action steps

OA - ORGANIZATIONAL ANALYSIS An internal business appraisal aimed at identifying areas of effectiveness, inefficiencies and exploration of opportunities for innovative reorganization. This is based on the premise of the trinity of creation, sustenance and destruction. At this stage, we provide comprehensive review methodologies and models for study of organizations, people and business dynamics. Customized opportunities include: - Business process audit - Work out sessions for shift of business orbits - Organization wide research and surveys to back up change based on facts and data

OE - ORGANIZATIONAL EXPERTISE These are customized models to enhance organizational effectiveness in strategic areas of growth management. These are achieved through the tools and data exhaust generated during the entire COE cycle. This stage is also a stage of empowerment wherein the members of the organization take charge through their developed capabilities to drive the scale up process on their own. Process outcomes: - Create validated models for growth sustenance

OD – ORGANIZATIONAL DEVELOPMENT It is a system wide application of behavioural sciences to the planned development initiative and reinforcement of organizational strategy, structures and processes for improving an organization’s effectiveness. It thus increases the capability of the organization to accomplish its change goals and runs concurrent with the organization change process.

Niche expertize: - Developing the competencies for managing business turbulence and change - Creating a culture of coaching as a fundamental ethos of success - Establishing the foundational value of ownership and accountability for success - Identification of competency gaps through real-time assessments and initiating steps for their closure

- Create empowered teams to achieve superlative growth - Create and sustain a culture of high energy and performance - Control business toxicity effectively


Empowering to gain excellence by emancipating organizations of the impediments that prevent them frommoving forward in a positive and constructive direction.

This intervention is conceptualized and presented by Atyaasaa. A leading business consulting organization partnering with some of the best brands across continents. Atyaasaa has been a catalyst and a contributor in their quest for people development and business excellence. The core differentiator of Atyaasaa process is continual innovation, unique customization and use of state of the art technology tools. This is implemented through ethical and experienced operations by human resource facilitators with contribution as their core value.


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