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HEAD OUT TO THE CHUGWATER CHILI COOK-OFF A Fun Kickoff to Father’s Day Weekend

It takes a lot of work, passion, love, grit, and devotion to be a dad. Fatherhood isn’t easy, but it’s one of the most rewarding experiences in the world. Our dads empower us, provide for us, teach us, guide us, and inspire us. They teach us to fix things, navigate the world, and be kind to others. Dads are our best friends, role models, and our true north. On June 18, we celebrate all dads. Father’s Day is an exciting time to show appreciation to all of the dads, stepdads, fathers-in-law, uncles, grandfathers, and fatherly figures in our lives. How will you celebrate your dad? Will you plan a day together? Will you play a round of golf? Will you treat him to dinner?

The Chugwater Cook-Off has something for everyone! Along with chili tasting, enjoy salsa tasting, cobbler tasting (for the first time!), cash prizes for the winners, live music, a ranch rodeo, a kids’ area with games and activities, a cornhole tournament, shopping, food, drinks, adult beverages, a car show, and a complimentary horse-drawn wagon ride!

“Here at CHB, we love supporting

our local community, giving back, mingling with our local friends and family, and

embracing the relationships we’ve built over the years!”

This year, the 2nd Annual Chugwater K9 Classic will feature a dog-friendly half

marathon, 5K, 10K, and a kids’ fun run with the Chili Cook-Off main event. The best part about this run is that the finish line takes you into the Chugwater Chili Cook-Off event! Once you’ve completed the run, you can refuel and relax with some chili! After all, you’ve earned it!

Here in Chugwater, Wyoming, on the Saturday before Father’s Day, June 17, our town will be putting on the 37th Annual Wyoming State Championship Chili Cook-Off in Staats Park. In 1986, the event was born as a contest to pinpoint the best chili in town and then, once it was appointed, to celebrate it! Since then, the event has become the largest one-day event in Wyoming and is now a nonprofit organization. All funds raised go back to the Chugwater community to support the local schools, volunteer fire department, community center, historical group, and economic development center. A portion of the funds also benefits a scholarship fund — what a great way to kick off Father’s Day weekend!

Here at CHB, we love supporting our local community, giving back, mingling with area friends and family, and embracing the relationships we’ve built over the years! We hope to see you there! We wish all of the dads a happy and healthy Father’s Day. Do something you enjoy and spend time with your families and loved ones — you deserve it! Happy Father’s Day! –Kit West & Ed Meyer



Short-Form Video Marketing Is Taking Over Lights! Camera! Sales!

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Any business incorporating the best marketing practices has been using videos to connect with its customers for years. But with the advent of TikTok and Instagram Reels, people want bite-sized clips to deliver information without fluff. Businesses looking to keep audiences engaged must begin incorporating short-form content into their marketing strategy. Most experts define short-form video as lasting 60 seconds or less, and Influencer Marketing Hub reports that 73% of internet users prefer them to longer videos. Social media has conditioned people to enjoy brief content that quickly gets to the point, and TikTok purposely shows users video after video. The format is also taking over other platforms, and users find loosely scripted, on-the-fly content more relatable than meticulously produced videos. Fortunately, research indicates that short-form videos attract more engagement than static images. These are low-budget videos, so many marketers believe they have a higher return on investment (ROI) than traditional videos and are more likely to result in a viral hit. Best of all, the shorter the video, the more likely someone will watch until the end and absorb your entire message. But if your video doesn’t quickly grab a viewer’s attention, they know another potentially more interesting one will immediately follow. So, your videos should incorporate an instant hook to get users engaged. You might try a provocative question in the text over the video, an attention-grabbing song, or striking initial imagery.

Many people new to short-form video don’t know where to start, so it’s crucial to note that it’s about more than making briefer versions of your existing content. Encourage user-generated content from people using your product, show behind- the-scenes clips that might interest your audience, or quickly answer a frequently asked question. If you want to stay relevant, your marketing team should remain on top of the latest trends. We don’t recommend jumping on the

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bandwagon for every “challenge” that appears on your feed, but you should watch for trends that fit your brand and will resonate with your audience.

Finally, remember that authenticity is the point. Short-form videos should be playful and spontaneous and talk directly to your audience. Users won’t connect and share if it looks like a TV commercial; they’ll see it as just another ad and keep scrolling. RESCUE DOG’S LEGACY LIVES ON HOW THE WORLD FELL FOR FRIDA

Dressed in protective goggles, blue booties, and a matching vest, this incredible rescue dog became a symbol of hope in Mexico. Frida, a cheerful yellow Labrador retriever, was a devoted member of the Mexican

While the nation was devastated by the disaster, this smiley rescue pup brought worldwide attention to the tragedy. Frida’s dedication (and impeccable style) quickly made her an internet celebrity, and soon, murals of the lifesaving canine graced the walls of Mexico City. Even Captain America, aka Chris Evans, gave Frida a shoutout on Twitter, adding, “What did we do to deserve dogs?” The hero dog then traveled the world, helping countries suffering from the aftermath of disastrous earthquakes. Frida saved lives in Haiti and Ecuador before retiring from her position in 2019 at 10 years old to live the rest of her days in comfort and love. Sadly, the Mexican Navy announced Frida’s passing in November 2022 due to old age. She was 13 years old. In her honor, a magnificent bronze statue of Frida, clad in goggles and boots, stands in front of the Mexican Navy office in Mexico City. On the day of her death, the Mexican Navy changed their Twitter banner to an illustration of Frida and spread the hashtag “#HastaSiempreFrida.” Frida will always be remembered for her lifesaving work and the hope she embodied for the entire world.

Navy known for her search and rescue skills. Trained to find people trapped under rubble after earthquakes, Frida always worked hard to save lives.

Frida became a national hero when a devastating earthquake hit Mexico City in 2017. The 7.1 magnitude

earthquake took more than 300 lives and injured many more. While sifting through dangerous debris and aftershocks, Frida saved 12 people after finding them alive while uncovering more than 40 bodies during her lifesaving career.



In Our Small Town, We Lean on Each Other PAY IT FORWARD

Seafood Pasta Salad

Inspired by TheSpruceEats.com


• 4 cups fusilli noodles • 2 cups crab meat or shrimp • 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese • 2 cups ranch dressing • 1 cup frozen peas, thawed • 1/2 cup chopped green peppers

• 1/2 cup chopped red peppers • 1/2 cup diced onions • 1/2 cup shredded carrots • 2 cups halved cherry tomatoes • 1/2 cup of Parmesan cheese (optional)

The little things in life matter most — holding the door for a stranger, exchanging smiles, paying for the coffee for the person in line behind you, and offering up a compliment or words of affirmation just because. On June 15, we celebrate Worldwide Day of Giving, a day in which we embrace kindness and generosity and celebrate giving to others. Giving doesn’t only mean money or items — in fact, one of the most impactful gifts is the gift of kindness to show we care. When we do thoughtful things for others, we embrace our human connections and come closer together. After all, we each get by with a little help from our friends. Every day, we at CHB make it a part of our initiative to find a way to pay it forward to help others in our industry and community — it’s the cornerstone of our company ethics and morals. We often share our business advice locally with our Chamber of Commerce members and nationally with our Broker Associates. We donate our time by coaching basketball and baseball/ softball for our local youth. We are involved in women’s fastpitch


1. In a large pot, bring the fusilli noodles to a boil and cook until al dente, then drain. 2. In a large bowl, combine noodles, crab or shrimp, cheddar cheese, ranch dressing, peas, green and red peppers, onions, and carrots, then mix together gently. 3. Refrigerate the pasta salad for 3–4 hours. If salad is dry upon removing from refrigerator, add more ranch dressing. 4. Once you’re ready to eat, top salad with tomatoes and Parmesan cheese if desired.

Take a Break

softball, Little League, minors, and our legion team. We also volunteer at our local Veterans of Foreign Wars and Kiwanis Club.

Our small local community of 9,500 people (county-wide) invests in “paying it forward” in many ways. Everyone knows everyone, and when we see or hear of a family/person in need, we all pitch in to make a difference and lend a helping hand. From the community thrift store to Facebook groups for persons/ families in need, we watch out for each other.




This Worldwide Day of Giving, let’s celebrate our community and the connections we make through giving! May we continue to hold each other up!




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If you’ve ever headed out to the nearest stream, river, lake, or reservoir and cast in a line, you likely know the tranquility, excitement, and entertainment fishing delivers. Just like other sports and activities, angling can be therapeutic. It’s a great activity to enjoy solo or with friends and family and allows you to explore some of the most beautiful natural areas and bodies of water. We have some of the most incredible fishing in Platte County, Wyoming, as it’s home to 142 rivers, lakes, and fishing locations. The best part is that, unlike other parts of the nation, Platte County offers fishing all four seasons — sometimes, you fish from the ice. In our local waters, we have black crappie, blue catfish, channel catfish, brown bullhead, largemouth bass, sturgeon, walleye, rainbow trout, yellow perch, and shortnose gar.

While we have two state parks loaded with great fishing, beyond the parks, Wheatland Reservoir and Grayrocks are two popular fishing areas, both of which offer camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. The North Platte River in Guernsey also offers diverse fishing, and floating down it features some of the best scenery around. The river is home to tons of rainbow and brown trout, and it’s reported that this location offers roughly 4,000 catchable fish per mile! On June 18, we celebrate National Go Fishing Day, when we can embrace the sport of fishing! Father’s Day also falls on this day, bringing us to our next question: What great fishing spots will you be venturing out to this month to celebrate? Let us know!

Happy fishing! Visit WyPlatteCo.com/fishing for more information!



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