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During my premedical undergraduate studies, I was given the incredible opportunity to join a medical mission trip to the Central African Republic. Along with a team of other medical experts, I immersed myself completely in patient care in this completely new place, delivering babies, aiding in vital surgeries, and just essentially delivering the kind of care that we take for granted in the United States. Throughout the entire experience, busy with this brand-new field, treating individuals that just wouldn’t have had access to medical

with the tools to take care of our bodies and our health and prevent disease. So, when I saw these strung-out doctors neglecting the principles they were preaching, something didn’t add up.

In the midst of my graduate studies in immunology and biochemistry, I took another job at the ER, this time doing lab draws. I enjoyed the day-to-day of the work, but the environment began to take its toll. We were often the first people the patients would see when they

care otherwise, I had a constant sense of fulfillment and gratitude. It felt good to be doing what I felt was my true

came in, and so many of them would end up sticking around at the hospital, or passing away. “Now, I’m not a genius,” I thought to myself, “but this is a place where people go to be healed. Instead, families are slapped with massive insurance expenses and patients aren’t getting better at all. What’s going on here?”

calling: serving humanity in a concrete, meaningful way. Truly, it changed my life.

When I returned, I was filled with purpose, eager to get more involved in medicine back at home. So, I got a job at a local hospital doing ER coding, drawing blood, and performing various other tasks. I enjoyed the work a lot, but

During any rare moment of downtime, I was the weird guy sitting in the corner poring over piles of natural medicine textbooks, trying to find answers. I just couldn’t go into a field ostensibly about serving people when nothing was actually getting fixed. I wanted to turn people’s lives around, not just amputate an arm or let them stagnate in the hospital. So I went to chiropractic school, interested especially in the hundreds of required hours of total nutritional studies. I immediately began to devote everything to starting my own practice, one dedicated to actually healing people. The cash my peers were spending at the bars on the weekends, I was spending on informational conferences, trying to master every aspect of my field to better serve my patients. I’m proud to be able to say that The Livewell Clinic has evolved into the exact vision I had, all those years ago, for a healing-focused place for patients to go and change their lives for the better. I feel that I’ve finally gotten back to that initial spark I felt in the Central African Republic, that feeling of actually helping people. I’ve been able to turn my central driving passion into the very foundation of my career —who could ask for more than that?


over time, I started to notice the problems with many of the doctors. Their eyes were hazy with fatigue as they rushed, without emotion, from patient to patient. Many were overweight or suffering from easily treatable health problems — the equivalent of seeing your doctor smoking in the parking lot. I grew up in a remarkably natural health-minded family. My mom had us going to the chiropractor regularly and always kept a cabinet stocked with every kind of medicinal herb you could imagine, dedicated to providing us CALLING: SERVING HUMANITY IN A CONCRETE, MEANINGFUL WAY.”

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