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Have a Friend Who’s Afraid of Lawyers? SHARE THIS TO REFRAME THEIR FEARS

THE FEAR: ‘If I hire a lawyer, my friends and family will think I’m an ambulance chaser out for money.’ THE TRUTH: This is what the insurance companies want you to think because if you don’t hire a lawyer, they won’t need

If you drive around Atlanta and pay attention to the colorful billboards looming over the road, you’ll notice quite a few of them are advertisements for lawyers. The same is true of TV commercials and radio jingles. Everywhere you turn, there’s a lawyer telling you to call their hotline! But no matter how hard you look, you’ll never see my face in one of those advertisements. It doesn’t sit right with me to “buy” my clients with ads. I prefer to get new cases through word of mouth. I believe that if I just do right by the people I’m representing now, they’ll tell their friends and family about my services, and that will keep my business growing. This works out well for everyone, but there’s often an obstacle in the way: fear. I’ve heard from many clients who know someone who badly needs a lawyer, but that person is too afraid to seek representation. They worry they’ll be stigmatized if they ask for help after a car crash, or they envision all lawyers as the movie personality types portrayed by Tom Cruise or Kevin Bacon. These fears are completely understandable — but as you know, I’m not that kind of lawyer. If you have a friend or family member who was hurt in a car accident or at a day care but is too afraid to call me, consider responding to their fears with these truths.

from TV. In real life, a deposition isn’t an interrogation — it’s a conversation with the other side about the trauma you’ve been through, and it’s good for everyone involved. Typically, this is a very civil, amicable, courteous process, and the folks

to pay you the money you deserve. In reality, hiring a lawyer is often the best step you can take toward repairing your mental, physical, and financial health.

on the other side are not trying to attack, hurt, or humiliate you. The goal is to arrive at the truth and a fair resolution. The same is true for a trial: It’s not an interrogation; it’s your chance to tell your side of the story. And as Mark Twain once said, “If you tell


THE FEAR: ‘Lawyers aren’t really human — they’re soulless robots who only care about their paychecks. If I hire a lawyer, they won’t really care about me.’ THE TRUTH: Lawyers are humans, just like you! For example, I’m a husband and father of two — and, on a humorous note, a sucker for Taco Bell’s late-night cravings menu. Do you think you would see a robot in the drive-thru? There

the truth, you don’t have to remember anything.” I’ll also be with you every step of the way. If a deposition and trial are necessary, I’ll schedule meetings with you beforehand to explain exactly what will happen and make sure you are prepared. Often, depositions can be done virtually from the comfort of your home. If you have a friend or family member who needs a lawyer but is afraid to call one, please pass along this article. I hope it will reassure them that as scary as the process might seem, it’s really more like a Halloween haunted house. Once you get through it, you’ll look back from the other side and think, “Well, that wasn’t so bad after all!”

may be some lawyers who really are in this job for the money, but the overwhelming majority are professionals who want the best for their clients.

THE FEAR: ‘Depositions and jury trials are terrifying. The other side’s lawyer will tear me apart.’ THE TRUTH: This dread of the discovery process (the search for evidence), depositions, and trials comes straight

This publication is for informational purposes only, and no legal advice is intended.

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Why Everyone Needs a Will

Even as Halloween approaches, nobody likes thinking about their own mortality or the possibility of death, but the simple truth of the matter is that people pass away every day. That’s why it’s important to have an estate plan in place to ensure that your loved ones are taken care of. It doesn’t matter if you’re relatively healthy or have few physical assets — having a will is imperative, especially if you pass away unexpectedly. Here are two main reasons to make an estate plan today. PROVIDES PEACE OF MIND Without a will or estate plan in place, your family will need to attend probate court to figure out who receives what assets. The court will name someone to oversee your estate, which could be someone who doesn’t have your family’s best interests in mind. With a will, you can name someone as the executor of your estate and lay out how your assets will be divided. It will help save your family time, money, and stress while providing them with ample time to grieve. DECIDES WHO WILL TAKE CARE OF YOUR PETS, HOME, AND CHILDREN If you’re a parent, you can use your will to determine who will become the guardian of your children. Without a will, the court may appoint a guardian who you don’t want raising your kids.

Additionally, pets are seen as property by the law, so you need to appoint someone to become their caretaker in your will. And you can’t leave your house to your pet, so you need to name the person to take ownership of your house in your will as well. Creating a will does not have to be a scary or stressful experience. If anything, it will give you and your family peace in knowing they will be taken care of if anything happens.

Plan Your Pumpkin Patch Outing TO 1 OF THESE 3 LOCAL SPOTS!

Nothing says “fall” like a family trip out of the city to wander a corn maze, sip hot apple cider, and pluck pumpkins straight from the field. Here in the Atlanta area, we have several fantastic pumpkin patches just a short drive outside of the city. Here are three of our firm’s favorites — we hope you enjoy them this fall. SLEEPY HOLLOW FARM 628 Sleepy Hollow Road, Powder Springs Sleepy Hollow has it all: a pumpkin patch, a corn maze, tractor rides around the farm, adorable animals to visit, games for the kids, a country store, and even an on- site escape game called Escape Woods! General admission tickets to the farm range from $11–$13 each, and kids 2 and under are free. That ticket price doesn’t

include the cost of any pumpkins you pick. If you want to reserve the Escape Woods game, visit to book it separately.

Indian corn, and farm products like jams and jellies while you’re there.

YULE FOREST 3565 Highway 155 N., Stockbridge

BERRY PATCH FARMS 786 Arnold Mill Road, Woodstock

Yule Forest is home to one of the biggest pumpkin patches in Georgia, and your family can choose to either buy pre-cut pumpkins or harvest your own right from the stem! Before you pick, take the kids to the barn to watch a short “Pumpkin Movie” that explains the pumpkin farming process from seed to jack-o’- lantern. The farm also offers a corn maze, a flower garden, hay rides and train rides, farm animal interactions, a science center, a bee house, and more! Tickets cost $14.95 per person, and you must buy them online before your trip. Kids 2 and under are free.

During the summer, Berry Patch Farms is blueberry-picking headquarters, but they pivot to pumpkins in the fall! Typically, the farm is open all October, and families can enjoy hayrides out to the pumpkin patch, visit farm animals, and get treats like homemade fried pie, boiled peanuts, and popcorn. According to the Berry Patch Farms website, admission costs $5 per car on weekends — so a visit is an absolute steal! Just make sure you have cash to pay your way in. You can buy pumpkins, gourds,

You can always reach Kevin directly at 404.566.8964 or (If you ever need it, his cellphone is 404.409.3160.)

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Get to Know Coach Kirby Smart 10 Fun Facts for National Coach’s Day

7. Mary Beth, Coach Kirby’s wife, is also a UGA graduate, but they didn’t meet in college. They actually met years later when she helped Smart travel to Georgia to interview for his first job with the Bulldogs (running backs coach) in 2005. 8. Coach Kirby has three kids — including a set of twins named Weston and Julia. 9. From Dec. 2015–Jan. 2016, Smart coached both the UGA Bulldogs AND the University of Alabama Crimson Tide! He only left Alabama after his team there won the national championship. 10. Since becoming head coach, Smart has led the Bulldogs to five bowl victories. We’re hoping for many more!

Help Kevin Pick His Halloween Costume! “For the last few years, I’ve been a cowboy, but I usually wear boots and jeans anyway.” Kevin says, “Will you help me mix it up?” Email your ideas to or tag us on Instagram or Facebook (@kpatricklaw) with photos of your costumes for inspiration! Here in Atlanta, our Bulldog pride runs deep, and University of Georgia Football Coach Kirby Smart is a household name. But how much do you really know about this local legend? To celebrate National Coach’s Day on Oct. 6, we combed the internet for 10 fun facts about Coach Kirby. If you already know all 10, you’re a real Bulldogs super fan! 1. When Coach Kirby was a UGA student, he played defensive back for the Bulldogs, and his interception count (13) is still the sixth-highest in UGA history. 2. Coach Kirby doesn’t only coach football — he also oversees the Kirby Smart Family Foundation, a charity that helps

“children and families who are facing adversity” right here in Georgia.

3. Coach Kirby grew up in the small town of Bainbridge, home to just 12,200 people as of 2020. 4. Smart comes from a family of coaches. His dad, Sonny, coached high school football at Bainbridge and Rabun County. 5. At Bainbridge High School, Smart was senior class president, salutatorian, and MVP of the math league (yes, really!). 6. In his high school yearbook, Smart wrote that his favorite things are “sports and winning.” His high school self would certainly be proud of where he is today.

Spooky Spaghetti and Eyeballs

Make your family dinners extra spooky this month with a frightening dish: spaghetti and eyeballs! Ingredients

• 24 oz frozen meatballs • 16 oz spaghetti noodles • 24-oz jar spaghetti sauce

• 2–3 slices of mozzarella cheese • Sliced black olives

Directions 1. Cook frozen meatballs according to package instructions, then keep warm in oven on low heat. 2. In a large pot, bring water to a boil and add spaghetti noodles. Cook until tender and drain. 3. In a small pot, heat spaghetti sauce over medium heat until warm. 4. After everything is cooked, mix noodles and spaghetti sauce together, then put the mixture into a serving bowl. 5. Slice the meatballs in half and mix half of the slices into spaghetti. Top the spaghetti with the remaining meatball slices with the flat sides up. 6. Cut slices of mozzarella cheese into circles and place one slice on each of the flat-topped meatballs. Then, put one black olive over each cheese circle to form the eyeballs. Serve and enjoy!

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Inside This Issue 1 3 Ways to Conquer a Fear of Lawyers 2 Why You Should Make an Estate Plan Today

3 Local Pumpkin Patches to Visit

3 How Much Do You Know About Coach Kirby?

Spooky Spaghetti and Eyeballs

4 Age Is Just a Number

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The Man Who Felt 20 Years Younger

Wanted to Legally Change His Age

We’ve all heard about people legally changing their name or gender, but have you ever heard about someone trying to change their legal age? In 2018, a 69-year- old Dutch man named Emile Ratelband petitioned a court for permission to change his age. He wanted to alter the year he was born on his birth certificate by 20 years so he could be 49 years old. So, how did this case end? Let’s find out. WHAT WAS HIS REASONING? Ratelband wanted to change his age because he argued that he felt 20 years younger. He said his doctors told him that he had the body of a younger man, and his health was far better than most men his age. He alleged that he experienced age discrimination because, being 69, he is limited in what he can do. If he were 49, he 4 • KEVINPATRICK.LAW I 404.566.5880

could buy a house and car and work more hours, and his chances on the dating app Tinder would improve if he were younger. WHAT WAS THE COURT’S DECISION? Ratelband’s argument did not convince the district court in the Dutch city of Arnhem. The court said there was no evidence that Ratelband had

Although Ratelband has the freedom to feel 20 years younger, mentally and physically, he cannot legally change his age because of the legal and societal implications that would follow, the court added.

The district court rejected

Ratelband’s request, but he plans to appeal.

In the Netherlands, the public doesn’t take Ratelband’s claims seriously. They even make fun of his international exposure

experienced age discrimination. It stated that, unlike legally changing your name or gender, changing your age

and willingness to provide interviews worldwide to justify his wishes. So what do you think

causes many problems such as the many rights and duties related to age, such as voting, attending school, military obligations, and pension.

of this legal case? Is age just a number? Let us know your thoughts!

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