Vitality Guide

what's a body to do? Natural vitamins are derived directly from whole foods and plant material, not produced in a test tube. They come in nature-made packages, complete with other vitamins, enzymes and minerals that control the way the body recognizes, metab­ olizes and uses them to make the energy it needs. Many vitamin producers want you to believe that you are getting a "natural" product, but supplements can be labeled as natu­ ral if they contain as little as 10% of the natural form of the vitamin. Even a so-called "natural vitamin" could contain 90% synthetically produced chemicals! Natural nutrients are obtained from whole food sources and concentrated, dehydrated whole foods. To figure out if your supplement is synthetic or natural, check the label. Natural supplements usually list food sources or are labeled as 100% plant or animal-based. Supplements that list nutrients individually, such as vitamin C, or use chemical names like ascorbic acid, are almost certainly synthetic. B-Vitamins and Vitamin C are also almost always synthetically produced.

Your body has nubitional needs that your 6festyle might not meet

Your body systems will use nubients best when they are taken in whole food form.

A significant number of the vitamins you find in stores are made synthetically through chemical processes. rather than derived directly from fruits. vegetables or organic sources.

It is rather difficult to make the distinction between synthetic and natural vitamins. but your body can feel the difference.

The 6st of ingredients is the most important aspect when making your choice in nubition.

The best way to get all the vitamins you need is in a high-quality 6quid multivitamin. which have been shown to absorb five times better than pills.

The Be Young Total Health promise ensures that our products dewer precisely what is on the label

We understand that the quality of a nutrient depends on its source, where it was grown, when it was harvested and under what conditions it was transported and stored. We monitor each and every ingredient we source, at every step. Our nutri­ tional products are always 100% naturally derived. Each nutrient is concentrated from its natural source as carefully as possible. No extreme heat, pressure, or potentially toxic solvents are used in their production. There are no sugar or chemical tablet coatings. The nutrients are prepared from high quality raw ingredients. Void of harsh binders and fillers that hinder absorption. No artificial chemicals are added. Ever. Supplements aren't intended as a substitute for food. Chemicals can't replicate the nutrients and benefits of whole foods. But all natural, safely produced, whole food derived vitamins, minerals and antioxidants provide you with the safety net you need. Products like Masaji can bridge the gap between your modern lifestyle and the total nutrition your body needs to thrive.

Invest in true health by supplementing the natural way. Talk to your Be Young Total Health Sharing Partner today.

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