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New Bus Provides Trusty Transportation

Students wash their Greenbrier bus

From The Merciad , March 16, 1964

Congratulations, Bonnie McGough! Your bus is here. The Green Stamp committee did not collect enough stamps to pay for the entire bus, but the Student Government voted to use its profits from last year to purchase the back one-third of the bus: seats for three, two wheels and motor. On March 3, Dailey Chevrolet brought to campus, not a Volkswagen, but a Corvair Greenbrier sportswagon. The shiny aqua-and-white bus seats 11 people comfortably and has room to seat three more people almost comfortably. It sports white-wall tires, two outside rear-view mirrors, and automatic shift, and soon will be lettered “Mercyhurst College.” The first expedition in the bus, a trip to Rochester for the NFCC’s meeting, proved unsuccessful, but a check-up at the Dailey clinic cured its spring fever.

Student Government reports reveal just how hard the students worked to accumulate Green Stamps to purchase that much-wanted vehicle:

• S&H Green Stamps are being saved to purchase a

• The admission for the annual mixer sponsored by the Student Government held October 26 this year was changed from $.50 to 50 Green Stamps. Proceeds amounted to six books of stamps. • As the Green Stamp project has been lagging, a new movement has been started in the individual classes. The classes have been divided into teams headed by one girl to give added enthusiasm to the student body. Here’s everyone’s chance to give the project the burst of effort needed to see the bus drive through the Mercyhurst gates. • As a culmination of the project started by the Student Government of 1962-63, this year’s Government at last obtained a bus for general student use. About 900 books of stamps (which were later redeemed for money) together with $880 donated by Student Government combined with a great deal of student and committee-member enthusiasm, especially that of the chairman Ginnie Hammer, enabled the purchase of a light blue Chevrolet bus.

Volkswagen bus to be used for individual as well as group transportation. To date, 1,375 books are needed and only one-fourth of the required stamps have been accumulated. The drive will be renewed with “vigah”! • Pepsi and Teem bottle caps are being collected here at school and from various Erie establishments to help buy S&H Green Stamps and to pay the exchange price on other stamps. Receiving $.01 per two bottle caps, $18 has been raised so far. To enable students to collect even more caps, a new Pepsi machine was purchased for the Egan Lounge. • A Day Students’ Organization committee sent notices to many of the alumnae. Postcards were sent to several classes of alumnae living in Erie asking them to send Green Stamps to the college. Letters were sent to all of the alumnae chapter presidents asking them to acquaint the members of their organizations with the project.

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