Investing in Oil and Gas Checklist 2

Checklist for Reservoirs and Geology

This is a proposal to…

Names of all formations that are potential pays.

USGS Play numbers for each potential pay zone. Geologic diagram showing the potential pay zones and their geologic ages.

Lithology of each potential pay zone. Depth in feet or meters of each potential pay zone.

Sandstone Limestone Dolomite Shale

Is there any shale or clay content in the formation?

What clays are present?

Shallow Marine Carbonate In what depositional environment was each formation deposited? During what geological period was each formation deposited?

Reef Carbonate

Description of grains Fluvial Sandstone Deltaic Sandstone Shoreline Sandstone Deep Marine Carbonate

Are the grains well-sorted or poorly sorted?

Are the formations brittle or ductile? Are brittle or ductile formations necessary for a successful well?

Are the formations competent or unconsolidated; is this a concern in drilling or completion?

What post-depositional tectonic events have occurred and when?

Are there any faults in the area? Normal Faults Reverse Faults Growth Faults What kind of trapping mechanism exists?

Anticline Trap

Fault Trap Salt Dome Traps Stratigraphic Trap Unconformity Trap

Has there been any biotyrbation? Was there any subsequent erosion? Has there been a post-depositional porosity increase or decrease? Combination of Traps

What is the strike and dip of the target formation(s) at the proposed drilling location?

How were the hydrocarbons generated? What are the source rocks?

How did the hydrocarbons migrate to the reservoir? What is the sealing formation above the reservoir

800-Point Oil and Gas Investment Checklist ( Investing in Oil Gas 2015 - Mike May, P.E.)

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