Mercyhurst Magazine Spring 2018

Class notes

ALUMNI DEATHS Rita Rittenhouse Wisner ‘45 Ruth Marsh Swenson ‘47 Mary Roberta Hitchcock Harold ‘48 Margaret Mikolay ‘48 Joan Knapp Spakowski ‘48 Joan Riley Dori ‘50 Elizabeth Meehan Greenleaf ‘52 Helen Eisert Rowe ‘52 Margaret Broderick Mathews ‘53 Mary Theobald Schwartz ‘57 Eleanor Cavanaugh ‘59 Mary Suzette Cassidy Casey ‘61 Judith Cromie Swenson ‘64 Sandra Leone Neumaier ‘65 Grace Paternostro Lococo Batten ‘74 Andrew Cameron ‘74 James F. Lieb ‘74 Mary Ann Lee Bryan ‘75 Lawrence Randy Shoup ‘75 Barbara Dee Engel ‘76 Linda Simpson Sacha ‘77 Eric Livingston ‘79 Gretchen Froehlich Moore ‘80 Beth A. Paletta, Esq. ‘82 Florence Scutella Rothwell ‘84

Karen Dougherty ‘85

Mother of:

Lori Marwood Wheeler ‘86 Gregory Shabbick ‘89 Robert Pirrello ‘91 Douglas G. Dailey ‘92

Shirley Miler Schilling ‘68 (Edith Miller) Sue Sutto ‘68 (Norma von Korf Sutto) Betsy Bierfeldt ‘72 (Helen Bierfeldt) Joseph Rupp ‘89 (Nancy Lou Lieb Rupp) Garrett Clark ‘97 (Florence Rothwell ‘84) Jennifer Stackpole Piccirillo ‘03 (Doris Engel Stackpole)

Timothy Klein ‘97 Chad J. Ewings ‘99 Justin T. Ethridge ‘03 Zackery Maier ‘04 David Dubowski ‘09 Blake Stabler ‘12

Daughter of: Pat Dunn ‘78 (Christa Dunn)

CONDOLENCES Husband of: Ann Minnium ‘57 (Richard) Marilyn Hirst Welsh ‘74 (Charles Welsh) Mary Ann Mead Baldauf ‘85 (James Baldauf) Father of: Kenneth “Breeze”Walker ‘90 (William Walker) Danielle Klein ‘97 ( Timothy Klein ‘97 ) Rique Pizarro ‘97 (Ricardo Pizarro) Father and father-in-law of: Norma Telega Johnson ‘95 and Toby Johnson ‘95 (Edward Telega)

Sister of: Patricia Cavanaugh Kirk ‘60 ( Eleanor Cavanaugh ‘59 ), also aunt of Mary Kirk Barber ‘84

Brother of: Patricia Lawlor ‘65 (Bernard J. Lawlor)

Former Employees: Sister Agnes Jean Lavin, OSB , a former business professor James F. Lieb ‘74 , who retired in 2014 as director of fnance after 38 years of service at Mercyhurst Nancy Lou Lieb Rupp , a student account ofcer for 23 years who retired in 1997 Deanna Miller , a senior student

Patient advocacy

The new Katharine A. “Kate” Newman Protocol for Non-Ambulatory Patients at UPMC Northwest honors a woman recognized by the Oil City community for her

the nursing staf at Northwest would have pleased her greatly.” “Kate clocks,” used to identify when it’s time to tend to patients, are an example of the cohesive and standardized system that is now in place to care for non- Staf at UPMC Northwest remember that Newman was a dedicated volunteer at the hospital, assisting patients with directions and delivering papers from one unit to another on her electric scooter. “In her nearly paralyzed body, Kate knew her limitations well, and so she relied ambulatory patients.

outstanding volunteer eforts.

In addition to a successful career and exemplary service to the community, Kate Duda Newman ‘71 accomplished most of her triumphs later in life from a wheelchair as the result of Multiple Sclerosis. She became a patient advocate, along with her family members, after developing pressure ulcers during a May 2016 stay at UPMC Northwest, just two months before she died. UPMC Northwest’s Nursing Council worked with Newman’s family – including sisters Deborah Duda Gale ’77 and Sherry Duda Donze ’80 – to develop the protocol for treating non-ambulatory patients, which was presented to the family last June. On average, six patients each day are put on Kate protocol. “Kate’s life’s work was flled with ferce pride, and her story will resonate with so many. As her condition deteriorated, she became exceedingly disabled to the point where she realized that she was no longer able to adequately direct her own care. That was a turning point for her,” said Gale. “She wanted to do something that would help people that might not have the beneft of the strong advocates that she herself had had. This combined efort between my family and

on her personality and her smile to forge ahead and live fully despite her disability,” her sister said.


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