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Professional Tax Preparation and Planning

You have unique circumstances that set you apart from other taxpayers. Whether your situation is high household net worth, significant income, unusual income “bumps,” new wealth or other situations that brought you to Commerce Trust, you need a CPA with knowledge and training targeted to those circumstances.

Our tax team works with situations like yours on a daily basis and has the experience you require to make sure your tax needs are handled properly and with the level of attention they deserve. As an integrated part of your Commerce Trust team, we have an unparalleled ability to align your tax matters with your financial goals. We work as one team to maximize the results we deliver to you and optimize your particular tax situation. Commerce Trust Tax Professionals:   Understand high net worth clients – you face many complexities and are exposed to more financial risk through your tax returns.   Plan holistically – while most tax professionals focus on tax compliance, we believe services should extend beyond just the major filing deadlines. We evaluate your particular tax situation as needed throughout the entire year.   Offer convenience – we have the ability to assume much of the annual burden of gathering tax information or coordinating with other professionals or institutions.   Provide personal attention – some CPA firms focus on a “high volume, low touch” business model and personal attention often falls through the cracks. Our team delivers personal attention and high standards from start to finish.

A COMMERCE TRUST ADVISOR CAN ASSIST YOU AND YOUR FAMILY WITH:  Tax return preparation  Tax return review  Estimated tax preparation, including coordination of payments  Periodic tax planning/ projections  Agency dispute representation and resolution  Preparations and filings for tax-exempt status

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