Porte Brown HR Services Brochure

Performance Management & Employee Retention An organization is only as good as its people and to ensure the best performance from your team, our HR professionals will provide guidance and advice on how to create beneficial relationships as well as a positive atmosphere to enable your employees to work to the best of their abilities. Porte Brown has many areas of expertise related to performance management and employee retention, including:

With numerous laws and regulations governing employment relationships, our HR experts stay up-to-date on complex federal, state, and local employment laws in order for your organization to maintain success and compliance in today’s legal environment. Every organization faces its own challenges and with the help of our HR professionals, we can help guide your organization to avoid costly fines, penalties, and potential harm to your image. Our services include: • HR Audit • Handbook Review & Development Compliance • I-9 Audit, File Audit & Doc. Retention • FMLA and Employee Leave

• Annual Reviews • Goal Setting • Talent Management

• Recognition/Incentive Programs • Engagement Surveys • Development and Education

At Porte Brown, we understand the importance of finding the most qualified candidates that best fit your organization’s goals as well as values. With recruitment becoming an ever-evolving field, we have customized an in- depth internal process to help facilitate your organization’s staffing needs. Take a look at some of the services we offer below: Recruiting

It takes a lot of time to manage multiple human resources structures, so our HR experts have created multiple programs regarding compensation and benefits in order for you to retain valued employees as well as attract top talent (while saving time). Below are some of our compensation and benefit services that will help your organization achieve success: • Salary Analysis; Benefit Analysis • Pay Structures • Compensation Strategies Compensation & Benefits • Additional Benefit Programs • Wellness Programs • Education Reimbursement

• Job Analysis/Modeling • Job Description Development • Interview Question Development

• Pre-Employment Screening • Employee Search Support • On-boarding

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