2023 Energy Thoughts … From a WGA Innovation Center Pioneer

Advertorial – by Elliot Jaramillo www.PowerShingle.com

California Senate Bill 49: New Tax Credits for Solar Canopies. On April 12, 2023 the California Senate Transportation Bipartisan Committee unanimously approved a bill to support tax credits for solar canopies over parking lots and along highways throughout California. The Governor is likely to sign it when it gets to his desk (after WGA press time)… so here is a first look at the main points of the Bill.

Senator Josh Becker (D-San Mateo) explains: “Solar farms use a tremendous amount of land, but that type of open space either isn’t available or is tremendously expensive in cities and suburbs that use the most power,” said Senator Becker. “That’s what makes solar canopies so appealing, because they don’t require any more land and give owners an incentive to make dual use of their lots by installing a real power plant and generating large amounts of clean energy.” Western Growers Association members could benefit from SB 49 by planning dual-use of their existing lands and adding elevated solar structures over existing lots. We may also have opportunities to convert marginal lands adjacent to highways to maximize land value. Coolers, water pumping, and cold warehousing are all ideal power-hungry operations that can use solar to reduce (rising) energy costs from the grid. Future electric tractors may also be ideal candidates to couple with these solar arrays.

Senate Bill 49 , combined with existing 40% Federal Tax Credits in the Inflation Reduction Act, add two main provisions to incentivize business. 1. CA Sales Tax Exemption for materials to build solar canopies over parking lots. 2. Requires CA to develop a plan to make highway rights-of-way available for solar, energy storage & transmission infrastructure.

3 Employee Parking structures, 1.3 MW solar Taylor Farms, San Juan Bautista

PowerShingle ® is a proven water-shedding solar system that combines Nucor’s 100% domestic manufactured steel, with 180+ foot clear-span, pre- engineered steel building capabilities. Ideally suited to benefit from these State and Federal Tax Incentives… think clean energy production, highly effective space with large clear-spans and reliable low-cost energy for your operations. Elliot Jaramillo is the CEO of Concept Clean Energy and nearly a decade long WGA member. Elliot loves talking with WGA farmers about energy challenges. For more info, or to reach out to Elliot directly, feel free to call or email him at: (510) 813-0935 / elliot@conceptcleanenergy.com

Example Covered Truck Parking & Box Storage 2 MW Solar @ Bonipak, Santa Maria

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