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Nexus Robotics is developing a weeding and scouting service that provides up-to-date information to farmers about the size and health of their crops. Our objective is to be the eyes and the hands of our customers, giving them local and global information on anomalies that need attention. Nexus will commercialize the technology in May of this year by leasing the robots to farmers. The robots can be remotely monitored from our headquarters. The robot will soon become a platform technology for additional features, such as insect pest and disease detection as well as harvesting. As time goes on, the robot will become more intelligent and be able to offer more value to the farmers. Nexus is developing the next generation of farm equipment to ensure we have a stable and thriving food production system. PickTrace, the winner of the 2022 AgTech Breakthrough award for Labor Management Solution, is the only all-in-one labor management suite for agriculture. It’s never been this easy to stay compliant, analyze labor costs and run payroll. With PickTrace Onboarding, users can rapidly hire/rehire employees, generate and digitally store their I-9 and W-4 documents, and bulk import employee data from PickTrace into their payroll system. Time and productivity are effortlessly tracked in real time, enabling you and your team to feel confident in your payroll compliance. Easily pay your workforce with PickTrace pay cards and provide your employees faster access to more of their hard-earned money. PickTrace recently increased its presence in Salinas and Yuma, focusing on delivering an exceptional customer experience, optimized field processes and operationalized data. Our Swan Team is excited to welcome Shannon Rinkenberger! Expanding our California presence to the Central Coast, Shannon and her family’s farming background aligns perfectly with our efforts to serve growers. The SWAN Systems software platform is adaptable for irrigators, ranch leads, managers, agronomists and water accounting. A new feature release in Spanish further enables irrigators with mobile devices and operational flexibility. Swan optimizes irrigation technology from simple clipboard recordkeeping to over 100 industry hardware sensors and data points. The technology creates a single, safe place for your irrigation specs, crop-coefficients and farm know-how; allows for complex irrigation scheduling in minutes; and delivers reliable, repeatable software scheduling, even when the hardware is down. External events are putting pressure on grower-packer-shippers and food processors: labor shortages, worker skills gaps, overtime laws, supply chain, geopolitical challenges, climate, etc. leave these operations vulnerable. Operational efficiency and innovation are how businesses can absorb the impact of these external challenges. New WGCIT member, Terrantic, is on a mission to utilize your existing data to improve your operations. You probably don’t use most of the data you already have. To quote Stuart Woolf from the Feb. 2023, Voice of the Valley podcast, “We collect a lot of data, but we don’t have a lot of information…to make better decisions, real-time decisions…” Terrantic solves this problem. Come find out how we use your existing data to drive labor efficiency, improve skills gaps, maximize yield, maximize shelf-life, reduce unplanned machine downtime, and much more.


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