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Santa Tracking Goes High-Tech

It’s almost Christmas, and if you have small kids, you know what that means: prepping for the arrival of a jolly man in a red suit and his

updated every year since. During the countdown to Christmas, there’s a colorfully animated advent calendar of sorts, where buildings around Santa’s village “thaw out” and reveal a host of fun games and activities. There’s even a section titled “Santa Tracker for Educators,” which includes kid-friendly coding games, information on international holiday traditions, and a translation app to “learn the Santa lingo from around the world.” When the eve of the big day finally comes, Google promises a showcase of Santa’s “dashboard, the technology that powers his sleigh during his around- the-world journey.” Featuring “the latest and greatest … in sleigh engineering,” the app displays a Google Maps window that tracks each of Santa’s stops, gives status updates from Old Saint Nick, and tells kids how far he is from their city. It’s a colorful, fun adventure for the whole family. Of course, Google’s not the only kid on the Santa-tracking block. There’s also NORAD Tracks Santa , operated by the North American Aerospace Defense Command, the same organization that tracks nuclear missiles for the government. Similar to Google, includes a variety of fun games and activities leading up to Christmas. But unlike Google, NORAD has a dedicated Santa-tracking app for your phone, where you can see a 3-D view of Santa’s location during his trip. The app also features videos, so you and your little ones can see clips of Santa flying around major landmarks and world cities. Just don’t stay up too late watching them. You don’t want Santa to skip over your house!

confusingly named reindeer. Some of us may remember spending Christmas Eve

curled on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa as radio reports tracked Santa’s trip around the globe. But these days, kiddos have gotten a little more high-tech in their search for up-to-date, GPS-driven Kringle updates. First, there’s the Google Santa Tracker (, a full-fledged holiday hub for your

browser powered by Google Maps, including, of course, an up-to-the-minute GPS tracker for the big man. The application arrived in 2004, and it’s been

Grocery Store Employee Reaches Successful Settlement After Being Denied Medical Care for Injured Back

Our client was working at a local grocery store when a back injury changed his life. He was lifting freezer pallets when the injury occurred. “This was the first time I had ever been hurt at work,” he said. Our client didn’t know what to do, but he knew he needed to report the injury. Then, two months later, he was involved in a car accident. He was rear- ended passing another accident on University. After seeing the doctor and undergoing an MRI, his doctor brushed off his injuries and acted like his pain was minimal. He received conservative treatment and reached maximum medical improvement. Adding insult to frustration, his job wouldn’t help him obtain the care he needed. These injuries slowed him down, impacting his ability to work. He had to be careful about the way he moved and about the activities he was involved in because his injury could have worsened. After a year, he found the Coye Law Firm in the phone book and called us. After speaking with Mr. Coye, he trusted his instincts and signed with us. “I felt comfortable and felt like I could trust you guys,” our client said. “Mr. Coye explained the details and opened my mind about my case. I wish I would’ve known that [information] sooner.” After taking his case, our firm got him the care he needed right away. He started physical therapy, and finally had peace of mind about the extent of his injuries.

This case went through successful settlement. After our client decided he had enough physical therapy and his movements improved, he was ready to move on. The settlement made him extremely happy! He can drive, is on a diet and exercise plan, sticks to routines, and finally feels independent again. Although he felt betrayed by his previous employer, he now drives with Uber and is doing well, with an increased, steady income. This client was so pleased with his case results, he stated he would refer all his friends. “I’m always going to call you first when I have a legal issue,” he said. “Mr. Coye explained details to me in a way that made me understand my rights. He was easy to talk to.”

After his case settled, he contacted us for support on his mother’s case.

Thank you, JS, for allowing us to assist, and for writing us a stellar Google review! We wish you luck in all of your endeavors.


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