Issue 107

Issue 107 (Feb-Apr 2018)

A publication of The Grassroots’ Club MCI(P)203/03/2017

How Long to Turn NewYear’s Resolutions into Habits? Children & Screen Time Welcome to TGC's Spanking-New Health Centre


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Issue 107 (Feb-Apr 2018)

Chairman, Finance Committee

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Apublicationof TheGrassroots’Club MCI(P)203/03/2017

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Children & Screen Time


Membership Privileges for TGC Members

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How Long to Turn New Year Resolutions into Habits?

How Long to Turn NewYear’s Resolutions into Habits? Children & Screen Time Welcome to TGC's Spanking-New Health Centre

Apology Notice

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Welcome to TGC's Spanking-New Health Centre

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Issue 107 (Feb–Apr 2018)

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Dear Members,

First of all, let me on behalf of The Grassroots Club and the Finance Committee wish one and all a prosperous Lunar New Year ahead. May all your wishes be a reality this coming year. Time seems to fly past so quickly, another new year now waits for us. What are our plans ahead? These past years have seen the transformation of The Grassroots Club both in “hardware” and “software”. The renovation project delivered a more open concept and a more relaxing atmosphere within the Club. Now we are embarking on implementation of more “software” programmes that will meet the needs of our members. Foremost in our minds is a prudency in managing the finances of our Club, maintaining of a good structural framework for our budget and reducing our expenditures. In line with Singapore Police Force recommendations for jackpot machine operational regulations, the Club has decided to discontinue operating the games room. The past year has also seen a decline in revenue from the Jackpot room hence the decision to close it. We have also renovated the gym and spa area, and furnished it with new gym equipment. The Club has been doing very well in controlling of its finances and we have been able to surpass the budgetry figures set at beginning of the term, and we will continue to be relentless in monitoring the progress with a stringent check-and-balance mindset in all financial matters. All these could not be possible without the assistance of many stakeholders. I would like to thank the Peoples’ Association for their tremendous help in supporting the renovation project and also the help of providing personnel resources in advisory and managing roles. I would also like to thank the Finance Committee for stepping up in time of needs to assist with their vast experiences and capablities in handling financial management for the Club. I also like to thank all the Council members for their support behind the success of the Club. Wishing one and all again, a most wonderful and prosperous Lunar New Year.

Mr See Chak Fei Edward, PBM Chairman, Finance Committee


Chairman Toh Sze Wei, PBM Vice Chairman Jimmy New Cheng Tee, PBM

Members Edward See Chak Fei, PBM Lim Yen Lan, PBM Marie Lim Soo Cheng David Seah Kah Long, PBM P.Anakeley

Secretariat Seow Hing Hock Ethan Seet

Design & Editorial Words Worth Media


Grassroots with passion


Reciprocal Clubs

Changi Beach Club No. 2 Andover Road Singapore 509984 Tel: 6546 5215 l Fax: 6545 6883 Orchid Country Club 1 Orchid Club Road Singapore 769162 Tel: 6755 9811 l Fax: 6755 8874 The Arena Country Club 511 Upper Jurong Road Singapore 638366 Tel: 6897 9997 l Fax: 6897 8778 The Malacca Club New Townhouse: No. 18, 5th Floor Jalan Syed Abdul Aziz, 75000 Melaka Tel: 06-282 4940 / 284 2488 / 283 3518 Fax: 06-284 8303 l Rotunda: Jalan Kampung Hailam, Tanjung Kling, 76400 Melaka Tel: 06-351 1543 / 351 1544 l Fax: 06-351 6309

Dear Members,

2018 is the year of the Dog in the Chinese zodiac and it will be a good time for lifestyle changes for

some of us.

We have an article on the cultivation of new habits that offers us tips to help you to make good changes. We wish you success in achieving new goals set for the coming Chinese New Year. Our Health Centre has resumed operations after two months of renovation. We hope that you have tried out the new gym and spa facilities. Please provide feedback for us to improve further. More member facilities will be added to the Club in the near future. Please stay tuned to more updates. Toh Sze Wei, PBM Editor

Club Officials

General Manager Seow Hing Hock @ Tel: 6550 2100

Manager (Administration) Ethan Seet @ Tel: 6550 2115 Club Directory Computer & Info System Tel: 6550 2111 Membership Tel: 6550 2114 Banqueting Services


Tel: 6550 2121 / 6550 2115 Activities Tel: 6550 2120

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Andrew Ong Wei Hao Bhajan Singh Chan Jianhong Chan Poh Lin Cheong Yuen Yee Wendy

Choo Eiow Chiang Cindy Ismail Omar @Didi Ismail Omar Eu Chen Kiong Euan Murugasu

Francis Goh Chong Heng Ho Kang Sheng Kenneth

Ho Kok Leong Nigel Jimmy Koo Ken Wee Lee Seng Yee Lee Woei Sing Lee Yu Rong Eddy Liew Kok Meng

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How much is too much? How much time does your child spend watching TV or the movies, playing with a smartphone or computer, or enjoying video games?

Behavioural problems Students who spend more than two hours a day watching TV or using a computer are more likely to have emotional, social and attention problems. Additionally, exposure to video games is linked with an increased possibility of attention problems in children. Impaired academic performance Students who have TVs in their bedrooms tend to perform worse on tests than do those who don’t have TVs in their bedrooms. Violence Too much exposure to violence through media – especially on TV – can desensitise children to violence. As a result, children might learn to accept violent behaviour as a normal

Although some screen time can be educational, it’s easy to go overboard. Consider this guide to children and TV, including what you can do to keep your child’s screen time in check. The American Academy of Pediatrics discourages media use by children younger than age two and recommends limiting older children’s screen time to no more than one or two hours a day. Too much screen time can be linked to: Obesity The more TV your child watches, the greater his or her risk is of becoming overweight. Having a TV in a child’s bedroom increases this risk as well. Children can also develop an appetite for junk food promoted in TV ads, as well as overeat while watching TV. Irregular sleep The more TV children watch, the more likely they are to have trouble falling asleep or to have an irregular sleep schedule. Sleep loss, in turn, can lead to fatigue and increased snacking.

way to solve problems. Less time for play

Excessive screen time leaves less time for active, creative play. Your child’s total screen time might be greater than you realise. Start monitoring it, and talk to your child about the


Grassroots with passion


• Watch with your child. Whenever possible, catch some programs together – and talk about what you see, such as family values, violence or drug abuse. If you see a junk food ad, explain that just because it’s on TV doesn’t mean it’s good for you. • Record programs and watch them later. This will allow you to fast-forward through commercials selling toys, junk food and other products. When watching live programs, use the mute button during commercials. • Encourage active screen time. Have your child stretch or do yoga while watching a show. Challenge your family to see who can do the most jumping jacks during a commercial break. Choose video games that encourage physical activity. It can be difficult to start limiting your child’s screen time. However, it’s worth the effort. By creating new household rules and steadily making small changes in your child’s routine, you can curb screen time and its potential effects.

importance of sitting less and moving more. Also, explain screen time rules – and the consequences of breaking them.

And here are simple steps to reduce screen time:

• Eliminate background TV. If the TV is turned on – even if it’s just in the background – it’s likely to draw your child’s attention. If you’re not actively watching a show, turn it off. • Keep TVs and computers out of the bedroom. Children who have TVs in their bedrooms watch more TV than children who don’t have TVs in their bedrooms. • Monitor your child’s screen time and the websites he or she is visiting by keeping TVs and computers in a common area in your house. • Don’t eat in front of the TV. Allowing your child to eat or snack in front of the TV increases his or her screen time. The habit also encourages mindless munching, which can lead to weight gain. When your child has screen time, make it as engaging as possible: • Plan what your child views. Instead of flipping through channels, seek quality videos or programming. Consider using parental control settings on your TV and computers. Preview video games and smartphone applications before allowing your child to play with them.

C. Joshi. PB.PBS.CMSAC Consultant Counsellor

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Kenko Reflexology & Spa Enjoy 15% discount on a-la-carte services at all Kenko outlets:

Carlton Hotel (Singapore) • 15% off Best Flexi Room Rates when you book online! • Enjoy 4-for-3 Adult Buffet Lunch at Café Mosaic or 1-for-1 Adult Buffet Dinner! Valid till 31 July 2018.

• Foot Reflexology • Shoulder and Head Massage

• Body Massage • Spa Treatments

Valid till 30 September 2018.

Hallmark Physiotheraphy Consultation and Treatment • First visit at a special rate of $130 • Subsequent visits at a special rate of $120 Consultation only • Enjoy 20% discount on your first visit and 10% discount on subsequent visits. Valid till 1 October 2018. Enjoy discounts for your next Golf game! • 10%off all Tee Time Bookings on • 13% off Tee Time Bookings on for Sembawang Country Club. Valid till 31 July 2018.

Enhance Physiotherapy • 20% off physiotherapy services at their outlet in Rochester Mall. • 10% off merchandise products Valid till 31 July 2018.

Ikeda Spa Pte Ltd • 20%off ala-carte spa treatment for the first time • 10% off ala-carte spa treatments for subsequent visits

• Birthday 1-for-1 Spa treats (During birthday month) Valid from till 31 October 2018.

Crystal Time (S) Enjoy 20% discount off the following range of watches at the selected stores: • LUMINOX: Available at Tangs at Tang Plaza Level 3 and Vivo City Level 1, Robinsons The Hereen Level 4, Takashimaya Level 3 and OG Orchard Point Level 1 • ARBUTUS: Available at Tangs at Tang Plaza Level 3 and Vivo City Level 1, Robinsons The Hereen Level 4, Takashimaya Level 3 and OG Orchard Point Level 1 • CLAUDE BERNARD: Available at Tangs Vivo City Level 1, Robinsons The Hereen Level 4, Takashimaya Level 3 and OG Orchard Point Level 1

Copper Chimney • Present your TGC

membership card to be entitled to a 10% discount (dine-in only)! Valid till 30 November 2018.

Ma Kuang Chinese Medicine & Research Centre • Present your TGC membership card to be entitled to a 10% OFF your total bill! Valid till 31 December 2018

• ELLE: OG Orchard Point • LEE: OG Orchard Point Valid till 31 August 2018.

Terms and conditions apply. Kindly contact TGC for more details.


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66 days to build a new habit In a study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology , Phillippa Lally, health psychology researcher at University College London, and her research team examined the habits of 96 people over a 12-week period. Each person chose one new habit for the 12 weeks and reported each day on whether or not they did the behaviour and how automatic the behaviour felt. The researchers then analysed the data to determine how long it took each person to go from starting a new behaviour to automatically doing it. The result? On average, it takes more than two months – 66 days, to be precise – before a new behaviour becomes automatic.

Lose weight. Exercise more. Eat more healthily. Save more. Spend quality time with family. We’ve all been there and done that. Year after year, we try our hardest (or so we tell ourselves) to stick to a worthy new year resolution. But eventually we lose heart. Mere weeks into January, disheartened by the little weight we’ve lost – either put off by the thought of another salad or loath to hit the gym when we are exhausted or both – we give up. Good news, bad news Here’s the good news… and the bad… about New Year resolutions. The good: It is indeed possible to make a good habit stick, but the bad news is it will take longer than you think. A study found that 46% of participants who made common New Year resolutions such as weight loss, exercise programmes and quitting smoking were likely to succeed. This is more than 10 times the success rate of those who decided to make life changes at other times of the year. The bad news however, is that you will have to stick to your resolutions for months before they stick and become your new habits. How many months exactly? Science says slightly over two months.

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But that is only an average figure. How long it takes for an individual to form a habit depends on the person, the habit and the circumstances. In Lally's study, the participants took anywhere from 18 days to 254 days to form a new habit. So what’s in this for me? This means you do well to prepare yourself for the long haul. Set your expectations right. Be full aware it will take you anywhere from two months to eight to build a new behaviour into your life. Even so, don’t give up if you mess up during this very crucial period. The researchers found that “missing one opportunity to perform the behaviour did not materially affect the habit formation process.” In other words, it doesn’t matter if you mess up every now and then. It is Neuroscientist Elliot Berkman says breaking a bad habit is tougher. "It's much easier to start doing something new than to stop doing something habitual without a replacement behaviour." Unlike forming a good habit, experts say there’s no typical time frame for breaking a habit. It all boils down to a mix of personality, motivation, circumstances, and the habit in question. People who are self-motivated will succeed quicker. "People who want to kick their habit for reasons that are aligned with their personal values will change their behaviour faster than people who are doing it for external reasons such as pressure from others," says Elliot Berkman. He adds, “Long-time habits are literally entrenched at the neural level, so they are powerful determinants of behaviour. The good news is that people are nearly always capable of doing something else when they're made aware of the habit and are sufficiently motivated to change." The bad news? “Six months minimum, and that's only if you're committed to the change and you are conscientious in your practice of a strategy for change,” says Dr Timothy Pychyl. The bottom line: to break a bad habit you have to be motivated and be patient. The motivation will keep you going for the long months ahead. Try to use a “replacement behaviour” for the habit, but make sure it’s a positive one. And be patient. Just remember, you’ve had the habit for a long time, it will take a while to get rid of it. not an all-or-nothing process. Breaking a bad habit

Howdid NewYear resolutions start?

The tradition of New Year resolutions is said to date back more than 4,000 years to the Babylonians. To earn the favour of their gods, at the beginning of each year, the Babylonians would promise the gods that they would return borrowed objects and pay their debts. Why beginning of the year? To coincide with the planting season to help ensure for them a successful crop and an abundant harvest later in the year. Ancient Romans, too, began each year by making promises to the god Janus, after whom the month of January is named. In the Medieval era, knights gathered for a last feast at the end of the Christmas season each year to take the "peacock vow" which required placing their hands on the noble bird (hence the name of the vow) to reaffirm their commitment to chivalry. In present times, many Christians prepare for the year ahead by congregating at a special late-night church service called watch-night services, to send out the old and welcome the new year by reflecting on the year that’s ending and seeking spiritual guide and resolve to change for the better.


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Ikeda Spa x Grassroots' Club

One Spa Programme,Two unique Experiences!



Rejuvenate your senses Be it cosmopolitan glamour, laid back resort appeal or an authentic Asian spa experience, The Ultimate presents spa aficionados with the ultimate in spa luxury.









Members Perk For You





10% off ala-carte spa treatments for subsequent visits

Birthday 1 For 1 Spa Treats (during birthday month)


20% off ala-carte spa treatments for first time


An exclusive Spa Retreat awaits on your birthday month! Look out for it in your birthday card.

•Valid from1November2017 to30October2018 •Deal isnotallowed tobeused inconjunctionwithotherdiscounts,promotion,or packages•Dealoffercannotbeutilized forspavoucherpurchase•Valid forbookingatbothoutlet•Reservationsarerequiredandsubject toavailability•Pleasecall63888080 tobookyourappointmentandquote“GrassrootsMemberPerk"uponbooking•PresentGrassroot voucher/card upon arrival for verification • Credit card information must be provided in order to secure the spa booking •A 24-hour cancellationnotice is required foranybooking,otherwise,chargesapply • IkedaSpadecisiononallmatters regarding thisdeal is final.

Please call 6388 8080 to book your appointment and quote “Grassroots Member Perk" upon booking

Singapore’s AwardWinning Japanese Spa Renowned as one of the best day spas in Singapore, Ikeda Spa is a quaint retreat that feels just like a Japanese hot spring resort. Ikeda Spa is crowned the GlobalWinner atWorld Luxury Spa Award 2017, beating 20 spas nominated from a list of more than 10 countries. Experience theArtof japaneseRelaxationwithoutying . Find out more at

Penthouse Spa Shaw Centre, Scotts Road Resort Spa Civil Service Club, Bukit Batok

T: 6737 3383 T: 6316 6451

One for 7.90 Two for 10.90

Imagine chocolates in fifty flavors ... is that even possible?Of course!! Invented in 2004 by our Chef Toussaint ... the best chocolaterecipes incorporated into a piece of chocolate.You can taste the differenceright away. Premium cocoa beans from differentorigins,not just each bean, fine pralinesand icings.Every day we think of tasty recipes again,what goes with what and in what proportionswe bring them together? Our chocolatedesigners"cook" with real chocolate,as a real chef would do. Everythingwe make at ChCo is handmade.You just taste the differenceevery time.

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APOLOGY NOTICE We apologise for the misprinting of the award names for The Public Service Star (Bar) / Bintang Bakti Masyarakat (Lintang) & The Public Service / Bintang Bakti Masyarakat in our previous issue.



Mr Looi Im Heok, BBM(L)


Mr Daniel Ling Chee Kiong, BBM

Mr Eugene Lee Yang Guan, BBM

Mr Cheong Say Kim, BBM

Dr Kan Yaw Kiong Ernest, JP, BBM

Mr Malik Bin Maksudi, BBM

Mrs Oh, Michelle Leong Ton, BBM

Mr Ong Ter Koh Derrick, BBM


Grassroots with passion


New year, new me – it’s always a popular mantra this time of year. A key element of that saying involves fitness, but as much as we want to get back in shape, it’s often one of the first resolutions to fall by the wayside. As a member of The Grassroots’ Club, however, you’ll have plenty of assistance and encouragement on your road to better health with the opening of the newly spruced up Health Centre. The Health Centre you once knew has undergone extensive renovations. It now sports a modern contemporary look. From the moment you arrive at the comfortable locker room, you’ll be in the right frame of mind to begin your workout. Store your belongings in one of the dozens of lockers and step into a spacious gym outfitted with all the modern equipment you could ask for: state-of-the-art treadmills and AirBikes from Precor, a full range of weight machines from Cybex, Nautilus and Life Fitness, and a variety of free weights. Managed by True Fitness, a professional gym operator with eight branches across Singapore, members are now able to enjoy a gym with modern equipment under the guidance of the friendly fitness trainers. All these are at no extra cost to members.

Once you’ve finished your workout, it’s time to visit the spa. Plenty of showers are waiting, and you can finish cooling down with a dip in a pool – complete with water jets – that wouldn’t be out of place at a resort. A stress- relieving steam room is also at your disposal. And your relaxation doesn’t have to end there. Before you leave the club, kick back at the cosy Members’ Room. It’s the perfect place to do some reading (the club provides an array of newspapers and magazines for your reading pleasure) or catch up with your friends and fellow members over complimentary cups of coffee. The Grassroots’ Club’s improved Health Centre is the kind of place you’ll look forward to visiting over and over again, and that will certainly come in handy in your quest to keep that New Year’s resolution. For more information on the Health Centre, please call 6550-2128.

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Ensure the right start for your child’s early years. The love of learning. A creative mind. Confidence for the future.

98 % of parents approve of * Brighton Montessori parent’s survey 2015,of 167 respondents. Brighton’s curriculum and teaching quality *

Montessori Approach

Individualised Curriculum Regular Progress Updates

+65 6588 3883 |

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Grassroots with passion



Sat, 10 February 2018 8.30pm Tottenham Hotspur VS


Sun, 25 February 2018 10.05pm Manchester United VS


Sun, 4 March 2018





Sat, 10 March 2018 8.30pm Manchester United VS


Sun, 11 March 2018 9.30pm




Sat, 17 March 2018 8.30pm




Sun, 18 March 2018 9.30pm

West Ham VS

Manchester United


Crystal Palace



Sat, 31 March 2018

10.00pm Manchester United VS






Sun, 1 April 2018




Tottenham Hotspur

For more information, please call us at 6554 2350 / 6550 2120 or email


: 6.45pm – 8.30pm

Fees for 12 Sessions : Member $16 Guest $24 Call us now to find out more about our next Intake!

Note: Payment must be made at the Front Office prior to the commencement date.

For more information, call us at 6554 2350 / 6550 2120 or email to

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Are you suffering from… ! Headaches ! Neck pain ! Shoulder pain ! Tennis/golfers elbow ! Back pain

! Knee pain ! Ankle pain ! Achilles Tendonitis ! Plantar fasciitis ! Sports Injuries

We can help you manage your pain and regain your mobility! Treatment includes: ! Cryostone

(Cryotherapy) ! Interferential therapy

Contact us 320 Thomson Road, Singapore 307663 Phone: (+65) 6258 8707 Email

! Ultrasound therapy ! Manual mobilisation ! Traction ! Myofascial release

Muslim Delights Voted Singapore’s Top 5 “Nasi Padang Restaurants” by a local radio station, the halal restaurant is made famous by its fabulous offerings of nasi padang Indonesian style such as ayam masak merah, sotong hitam, sambal goreng and much more. Also known for its catering services, MUSLIM Delights was the choice of Singapore Idol Taufik Batisah whose wedding party in February 2015 hosted 3,000 guests, as well as Radio DJ Syah Ibrahim who hosted 6,000 guests at his November 2014 wedding. MUSLIM Delights at TGC will provide theme parties such as Penang Fair, BBQ Fiesta, Arabian Night and much more.



For booking or event enquiry please call

We invite all TGC members, families and friends to join us in ushering in the auspicious Lunar New Year at The Grassroots’ Club! 22 nd February 2018, Thursday 6.30pm – 10.30pm Multi Purpose Hall, The Grassroots’ Club Fees: $588 per table or $58.80 per pax **All TGC Members will be given a $40 rebate on event day upon producing their valid membership card.

PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Tossing of “Yusheng” followed by 8-course dinner Lion Dance Performance God of Fortune Appearance Multi-Language Getai Performance Games

Grand Lucky Draw And Many More…

4D3N Macau Free & Easy for 2 Pax 3D2N Bangkok Free & Easy for 2 Pax 3D2N Malacca Free & Easy for 2 Pax

1 st Prize

2 nd Prize

3 rd Prize

Kindly register at our reception counter before the closing date on 14 February 2018. For more information, please call us at 6554 2350 / 6550 2120 or write to

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