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The Perfect Couple Get Peak Performance From Paired Sets Of Ink Chambers And Anilox Rollers

ny’s 150-member-strong global workforce has been with SUN for more than 15 years. SUN has always defined itself as a family-oriented com- munity of people that grew to care about one other as a second family. Aside from the company’s annual holiday party and summer picnic, there is a lot of interaction be- tween employees and managers. Camaraderie is built from small backyard get-togethers to JumboTron-sized

There’s nothing quite like a couple made for each other. That’s why state-of-the-art anilox rollers and carbon ber ink chambers fromARC International

events like Sardella’s memorable 2004 retirement party, an all-company shindig celebrated on M&T Stadium’s fif- ty-yard line. “That family atmosphere comes with respect and lon- gevity,” says Kyger. “When you are working with the same people year over year, you start to become close and in turn, you want to do great work that benefits your family.” These close employee relationships were perhaps even more strengthened by an industry-first; when Sar- della and O’Connor made the decision to sell the compa- ny back to their employees. The company’s transition to SUN Automation Group technicians apply the highest level of manufacturing and testing expertise to the company’s compo- nents and machinery.

are a match made in heaven. Each precision engineered, crafted, and engraved roller is paired with a rigid, durable, 100% carbon ber chamber—a combo that gives you more output, accuracy, and density control than you ever thought possible. Get the press speeds and print quality you need to ll your most demanding orders. ARC engineers do all they can to see your exo folder gluers and die-cutters perform to their best. If your job is printing, coating, cutting, or moving board, The ARChitects of Flexo should be your partners.

Contact ARC today to learn how this ideal couple can help you achieve a more perfect union of production and prots.

an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) in 2003 was a time-consuming process that took 10 years to finalize. Today, SUN is a 100 percent employee-owned company, providing added workplace security and peace of mind; all of the company’s stock is held in a trust for employees as a qualified retirement plan. In 2016, SUN expanded to a singular 180,000-square-foot fa- cility in Glen Arm, Maryland, consolidating the company’s pre- vious three multi-site facilities. 800-526-4569 The ARChitects of exo



June 15, 2020

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