Board Converting News, June 15, 2020

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Single Pass Digital Printer for Corrugated, which is running full production today. Continuing its growth and further service to the corru- gated industry, in 2019 SUN partnered with Latitude Ma- chinery Corporation to become its exclusive representa- tive and service provider throughout North and Central America. Kyger notes that the LMC partnership is the most recent example of the company’s “culture of listening and

“Our employees have skin in the game,” says Kyger. “When the company does well, our employees do well and in turn, our customers feel that and benefit from that positivity and dedication to the work.” Another significant milestone for SUN came in 2016, when it expanded to a singular 180,000-square-foot fa-

cility in Glen Arm, Maryland, consolidating the company’s previous three multi-site facilities. For SUN employees, it was a critical advancement that allowed for greater collab- oration and efficiency. It also gave SUN the opportunity to build and develop the largest parts inventory in the U.S. and expand its already- impressive plant space to make way for more innovations and more manufacturing capaci- ty. That same year, SUN installed the world’s first Aqueous

responding to customers needs” at work, enabling SUN to continue investing in innovation and devising customized customer solutions. SUN has been celebrating the 35th anniversary with employees virtually and is looking forward to bringing ev- eryone together in person when appropriate to celebrate its successes and its bright future. After all, it’s what families do.

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June 15, 2020

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