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you to bring different options to your customers and open doors that labeling does not,” says Gabriel Perez, Plant Manager at Pico Rivera, California based Bay Cities. The company was one of the first independents to get into dig-

ital printing several years ago when it purchased an HP Scitex FB700 as a way to expand its printing capabili- ties and offer customers more “flavor and styles.” “Some customers don’t want mass quantities, they want fewer quantities with more variety,” adds

Gabriel Perez

Perez, explaining that customers want the option to pro- mote things differently, depending on the market segment and the customer base. After purchasing two additional digital printers, the latest being a Barberan Jetmaster 1750, they are true believers in the versatility that digital printing offers their customers. However, when walking the plant floor, you

will still see their “workhorse,” an Automatan 7780 labeler. When asked about their use of both, Perez explains that “although digital print has its benefits, there is certainly still and always will be a need for labelers.” Bay Cities invested in a Barberan Jetmaster 1750 because the company believed in the versatility that digital printing offers its customers. It also has an Automatan 7780 labeler.

“There’s certain criteria that will lead you down the path to choose one method or the other, there are pros to both though,” says Seamu- es Ramos, Operations Manager at Wasatch Container.

“These print methods are equally valuable tools in your toolbox,” says Dennis Tackmier, Product Manager for Automatan, as he explains the differences between the two. Differentiating Factors Quality, quantity and the skill of the operator are some of the common factors that are taken into consideration when deciding which is the right choice for a plant or job. Quality has been a point that many agree on. “Digital print, though very good, still doesn’t achieve the level of quality Seamues Ramos



June 15, 2020

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