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Unlocking Generational CODES

As the youngest of 19 children, Anna Liotta knows a thing or two about generational differences. Join us to learn about the surprising customer service practices that work for one generation, but tick off another, and proven strategies for attracting top talent (and keeping them from walking out the door to the competition). Wondering what CODES stand for? Communication, Orientation, Discipline, Environment, and Success. Using these factors that drive our decisions, you will learn how to effectively enable different generations to collaborate, engage, and create inclusive experiences of mutual trust and belonging. Anna Liotta, founder of The Generational Institute, Hall of Fame Speaker, and author of the bestselling book, "Unlocking Generational CODES," will share insights and strategies she has gleaned from her work with clients such as Amazon, Coca-Cola, Red Robin, Microsoft, and the NBA, as well as her personal generational experience as the youngest of 19 children.

Anna Liotta CEO, The Generational Institute

Come Back Smarter: Reopening, Resetting, Rethinking, and Recharging Our Businesses

Change can come to your business in unexpected ways you can't control, but it can also come in ways you CAN control. Teach your hospitality team how to sell more, serve better, and inspire loyalty in the new service landscape. Join us to learn how to transform your teams and your training by practicing Adaptive Leadership at the shift level. Cultivate and execute based on what your team members need from you now. Rather than struggling to get back to "normal," focus on productive adjustments that will set you up for success. Tim Kirkland, a leading industry consultant, will explore important lessons from across industry segments on how to use this challenging time to make changes that will improve business fundamentals and profitability, reengage customer bases, and help operators come back stronger and smarter.

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