Wake Forest Housing Affordability Plan - September 2022


ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The Town of Wake Forest’s Housing Affordability Plan is the result of a joint effort between the Town and a broad group of local stakeholders. We would like to thank the many community members, service providers, elected leaders, Town staff members, Advisory Committee members, and members of the public who were instrumental to this process and provided invaluable insight and feedback on housing conditions and housing priorities in Wake Forest.

Advisory Committee Members

Project Consultants

Desirae Williams Municipal Employee

HR&A Advisors

Yolanda Winstead DHIC

Alicia Arnold Wake County Department of Housing Affordability and Community Revitalization

Little Diversified Architectural Consulting

Board of Commissioners

Planning Staff

Jacquie Ayala Habitat for Humanity Mike Burger Tri-Area Food Pantry

Vivian Jones Mayor

Courtney Tanner Planning Director

Jim Dyer Commissioner Chad Sary Commissioner

Jennifer Currin Assistant Planning Director

Rachel Eberhard CASA

Brad West Long Range Planning Manager

Dustin Engleken Triangle Apartment Association

R. Keith Shackleford Commissioner

Dylan Bruchhaus Planner II - Long Range

Dawn Fagan Wake County Housing Authority

Nick Sliwinski Commissioner Adam Wright Commissioner

Ben Coleman Zoning Enforcement Officer

Wayne Felton Raleigh Housing Authority

Kari Grace Senior Planner - Development Services Emma Linn Planner I - Development Services

Rhett Fussell Raleigh Area Land Trust

Planning Board

Joe Kimray Chair

Jennie Griggs Northern Wake Senior Center

Josh Michael Planner I - Long Range

Thomas Ballman Member

Tara Hall North Carolina Housing Finance Agency Shynese Hockaday Louisburg College and Northeast Community Ryan Hutchinson Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary

Michelle Michael Senior Planner - Historic Preservation

Sheila Bishop Member

Patrick Reidy Senior Planner - Development Services Tim Richards Senior Planner - Development Services

Michael Hickey Member

Christopher Joyner Member

Karin Kuropas Member

Phil Landis Housing Advocate

Michael Siderio Member

Nathan Spencer Wake Up Wake County

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