Wake Forest Housing Affordability Plan - September 2022



Strategy 3: Build Capacity and Partnerships


Program Overview The Town should increase capacity and training for both Town staff and other key decision-makers to execute on Wake Forest’s housing priorities and make informed decisions about the use of public funds. Implementing funding for housing programs requires dedicated staff time, either by a new staff member or through increased capacity from an existing staff member. How Does it Work? There are several training programs available to housing and community development professionals, such as the program offered by the National Development Council. This program builds housing finance capacity primarily for government and non-profit professionals. Investing in a training program for existing or new Town staff will enable them to increase the efficiency of existing programs. Specifically, staff will be able to better evaluate land sales to align with Town priorities and maximize public funding.


1. Dedicate a staff person to implementation of the Housing Affordability Plan. 2. Create communication channels between the Town, community partners and key stakeholders with a dedicated Town staff liaison - offering a clear path for feedback to the Town. 3. Invest in training and real estate expertise development for Town staff. 4. Hire or contract individuals with housing transaction expertise to evaluate land transactions. 5. Provide clear communication about staff roles and Town processes and priorities to external partners.


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