Wake Forest Housing Affordability Plan - September 2022



Strategy 3: Build Capacity and Partnerships

Community Engagement

Program Overview Engagement should regularly include a diverse set of stakeholders, including those most impacted by housing issues. Engagement should be used to gather feedback on existing programs and to help set priorities for future allocation of funds. How Does it Work? Ongoing community engagement is crucial for keeping the public informed on housing programs, changing market conditions and soliciting feedback on policy priorities. Stakeholders interviewed have mentioned that there is not enough awareness about housing programs among the residents most in need of support. Prioritizing outreach and education can allow residents to take full advantage of the Town and Wake County’s efforts to promote housing affordability. Religious groups, non-profits, and government actors can use their platforms to reach the greatest number of people in need. Besides informing the public, continuous engagement can provide the Town with important feedback about the performance of its housing programs.


1. Set an annual engagement goal and spending plan to promote housing programs. 2. Engage community, religious, and elected leaders in the promotion of housing programs and resources to reach those most in need of support. 3. Create and distribute program information in strategic community centers. 4. Publish and promote an annual housing report that provides transparency into the Town’s priorities and decisions.


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