Rising Sun Physical Therapy July 2019

July 2019

I remember the first time I saw the Oov. It’s such a strange shape, but something about the gentle curves are appealing. It’s as if your body can sense the pain relief in store. I learned about its healing affects from Ada Wells, Queen of the Oovs, a little over a year ago, and I can honestly say it’s changed my life and the lives of my patients. Now, I take this versatile little instrument with me wherever I go, especially when I travel, and it fits easily under the seat in front of me on airplanes! There is nothing more relaxing than completing my daily exercises on the Oov surrounded by the beautiful rocky outcrops of Iceland or the swaying palm trees of Hawaii. I love when people stop me to ask about this strange device because I can share with as many as possible the wonder that is the Oov! MONTHLY MOMENTS Bettina’s The Oov destabilizes your body, allowing your core to do all the work. With practice, the Oov increases strength, flexibility, and range of motion. With the help of the Oov, you can master mind-body awareness and become one with your center.

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In Hollywood, summer is known as blockbuster season. This is when the box office is at its busiest and the releases are most numerous. Amid the apocalyptic fare aimed at teens and adults, you can find plenty of films appropriate for the entire family. This summer in particular, families heading to the theater are spoiled for choice. Nearly every week offers a new film to delight moviegoers of all ages. If you need a respite from the heat, consider taking your clan to one of these exciting options hitting the big screen this season.


If you want to try the Oov or learn more about it, give us a call. We have Oov classes starting in July!

Two of Disney’s animated classics get live-action revamps this year, though how much computer-generated imaging is permissible in a “live-action”movie is a matter of some debate. Regardless of the semantics, both “Aladdin,”which debuted in May, and “The Lion King,” arriving this month, are poised to be huge favorites with established fans and newcomers alike. Odds are you already know the plotlines of these iconic originals, but you may not be aware of all the details surrounding the new versions. Both movies will be huge spectacles with ornate scenery and updates of the songs you love. “Aladdin” stars Mena Massoud in the title role, along with turns fromWill Smith as Genie and Naomi Scott as Jasmine. The cast of “The Lion King” is truly star-studded and includes Donald Glover, Seth Rogen, and Beyoncé. If previous Disney adaptations are any indication, these movies will likely hew close to the originals.

–Bettina Neumann

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