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November 2018

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Car Shows and Hearing Aids

Diving Into the Freedoms of Technology

I n September, I stepped back in time at the Valley Stream Lions Club Classic Car show, held every Thursday evening just a few blocks from our office from the beginning of July to the beginning of September. The show was a display of classic cars and memories for people like me who appreciate the history and charm of old vehicles as well as the personal connection people have had with them. I remember my grandfather talking about his Model T Ford. It was the first vehicle the average person could afford, and he bought it back when you did not even need a driver’s license to get behind the wheel and cruise. The stories my grandfather used to tell me about the adventures he had driving that car helped me understand how it liberated him and many others to be able to travel as never before. It was the beginning of a new era. At the car show, I came upon a Model A Ford, a close relative of the Model T. The owner was pretty proud of his vehicle. He had put a lot of time and care into its restoration and used only original parts. I also spoke with another classic car owner, this one of a 1957 Thunderbird, who had likewise put much time into restoring it to its original glory. Each owner was proud of the history and memories they preserved.

The car show reminded me of the progress that has been made in the automobile industry. The drivers of new 1957 Ford Thunderbirds enjoyed significant improvements over the Model A, but there have been many innovations in comfort, performance, and safety since then. Many of those innovations are features that we have become so accustomed to that we no longer even think about them, such as GPS systems that speak to you to make sure you do not get lost, backup cameras to help you avoid accidents, heated seats to keep you comfortable on cold days … and on and on. Much like the improvements in driving technology since the Model A, hearing technology has come a long way in just the last few years. Like the Model T that gave my grandfather freedom to travel anywhere, hearing aids are liberating patients from the limitations of hearing loss. We can now do things with hearing aids that were impossible not so long ago. For example, wireless connections between hearing aids and other devices like TVs and cellphones are commonplace. Some hearing aids use GPS information to adjust settings automatically based on your location or to allow them to be adjusted remotely by your audiologist. Some can actually translate languages in conversation

Dr. Larry with a ‘57 Thunderbird

Dr. Larry with a Model A Ford

for you. The technology for improving hearing in situations with background noise continues to advance. The methods we use to customize and optimize the performance of hearing aids has also advanced significantly. At Hearing Center of Long Island, we take full advantage of the latest technology and techniques to ensure that each solution is best suited for each individual’s needs. Fortunately, the hearing care technology and techniques of just a few years ago are now like the Model A Ford: charming to some, but not nearly as effective as what we have now.

–Lawrence Cardano, Au.D.

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