Finding Your Forte - Strategic Articulation

Finding Your Forte

Strategic Articulation for organizations to collaboratively frame and deliver on their purpose


for·tay (fôr′tā′, fôrt) n. 1 Something in which a person excels. 2 A passage that is loud and played with force or is marked to be so. Your Forte is where your strengths and gifts meet your passions in a way that rewards you and serves your purpose to bring your greatest impact. In other words, your purpose if fulfilled by doing 1 -what you love, 2 -what you're good at in a way that 3 -rewards you „ The brightest thinking to drive strategic plans usually rests within the purpose and passions of its leaders. If you're bringing someone in to recommend a strategy heavily influenced from the outside, you're overlooking the best bank of knowledge and its right under your nose. It's more important that a strategy is facilitated to come from multiple, often disparate and ranging views - not recommended from a bright outsider. „ Take the pulse of your stakeholders before you huddle leaders to frame a new strategy. „ People can't build what they can't see. Vision snapshots are imperative. Give room for all of them. From Think Big to Start Small. These guiding principles can help you articulate one vision to take forward and build that has been bought into in the making of it. - Reggie Hammond, Founder and Managing Partner, Your Crescendo Organizations realize their purpose when their mission is well articulated, vision-casted and action-planned in an intentional way. I've been fortunate to facilitate and lead development of strategic plans through out the duration of my 20+ year career from consulting to coaching and facilitation. I've learned a few critical success drivers along the way. „ Many organizations make significant investments in strategic plans that are eventually wasted when that beautiful document is placed in a pretty binder and placed on the shelf - never to be activated or realized.

What is Your Forte?

Your Forte Needs a Plan

Monuments need a Blueprint

Companies need a Strategy

You need Your Forte

Symphonies need a Composition

Why You Need Your Forte

Stronger business and career performance

Your Most Organic Success

Engagement and Fulfillment

Leadership from Your Strength

Finding Your For te




Purpose / Mission What We're Going To Do

VISION What We Will See When We Get There


Go-to-Market Strategy

Core Values What’s important and why

Guiding Principles

Focus Groups

Key Stakeholders interviews


Think Big

Start Small

Scale Fast

Vision Snapshots - Photos from the future

Current state

Stakeholder Assessment

Headline Indicators What to measure so we know we're making progress.

Passions What we love to do

Differentiators • What we must do differently • How we are different in our markets

Forte Profile

Strengths What we do well

Motivations What rewards us

Strategic Priorities What we will focus on right away

Critical Initiatives What projects will this require

Action Plan with Action Items What tasks, resources, and timing


People Don't Buy What You Do, They Buy Why You Do It

The essential strategic difference between the good-to-great and comparison companies lay in two fundamental distinctions. First, the good-to-great companies founded their strategies on deep understanding along three key dimensions—what we came to call the three circles. Second, the good-to-great companies translated that understanding into a simple, crystalline concept that guided all their efforts. 1. What you can be the best in the world at 2. What drives your economic engine. 3. What you are deeply passionate about.

- Simon Sinek

- Jim Collins, Author of Good to Great

Finding Your For te



Our Programs Your Crescendo is committed to it's mission to get the world on purpose with impact. We do so through a range of talent and leadership development offerings. We focus on strategic planning at the individual, team and organization level that aligns clients with their purpose as an individual and organizational growth strategy.

A Moving Performance To bring it’s’ most inspired performance, a symphony must have talented musicians that are at their best, well rehearsed and all engaged on the experience it is looking to inspire for its audience. Our mission is to orchestrate an inspired performance for maestros, instrument sections and musicians to bring their best performance.




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Finding Your For te

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