Finding Your Forte - Strategic Articulation

for·tay (fôr′tā′, fôrt) n. 1 Something in which a person excels. 2 A passage that is loud and played with force or is marked to be so. Your Forte is where your strengths and gifts meet your passions in a way that rewards you and serves your purpose to bring your greatest impact. In other words, your purpose if fulfilled by doing 1 -what you love, 2 -what you're good at in a way that 3 -rewards you „ Take the pulse of your stakeholders before you huddle leaders to frame a new strategy. „ People can't build what they can't see. Vision snapshots are imperative. Give room for all of them. From Think Big to Start Small. These guiding principles can help you articulate one vision to take forward and build that has been bought into in the making of it. - Reggie Hammond, Founder and Managing Partner, Your Crescendo Organizations realize their purpose when their mission is well articulated, vision-casted and action-planned in an intentional way. I've been fortunate to facilitate and lead development of strategic plans through out the duration of my 20+ year career from consulting to coaching and facilitation. I've learned a few critical success drivers along the way. „ Many organizations make significant investments in strategic plans that are eventually wasted when that beautiful document is placed in a pretty binder and placed on the shelf - never to be activated or realized. „ The brightest thinking to drive strategic plans usually rests within the purpose and passions of its leaders. If you're bringing someone in to recommend a strategy heavily influenced from the outside, you're overlooking the best bank of knowledge and its right under your nose. It's more important that a strategy is facilitated to come from multiple, often disparate and ranging views - not recommended from a bright outsider.

What is Your Forte?

Your Forte Needs a Plan

Monuments need a Blueprint

Companies need a Strategy

You need Your Forte

Symphonies need a Composition

Why You Need Your Forte

Stronger business and career performance

Your Most Organic Success

Engagement and Fulfillment

Leadership from Your Strength

Finding Your Forte


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