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Summers: BoE – Global Economic Risk Approaching Why Mobile Phones In Europe Could Go Dark How To Cash In On Home Solar, Energy & EV Rebates & Credits Micron: Chip Downturn Will Be Worse (mw$1)

The Argument U.S. Housing Has Begun A Massive Collapse 17:27 The Ukraine War Has Spread To The Baltics, In Fact 3:52 America Begins Its S. Pacific Island Comeback California – Another Year Of Drought, At Least – LakeTX™ (nyt$1) Austin Storage Rates Skyrocket Columns™ Monthly – September 2022 “Be yourself, everybody else is taken.” - Oscar Wilde Best viewed in landscape mode on phones. Select a purple column header to leave comments, we read them. Our mission is to deliver interesting, unbiased or multiple view, “long term important” news. The Columns™ Newspaper, USAjobs Inc.- a not-for-profit organization

Source: Visualcapatalist GOOG, AMZ, AAPL, MSFT Revenue, Costs & Profits


Source: Bloomberg Ray-Ban Maker EssilorLuxottica Focuses On Smart Glasses

Soirce: United Airlines United Airlines Bets On 200 Air Taxis




Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Neuroscience, And The Beta 3AGI™ Project

Try One Yourself – The MIT Brain (AI) Course (1:10s)

The 400 Most Wealthy Americans 2022 - 3AI (2))

Elon’s OpenAI DALL-E Image Generator – No Waitlist

Source: Axios Brands GenZ Like Most – SnApp™ CASHw™

AAPL Downgraded, iPhone 14 Not Selling Well

Visualizing Global Economic Uncertainty

Chatbots & Natural Language Processing – BUSINESS & ENGINEERING CS AI NLP

Zuck’s Facebook (Meta) Users Flee, In Death Spiral


Operationalizing Machine Learning – ENGINEERING CS ML

Zuck & Meta Freeze All Hiring, Cutting Costs

60% Of Americans Living Paycheck To Paycheck

SegNeXt : Convolutional Neural Network Architecture For Semantic Segmentation – ENGINEERING CS AI – DLA

Eurozone Inflation Hits 10% (nyt$)

How Former Employees Turn Loyal Alumni

MD Burnout Is Real, How AI Can Help - MEDICAL & (2) HEALTH - AI & NLP (3)

Source: AP Ian’s Destruction, Months Of Florida Cleanup, Years Of Rebuilding Rising Sea Metrics For Galveston, Jefferson & Aransas Counties, Texas, Florida, Louisiana

Stanford Acquires 759-Unit Post-Doc Apartment – 3AI™

Source: Lenovo Lenovo ThinkReality VRX Headset

Source: Reuters China Certifies C919 Jet To Compete With Airbus And Boeing

Elon’s Cybertruck Will Be Waterproof, Float

HS Football Concussions: New Helmets & Protection Essential, Or No Games

NFTs Collapse

New York Times Front Page

China’s Exports Falling Month Over Month

FDA Approves New Drug To Slow ALS 0:44

Wall Street Journal Front Page

Radio: Russian Troops Ordered To Kill Civilians

Source: Unsplash Evaluation Of AI For Medical Imaging – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

Fewer Seek U.S. Unemployment Aid

AI Assistance Accuracy In Breast Cancer Screening – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

Columns™ Monthly – August 2022 Flipbook

Artificial Intelligence & Alzheimer’s Disease Dx – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

Columns™ Monthly – July 2022 Flipbook

Source: NASA NASA Goes For Jupiter’s Moon Europa, Possible Colony Site Before Mars

Columns™ Monthly – June 2022 Flipbook

13 Open Source AI Projects – ENGINEERING – CS

Columns™ 1Y Odds: 1 in 20 Putin Will Use Nukes

India Can’t Fight The Fed, INR Will Slide

Source: Illumnia New Machine – Human Genome Sequencing Falling To $200

Neural Networks To Recognize Arthritis In MRI Scans – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx AI Model Better At Diagnosing Pediatric Ear Infections - MEDICAL & HEALTH - AI Dx, Pediatrics (2)

Mackenzie Scott Files Second Divorce

New Ebola Strain In Uganda Has No Treatment, No Vax

MRI Brain Images Accurately Determines Biological Age – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx


NVIDIA Introduces IGX Platform For AI Medical Edge Cases – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

Source: San Diego Reader The San Diego School Of Rock

Source: Times Of Malta Kremlin Announces Ukraine Annexation Ceremony


Source: Unsplash Artificial Intelligence In Skin Diseases – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx


Run On British Pound And Pensions (2)

Source: Amazon *10 Worthy Devices Amazon Just Announced - Sprite™ (2)

Artificial Intelligence In Primary Health Care – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI Dx

British Pound Crashes, Bank Of England Errors

AI Breakthrough In Melanoma Dx – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Diagnosis

Delaware Freezes Out Russian Companies – Think About It

Bank Of England “Solves Run” By Buying U.K. Bonds – You Know The Eventual Outcome

MIT: AI (Wayve) vs Map Based AVs

Apple Reorganizes Apple Car Team, Moves Forward

1/3 of AI Researchers Opine AGI Uncontrollable

Porsche IPO Shares Rise In Frankfurt Debut

An Example Of AI’s Lethality

Neural Graph Databases – ENGINEERING CS ML


Brain Principles Programming – ENGINEERING CS AGI

Source: Dusty Reagan Lake Travis, Austin, Water Levels – 1964 Was A Long Time Ago

Managing Lossless Data For Machine Learning – ENGINEERING CS ML

Source: WP Tesla Hikes CA Supercharger Prices

Putin’s Situation Is Irreversible 20:20

A Constant-Sized Learning Algorithm For Dx – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Diagnostic Support

Russia Moves To Annex Territory Ukraine Controls

MRI AI For Cardiac Imaging – MEDICAL & HEALTH

China’s $1 Trillion Punt

China Threatens U.S. Over EVs And Batteries

Artificial Intelligence In Concrete Materials – ENGINEERING – Civil Eng.

Senate Midterms Remains A Toss Up

MIT: Dark Side Of AI – Made Images – ENGINEERING CS

Pubs Likely 15-30 Seat Gain In House

CNN vs Vision Transformers – ENGINEERING CS ML

Austin’s Oracle Says India Unit Bribed Officials

Source: Visual Capitalist Where American Generations Spend Their Money

Neuroevolution Of Low-Level Artificial General Intelligence – ENGINEERING CS AGI

Now It’s Pujols, Bond, Aaron & Ruth In The Home Run 700 Club

Source: CSHL Sniffing Out The Brain’s Smelling Power (2)

A New Take On Artificial General Intelligence – ENGINEERING CS AGI

Obesity Is A Neurodevelopmental Disorder

Tech Talk On Why Consciousness Evolved 34:55 – MEDICAL & HEALTH – Cognitive Neuroscience Machine Learning – Generated Sensory Map Called ‘Principal Odor Map’- MEDICAL & HEALTH – Biology “ESMFold’” An Artificial Intelligence- Based Model That Predicts Protein Structure – Medical & Health – Biology Nvidia Bionemo For Training & Deploying Large Biomolecular Language Models - ENGINEERING CS ML (2)

Repurposing Existing Drugs To Fight New Covid Variants

Source: Undefined Technologies Undefined Technologies’ Silent Ion Propulsion Drone

Source: EPA-EFE Saudi King Names Crown Prince As Prime Minister

How U.S. Demographics Affects You 8:14

Putin’s Low Risk Way Of Going Nuclear, And It’s A Tell

U.S., NATO Need To Focus On Black Sea (2) (3)

Source: Vertical Aerospace Vertical Aerospace’s VX4 Completes First Test Flight

Learning With ML Differentiable Algorithms – MATHEMATICS – ML

Color Variation & Deep Neural Networks – ENGINEERING CS ML

Pentagon Recruiting Is Failing – Too Many Wokes

Columns™: World’s Top 5 Countries To Call Home – Canada, U.S., Switzerland, Australia, Sweden

7 Machine Learning Projects You Can Understand, With Diagrams – MEDICAL & HEALTH, ENGINEERING CS, BUSINESS FINANCE – Stock Forecasting,

Mortgage Rates Now At 20-Year Highs

Source: wdsu. Hurricane Ian – 2.5 Million Without Power, Trapped

So You Think EV Charging Will Be Cheaper Than Gas

70% Of Americans Looking For An Added Job

Hundreds Die In Hurricane Ian, Florida


Half Of Americans Think They Quit Their Job Within A Year

Why It Will Be Impossible To Control AGI Super-Intelligence – ENGINEERING CS AGI

U.S. EV And Power Grid Battery Path

Source: Reuters Cuba Approves Same-Sex Marriage

Source: Citizen Warren’s Berkshire On List Of Undervalued

Source: Amazon Amazon’s New Sleep Assist Device* – iRing™

Source: MIT MIT: How The Brain Does Rhythmics Like Walking – MEDICINE & HEALTH – Cognitive Neuroscience

Ian Heavily Damages Power Grid In Florida

Source: Reuters Giorgia Meloni’s Rightwing Bloc Storms To Italian Election Victory

La Jolla Beaches & Water Nasty Again

MD Burnout Is Real, How AI Can Help (2) (3)

UN: China, India, Others Shift Against Russia

Source: Nature Communications Deep Learning AI Finds Baggage Explosives – ENGINEERING CS – Image Classification How Artificial Intelligence Can Explain Its Decisions – ENGINEERING CS AI

Americans Don’t Recognize Europe’s Winter Disaster (2)

Source: Nreal Nreal’s $379 AR Glasses Launch In The U.S.

Metabolism Linked To Actionable Brain Health

Loneliness & Developing Diabetes

The 4 U.S. Home Markets That Dropped Most In August


Warren’s Indicator At 150%, More Market Pain Coming

Day By Day Russians Push Back On Putin

Russians’ War Protests Growing

OG App Is Instagram Done Well – SnApp™

The War Inside Russia – Who Will Win?

Forming A New, Permanent Habit Can Be A 30 Minute Daily Game^^

Source: PLOS ONE Saliva Test & Early Warning For Severe Covid

Putin Is Personally Directing His Generals


Source: Scientific Reports ENGINEERING CS ML

UAE Signs Energy Agreement With Germany

Neural Networks Make Sense Of Complex Electron Interactions – PHYSICS & MATHEMATICS

British Pound Plummets To Record Low vs USD, Again

UT Austin Hub Leads National Science Foundation Innovation


AI Helps Detect Pancreatic Cancer – MEDICAL & HEALTH – AI DS

Source: Boeing FAA Issues New Design Guidelines For Vertiports

Machine Learning & Prompts For Neural Networks - ENGINEERING CS ML(2)


Multiple Driverless Cruise Cars Block Traffic In San Francisco

ML, AGI & Heterogeneous Datasets – ENGINEERING CS ML

New Putin Nuke Threat

IT’s OK To Mix & Match mRNA Boosters

Source: AP Russia Begins Sham “Annex” Of East & South Ukraine

Trial Alzheimer’s Drug Slows Progression 27%

Coffee Is Associated With Longevity

NIH: Black Tea Part Of A Healthy Diet

Source: lex Tai/SOPA Google Focuses On AI-Only, Shuts Half Other R&D Projects (2 of 2) ENGINEERING – Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence- Google AI Introduces A Multi-Axis Approach For Vision Transformer

Source: PizzaForno Artisan Pizza In 3 Minutes

Source: Atalayar To Retain Power, Putin’s 43% Defense Spending Hike & Long War

Why “Buying The Dip” And “Cost Averaging” Backfire

Source: Kyoto University Mechanism Of Covid Invasion Into Blood Vessels

Simply, The Fed Is Unsure

Fasting-Mimicking Diet Reduces Signs Of Dementia In Mice

Source: SERGEI SUPINSKY U.S. Puts HARM Missiles On Ukraine Mig-29s, Cruise Missiles In C-130 Cargo Planes

Source: Arxiv ENGINEERING – Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence- Google &

Boston University Proposes Text-To- Image ‘DreamBooth’

One View: American Democracy Under Attack (nyt$)

MEDICINE & HEALTH – AI & AGI Medical Imaging – Domain-Aware Model Calibration In Medical Image Segmentation MEDICINE & HEALTH – AI & AGI Medical Imaging – Residual Autocorrelation In Multiband Task fMRI ENGINEERING – Computer Science – ML – Machine Learning – Machine Learning Students Overfit To Overfitting BUSINESS – NLP – Natural Language Processing & Online Services - Multiplicative Size Scaling On Natural Language Tasks

For 3X Productivity, Run 24-7 – BJY™

GEN Keane: No Doubt Russia Loses If U.S. Steps In

Source: Riken Remote-Controlled Cyborg Cockroach Experiment

An Intelligent Forecast Of U.S. HomePrices

Source: Pixabay Regular Weight Exercise Linked To Lower Death Risk

14 Must-Try La Jolla & San Diego Wineries

U.S. Central American Policy Failed – It’s Important -Ed.

17 Cool Celebs Who Live In Austin

Source: Harry Quan / Unsplash VR To Human Eye Limits

White Prof Files Reverse Discrimination Suit Against Texas A&M


Source: Survival freedom Most & Least Safe U.S. Nuclear War Locations

Dimon: Bitcoin & Crypto Are Decentralized Ponzi Schemes (b$)

China Is A Helluva Robot Competitor, Time To Wake Up

Source: Derek Leinweber How The Universe Really Makes Something From Nothing

Source: Murat KULA Erdogan The Ukraine War Mediator

How To Brag – Credit Others First

Stanford: EV Night Charging Makes Power Grid Unstable


Bad Things Happen To Good Stocks

California To Ban Sale Of Natural Gas Heaters By 2030

Likely Highest Priority Nuclear Strike Targets

Finland Bars Russians As Border Traffic Grows

Source: FRIEDEMANN VOGE Ford Runs Out Of Blue Oval Badges!

“Big Short” Shorts Offices – Too Costly To Convert (2)

Source: ECEP BUSINESS – INVESTING Funds UT Computer Science – 3AI™, BJY Ylabs™ BUSINESS – Natural Language Processing & Marketing – Results Of The NLP Community Meta Survey ENGINEERING – MILITARY – AI Aligned Procurement – DoD Online Marketplace For AI – BJYFederal™, 3AI™ ENGINEERING – MILITARY – AI Aligned Procurement – Beijing To Regulate Bots Like Digital Assistants, Influencers, And Avatars ENGINEERING – Computer Science – AGI – Artificial General Intelligence – Cellular Automata Creates AGI On A Blockchain ENGINEERING – Computer Science – AGI – Artificial General Intelligence – Functional Brain Model To Solve AGI ENGINEERING – Computer Science – AGI – Artificial General Intelligence – Quantum Computing For Achieving AGI ENGINEERING – Computer Science – Machine Learning – Efficient, Recurrent Model-Free Reinforcement Learning (RL) ENGINEERING – Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence – Law – Artificial Intelligence Meets Arbitration

Source: Axios U.S. Latino Productivity Growth Exceeds Japan, Germany & U.K.

Source: Axios Fastest-Growing Cities & Risks


What Nuclear Fallout Looks Like

Source: Volkswagen VWs Self-Driving Travel Pod vs Tesla

USD At 20 Year High

Food, Shelter & Survival In Nuclear War

SpaceX Plans To Bring Starlink To U.S. School Buses

EV Customers Won’t Wait Too Long For Their EVs

2.5 Million Ordered To Evacuate Florida – Hurricane Ian

Federal Fifth Circuit: Social Media Cannot Moderate Content (2)

How FedEx Responds To Lower Demand

West Shrugs Off Putin’s Nuke Bluff

Why The U.S. Housing “Reset” Will Be Pain

How EVs May Rescue The U.S. Power Grid

The Decision Tree For Putin’s Use Of Nukes

Macron, Our Man, Warns Of Threats To U.S. Democracy

(2) (3)

Ford Stock Dropped Most In 11 Years, Down 13% In One Day 7:28

Detroit Thinks EVs Will Rescue It (e$)

I-Bonds Pay 9.6% – Own $20,000 To $150,000

How We Watch For Putin Going Nuclear

Why Switzerland May Ban Factory Farming

Rethinking America’s Nuclear Strategy

Media’s Reason For U.S. Labor Shortage

Nuclear War Is Predictable

Mortgage Rates Continue Up, Above 6%

Solar Prices Keep Falling – SUNz™

NATO Chief: Putin’s Nuclear Talk Is Reckless

UAE Will Enforce U.K. Civil Court Rulings


(Putin) Warns U.K. Cities Are Nuke Targets

China At UN: Russia Must Respect Ukraine’s Territory, Negotiate And Restore Peace 5:36

Bank of America Says Cash Is King

Columns™: Stocks Drop, Will Continue Down – VIC608

Why Nuclear War Is Unwinnable & Unsurvivable – There Are Few Personal Decisions



15 Worst Places To Be In A Nuclear Attack (Targets)

ENGINEERING – Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence – Artificial Moral Cognition

For Tampa Ivan Is Storm Of A Century

ENGINEERING – Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence – Elon: We Need More Oil & Gas – 3AI™

ENGINEERING – Computer Science – Artificial Intelligence – Robot Learns By Imagining Itself (2) ENGINEERING – Computer Science – AGI Frameworks – Spiking Neural Network Based Brain-Inspired Cognitive Intelligence Engine

Source: Bed, Bath & Beyond Bed, Bath & Beyond Closing 50 Stores In 3 Months, 100 Next, Then More

Putin Misjudged Much

FedEx Moves Even More CapEx To Vendors (Truckers)

Secret Russian Law Allows 1 Million To Be Drafted

Source: Accuweather Ian

European Factories Going Dark (nyt$1)

MIT: In-Home Device Tracks Parkinson’s Progression 2:28

Source: University College London Drone Swarms Learning To Build Concrete Structures

NY Sues Trump, Family & Companies For Fraud

…More – New Model Of Alzheimer’s As An Autoimmune Disease

(2) (3)

Source: Verge ENGINEERING – Computer Science – AI – Autonomous Vehicles – Driverless Cars May Be Impossible Without Drivers ENGINEERING – Computer Science – AI – Autonomous Vehicles – Aerial Vehicle Navigation Using Reinforcement Learning – Swift™

Next Silicon Valley May Be In U.S. Heartland 25:35

Long-Term Memories A Matter Of Order

Trump Referred To IRS For Criminal Prosecution

Comorbidities Have Different Impacts On Covid Outcomes

Astounding What Ford Has Done With Its Dealers 16:16

China vs Taiwan Wargames Show Huge Toll

ENGINEERING – Computer Science – AI Deep Learning Architectures & NLP – Building Better Language Models

Putin Asks Oligarchs To “Save” His Failing War

Source: Costa Paridiso Sardinia Will Pay You $15,000 To Move Here

Uber Driver Drug Mules

Source: Karen Arnott … More, AI Breakthrough In Medicine

Source: Substack Is Trump Promoting Civil War?

Source: Nature Medicine MEDICINE & HEALTH – AI & AGI Compliance Support – Health Care Researchers – Be Wary Of Misusing AI MEDICINE & HEALTH – AI & AGI Compliance Support – BUSINESS – AI For Healthcare Systems Of Developing World

New 988- Mental Health Hotline Has 42 Second Response

Why Markets Have Ignored Putin’s Nuke Threats (mw$1)

Blood Pressure Lowers 9mmHg By 30 Breaths A Day (3)^^

GEN Ben Hodges On Why Russia Will Lose 10:37

Source: VisualCapitalistt Top Tech Hubs In The U.S. & Canada

FDA Vax MD: Omicron Booster Perhaps Unwarranted, Inflammation Risks^

Facebook, Snapchat, Google – Large Staff Cuts

Modified Virus Destroys Cancer

Source: Wiley MEDICINE & HEALTH – Brain Structures & Computational Mechanisms – Complex Oxides For Brain-Inspired Computing

Source: Sun China Tests Another Marine-Air Drone

Source: University Of Malaga New UT Austin Therapy Halts Alzheimer's (2)

Europe’s In For A Very Tough Coming Year – 20:17 Podcast

Source: Radiological Society of North America MEDICINE & HEALTH – AI & AGI

Why Big Rigs & Planes May Be Hydrogen, Not Battery Or Diesel

Diagnostic Support – Best Practices For Handling Bias In Radiology AI

Covid & New Type 1 Diabetes Dx

Viruses Can See And Hear Once Inside Us

Britain Lifts Ban On NatGas Fracking

MEDICINE & HEALTH – AI & AGI Diagnostic Support – AI Helps Epilepsy Patients Become Seizure-Free

Source: Visual Capitalist ‘21 The $ Trillion Club

Baltics: No Automatic Asylum For Russians

Hawaii Is The Happiest State

MEDICINE & HEALTH – AI & AGI Diagnostic Support – AI Could Help

Biological Age Determined By Comparative Brain MRIs^

Patients With Chronic Pain Avoid Opioids

You’re Not Over Covid Until Brain & Neuro Damage Stops (2)

MEDICINE & HEALTH – AI & AGI Diagnostic Support – Successful Labor Outcomes In Expectant Mothers Using AI

MEDICINE & HEALTH – AI & AGI Diagnostic Support – Machine Learning To Identify Undiagnosable Cancers

Source: Intuitive Machines Houston’s Intuitive Machines Does Moon Landers ECB Selects Amazon & 3 To Prototype EU Digital Euro (2) – CASHww™ Scotdale’s REIT Store Capital, Sells For $14B Cash (2)

Source: Jae C Hong Why California Can’t Solve Homelessness

DeepMind Used A Baby’s Mind As A Guide – Neural-convergence

AI Method For Synthesizing Realistic Photos From Scene Sketches


Source: NOAA

Restaurants Moving To AI Voice Bots

Fed Raises 0.75%, Interest Rate Now 3.25% A 14Y High

Source: Oliver Boehmer Germany Nationalizes Gas Importer Uniper

GM’s Cruise Recalls AI Software In 80 Self-Driving Cars

Why Deleting Internet Stuff Is Almost Impossible (2)

Brain Development & Explainable Artificial Intelligence

Putin: Will Use Nukes On West … “Not Bluffing”

The 10 U.S. Cities Dying Fastest 17:33

Neuro-Symbolic Approaches In Artificial Intelligence

Source: AccuWeather Hurricane Ian For The Next Week

“Passive” Self-Cooling Homes & Buildings – Cool 14:20

…It’s War, “Mobilizing 300,000” Troops, First Time Since WWII

Scientific Exploration And Explainable Artificial Intelligence

U.S. Omicron Booster’s Slow Acceptance

Apple Shifting 20% Of iPad & Watch Production To Vietnam, 25% Of iPhone To India

Putin Announces Partial Mobilization, Flights Leaving Full

AGI Through Visual Pattern Recognition

UN: World Is In Great Peril

Who Is Right About Remote Work

Artificial Intelligence And Image Big Data In Neurology

Pope: Putin’s “Madness”

Ripple’s Larsen And Garlinghouse Won’t Prevail On SEC MSJ

Putin May Be Teeing Up To Attack The Ukraine Population 9:05

Deep Learning Framework For Artificial General Intelligence

Pro-Trump Dating App RightStuff Appears Swimming Upstream

Source: Pixabay Incentives Don’t Offset Covid Vaccine Hesitancy

Apparently Putin Is Mobilizing Russia, Declaring Marshall Law, And Annexing Much Of Ukraine 6:25

Yes, We Inherit Memories Of Our Ancestors 7:03

Larry Page’s Air Taxi Company Kittyhawk Shuts

3AI – More On How Texas Beats Harvard

China Flows Military Equipment Into Ukraine, Quantities Unknown 4:55

Computable Artificial General Intelligence

WSJ Wrapup Of Putin’s Last 24 Hours

Fundamental Limits On Artificial General Intelligence

Dogs Of War Growl

Artificial General Intelligence The Democratic Way

Price Of Flights Leaving Russia Skyrocket

Source: Enlarge U.S. Installs Record Solar Capacity As Prices Keep Falling

Ford Stock Worst Day Since 2011

Source: Cell Reports Medicine Gene Defect & New Treatment For Alzheimer’s

Volkswagen Says The Chip Shortage Will Last Into 2024

…More, Stronger Connections Between Gum Disease And Alzheimer’s Disease

Source: Femern A/S Denmark & Germany’s World’s Longest Immersed Tunnel

Stanford University Unit Grabs Big Bay Area Apartment Complex – 3AI

Source: DeepMind AI For Discovering Agents From Empirical Data

Space Sex – More Than Less Appropriate

U.S. Treasury I-Bonds Pay 9.6%^

GM Backs Tougher U.S. Emissions Targets

Cognitive Neuroscience

GEN Hodges (ret.): U.S.Will Strike Swiftly If Russia Uses Tactical Nukes

Tesla Makes Major Battery Decision 12:01

Ukraine Crosses Key River 6:39

Russian State TV: Nuclear War Likely, “All Die”

New Way To Get Unclaimed Money In Texas


Putin Triggers Plan To Annex Parts Of Ukraine

Bolt EUV Mountains Performance – America’s Least Expensive EV


Source: University of Michigan Next-Gen Neural Probe Leads To Expanded Understanding Of The Brain

Three Classic San Diego Bike Routes

Google’s New “Human Level” Language Model

Canoo May Be Toast

NYT: AI Is Getting Really Good (nyt$)

AI Startups Losing VC Backing

Source: Fortune Where Home Prices Are Falling Fastest – Austin, Silicon Valley

MIT & Parker: AI Education Is Required To Lead The World In AI

Neuroevolution Of Low-Level Artificial General Intelligence

AGI vs. Industry 4.0

A Dataset For Neural Face Rendering

$200B Of $280B Federal Tech Funding Is “AI First” (nyt$)

Source: Xturismo_official/Instagram World’s First Flying Motorcycle

Source: ETF Fed Raising Interest Rates Again

Will Lawyers Represent AIs?

UiPath Buys Re:infer For AI NLP Business Chat

Universal Hyperparameters For Machine Learning

Source: Volkswagen 12.500 Pre-Orders For The ID. Buzz

Source: RealClear The Midterms, Soon

Improve Fairness And Accuracy In A Machine Learning Model

Columns™: Again, Tesla Has Won (2)

Source: ImmunoServe Ltd Pin-Prick Blood Test Identifies Immunity To Covid

Automated Machine Learning

A NoCode™ AI Primer, Step 2

Ford Warns Investors 3Q22 “Added” $1B Cost, Has 45,000 Vehicles Unshippable (2)

If You Know Anybody With Depression, Anxiety Or Mental Disorder, Read This Several Times^

A NoCode™ AI Primer, Step 1^

Some AI Startups 2022

Source: Paired Power Popup 5kw Charger Solar Canopy – SUNz™ (2)

Elon Calls Out Fed Again

Why Young American Males Are In Trouble 7:18

A NoCode™ AI Primer, Step 3 – Did The Machines Win?

Putin’s Entire Black Sea Fleet Is Worthless

Post-Trauma /PTSD Molecular Brain Changes

Top AI Sites To Follow 2022

Why Employers Post Fake Jobs (bi$1)

…More: Gum Disease & Alzheimer’s Strong Connection^

Dataset Pruning Scales AI Training

25 Entry Level Jobs That Will Grow

‘TriSegNet’ Triple-View AI Feature Learning For Medical Image

Zuckerberg’s Net Worth Drops $71 Billion

AI Natural Language Processing Goes Exponential, As Bill Gates Said It Would

Source: SeaTwirl’s A 1-MW Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Walmart, Amazon, Truckers Spend “$1 Trillion” On EVs

AI Automated Assessment Of Pathology Image Quality


AGI vs AI – The Difference Is Everything

“USD Only Hedge Against Falling Stocks”

First Transformer-Based Framework For AI Hyperparameter Tuning

Computable Artificial General Intelligence (AGi)

Source: AP Will DeSantis Be The GOP Presidential Candidate?

Mapping The Landscape Of Human-Level AGI

The Brain & AI That Processes Language As People Do

Source: Levi Cohen

Source: SANJEEV VERMAN /HINDUSTAN TIMES Indian Gautam Adani Passes Bezos As World’s Second Richest

Source: Economist Putin, War, Xi, And Shanghai


Source: AccuWeather Maimi To New Orleans Should Watch

How UT Austin Hooked QB Arch Manning (nyt$1)

Source: Insider AI, AVs, Automation Innovation For Healthcare and Transport – GigaFlex™

Biomarker & Better Treatment For Early Onset Dementia (2)

Buy I-Bonds, And 2-Year Treasurys^^

VW Starts Self-Driving Production, Orders $4B Of Lidar From Israel

Heat Stress Prompts Kidneys To Tap Into Their Reserves

It’s More Fun In Every Way

AI Businesses Boom With Military Contracts

APPL Passes TSLA As Most Shorted Stock (2)


How DoD Buys Software & AI

Massive Job Losses Ahead

Source: Cal Matters California Phasing Out Diesel Big Rigs

The Strong APPO Gene Link Between Covid Death & Alzheimer’s, 13,000 Covid Patient Study – Trials Next

Source: AEC Mag

… More

Ivy League Dropout Field Sells To Adobe For $20 Billion

Billionaire Jim Koch: Experience & “Doing It”, Not Harvard MBA, Prepared Him

Cubicles In, Open Floors Out

Source: Neuroscience New Physics Theory Solves Consciousness

Source: Bed, Bath & Beyond Bed, Bath & Beyond Closing 50 Stores In 3 Months, 100 Next, Then More

Source: Cowboys N Indians Cowboys N Indians, Houston (2) (ab)

Computer Models Of Brain Cells

Biden Warns Putin: No Nukes, No WMD 7:42

The Pandemic Is Not Over, As Much As We Would Like It

New Computational Model Proposed For Alzheimer’s Disease

FedEx Sees Economy Drop, Shares Down Most In 40 Years

An Autoimmune Disease Breakthrough

Baylor: New Method For Millisecond, Single Cell Deep Brain Activity Imaging

FedEx CEO Sees World Recession

Killer T Cells Get Better With Age


Germany Seizes Russian Rosneft Refinery Assets

AI Processes Brain Electrical Activity To Diagnose Depression

Don’t Be Overly Optimistic About Ukraine (op)

Migraine With Aura (Weird Feeling) Identified As Independent Risk Factor

Ip: It’s Investors vs. U.S. Chip vs. Investors

The Debate About Putin Going Nuclear

AI Algorithm Can Detect Autism In Brain Fingerprints

20 High Paying Jobs, HS Diploma, e.g. Logistic Managers – $98,230

Source: Radiological Society of North America Lasting Covid Lung Damage Seen In Children And Teens

Electric Zap Tricks Our Brains Into Reducing Salt Intake

Thru Summer Likely Time For That UK, EU Or World Trip^

Path To Developing Alzheimer’s Therapy

New Genetic Finding & Congenital Heart Disease

EU Withholding Funds To Hungary For Anti-Democracy And Supporting Putin

AI Detects Epilepsy Abnormalities

Source: EE News Europe Chips Headed For Worst Slump In 22 Years

The Ukraine War Will Escalate, May Go Tactical Nuclear

AI Uses Voice Biomarkers To Predict Coronary Artery Disease

10 Reasons Why Ukraine’s Crimean Bridge Remains Untouched 17:15

Fiona Cat 4 Hurricane Heads For Bermuda

Fetal Heart Disease Benefits From Explanatory AI

1,600 Major Merchants Want Visa & MC Competition – CASHww™, CASH.BJY

Germany Now Turning Away From China, And Certainly Russia 8:51

…More: Alzheimer’s Is Primarily An Autoimmune Disease

Ukraine Striking Within Russia (wp$1)

Common Gene Variant Linked To Covid Mortality (2)

China Tests Hovering Maglev Cars

Microsoft Teams Is Vulnerable, Tokens In Plain Text

SpaceX Starlink Satellite Launches Continue

Source: Radiological Society of North America AI Predicts Cancer Risk Of Lung Nodules

Source: Doroni Doroni H1 eVTOL Personal Flying Car

Source: Sharma Lab How Parkinson’s Disease Spreads In The Brain

This One City Has 59 Billionaires And 737 Centi-Millionaires. Houston: 25 BNs, 314 C-MNs

AI Tool May Help Predict Heart Attacks

A New Way To Shed Light On Cognition

The Market Knows Worse To Come

World Bank Warns Of Global Recession

Ten Mile Austin Lady Bird Lake Trail Loop Complete

Bengaluru (Bangalore) May Die As 20 Other Tech Hubs Form In India

Source: Johns Hopkins University AI Predicts If, And When, Someone Will Have Cardiac Arrest

SEC Tees Up To Head Off $25 TRILLION Treasurys Crisis

ECG AI Predicts Undiagnosed Structural Heart Disease

Treasury Trades Moving To Clearinghouses

AI Enables Personalized Treatment Of Myocarditis


Tele-Health And AI Transition

Google Cuts Jobs At Area 120 (1 of 2)

Most Patients Have Positive Views About AI In Medicine

AI Predicts Antidepressant Outcomes In Youth

Source: Visual Capitalist New York Is World’s Wealthiest City

Source: Matthew Allen /People The 100-Year-Old Runner – Never Too Late

Improving AI In Health Care

*Russia’s Internal Report – Why Putin Will Fall Soon, And Perhaps The Federation 35:34

Large Benefits From Increasing Your Walking & Bike Cadence

AI And Drug Development

Moderna Bivalent Omicron Vax

*GEN Petraeus: Tide’s Turned, Russia in Rout Retreat, May Lose Crimea 10:59

Is Highly Effective (2)

Artificial Intelligence Edges Closer To The Clinic

Source: MWPVL International Amazon Dials Back Expansion

Don’t Say These 12 Phrases

China & India Tell Putin They Are Anti-War 2:47

AI Assistance For Anesthesiologists

Alzheimer’s Viewed As An Autoimmune Disease (2)

AI In Pediatric Emergency Departments (2)

India’s Modi To Putin: No War

The Adderall Shortage

Putin To Modi: I Want The War To End ASAP

Vital, Active Seniors & Zombie Cells

But … Putin Says He Won’t Change War Goals

Small Molecules Break Amyloid Tangles That Cause Alzheimer’s

Source: Paul Eisenberg / Daily Southtown Air Taxis To Be Tested In Chicago Area

Gundlach Says Deflation, Stocks Will Drop Another 20%

Tesla Wants To Start Building Its Texas Lithium Refinery In 90 Days

Elon Says Deflation, Fed Should Decrease Rate By 25%

Source: DeepMind DeepMind AI Has Predicted Almost Every Protein Medically Known (3)

Apple IS Doing A Car (And Glasses – Ed.)

Cathie Wood Says Deflation, And Goes Long

Looks Like Greatest Rate Hike In 40 Years Next Week


AI Holography Checks Blood Without Needles

Rio Tinto & China Doing $2B Australian Iron Mine

The B-52 Was Designed In A Hotel Room Over A Weekend And Likely Fly 100 Years – YLabs™

AI + ECG Accurately Predict Diabetes

Source: Frontiers in Neuroanatomy 4 New Brain Areas Involved In Many Cognitive Processes

*Timelapse Map Shows Russian Retreat

AI Advances Knowledge Of Type 1 Diabetes

Harvard: Zuckerberg Causing Meta & Facebook Fail

*Russia’s Army Far Worse Than We Knew (Translation)

AI Super-Resolution Localization Photoacoustic Imaging Of Blood Vessels

*Putin’s War May Cost Russia Other Aligned Countries

AI-Based Web Tool To Predict Oral Cancer Risk

Sweden Goes Right

Xi To Putin: We Are Ready To Team Up


Source: Philip Silverman Will Switching To Renewable Energy Save Trillions?

More Bad Export News For China

More On Italy’s Giorgia Meloni, Coming PM

… More On Ford And Its Dealers

Customs Has Built A Large Surveillance Database Without Warrants

Argentina Hikes Interest Rate To 75.0%

Source: GM Big Chevy Bolt EUV Low Price Until Year End, $7,500 Rebate 1/1/2023 (2)

Chinese Delegation Barred From Queen’s Coffin

Source: Eindhoven University of Technology AI Could Save Radiation Therapists And Radiation Oncologists

China’s CCP Plans To Out Google Google

Elon’s Neuralink Moving Near Tesla Austin’s Gigafactory

AI Integrates Multiple Data Types To Predict Cancer

Source: Georgia Tech Self-Applied Painless Tattoos

Ford EV Customers Cancel, Farley Meeting Dealers About Tesla (2)

AI May Improve Colon Cancer Screening

Ford’s New Business Model For Its Dealers, Perhaps Only $2k For Buyers 1 of 2 (2)

Source: Reuters EU: Hungary Is No Longer A Full Democracy

Warren, Vicki, And OXY

Immigrants From Texas To NYC To Florida, Then To Martha’s Vineyard By Plane (2)

Millennials & GenZ Gain Value Investing Understanding


Russians Will Be Able To Buy iPhone 14

Texas Sends Immigrant Busload To Kamala’s Home

Online U.S. Passport Renewal Is Open

Airbus To Test Potential eVTOL Aircraft Routes In Japan

Labor Shortage & Workforce Decline – America’s Great Challenge –™ (dup)

Norwegian Central Bank Uses Ethereum To Build National Digital Currency

Gallup: Approval Of Unions Highest Since 1965, They Say

Tesla Sued Over “Full Self-Driving” Claims

Source: Weather Channel Puerto Rico No Power Everywhere - Hurricane Fiona (3)

Source: NYU’s Center for Data Science Radiologists vs AI – Differences In Breast-Cancer Screenings

Dinosaur Extinction – Full Continent Volcano Lava Floods, Not Asteroid

AI Identifies Cancer Cells

Understand, Long Covid Is A Disaster And Getting Worse

AI Predicts Colorectal Cancer Risk In Younger Adults


Covid Vaccines & Adverse Neurological Effects (2)

Source: IBM IBM’s Quantum-Ready Cryogenic Concept

CNS Inflammation & Demyelination From Covid mRNA Vaccination (NIH 9/4/‘21)

Elon’s SpaceX Is Building A 520,000s.f. Bastrop, TX Facility

Source: HP HP Launches SitePrint Robot Layout Solution

Moderna Series + Pfizer Booster Not Best (9/8/‘22)

Source: Okayama University AI For The Accurate Diagnosis Of Neoplasia

Americans Are Car-Dependent, But Life Can Be Better – SpeedO™, BJYTrans™

Yale: U.S. Available Covid Vaccine Update, Very Few Changes

Kidney Stones (KSD) & Citrus Juices

What A Low Citric Acid Test Result Means

Source: Ford Ford Unveils 2024 Mustang

WHO: Covid Antibody Treatments Now Obsolete

New Test IDs Patients At Severe Covid Risk

Source: WAX Architectural Visualizations Texas’ Tallest Building On Red River, Austin Coming

Source: Radiological Society of North America AI’s Accurate Breast Density Classifications


AI Predicts Ideal Patients For Spinal Cord Stimulation

Source: Current Biology Fruit Flies To Better Understand Depression & Stress (2)


Source: Arnd Kleyer and Lukas Folle AI Neural Network Learns To Differentiate Between Healthy And Inflamed Bones

Source: UT Southwestern Medical Center Gene Therapy Target For Polycystic Kidney Disease

AI Predicts Bone Fractures In Cancer Patients

Source: PIIE Exports To China

AI Monitors And Manages Covid


AI IDs Covid Patients At Greatest Risk Of Death

Source: TEA Highest Paid Texas School Superintendents

Mark Vernon Wheeler

Russia At “Culminating Point”, War Now Unsustainable

Source: Ryuji Kato AI Analyzes Neuron Changes To Detect Whether Drugs Are Effective

…So Will Putin Try Nukes?

Putin’s Regime Looks Fragile

U.S. Approved Ongoing Crimea Missile Strikes (op)

Putin’s War In Real Trouble

Source: Tosei General Hospital

Russia’s Exchange With China Of Energy For Goods, Products, And Combined Military

COVID DEATH ODDS & LONG COVID U.S. Long Covid Est - 16 Million U.S. - 1.5 Deaths Per 1 Million Austin - 0.3 Deaths Per 1 Million

AI Performance Analyzing Lung Disease

Mental Illness Indicators Caught By Advanced AI In Brain Imaging

India Is Pro-Russia, Not Neutral

AI Saves One Hour Of Daily Chest CT Interpretation (red)

About Your Bi-Valent Covid Booster …

Improving Your Brain In Every Stage Of Life

Accurate Diagnosis Of Brain Tumors Using AI

Risk Of Alzheimer’s Up 50-80% In Seniors Who Had Covid (3)

AI May Help Spot Relapse Risk In Alcoholics

New AI Screening Tool For Suicidal Risk

Texas – More Hispanics Than Whites Now

Source: Sputnik Xi and Putin Meet To Counter West

Lower Body Temperature During Sleep, More REM

Toyota Is More Right Than Wrong About EVs (op)

Medicare Covers Opioid Dependency

Why Half Of Americans Shouldn’t Vote

JARL – Just Another Russian Lie

Most Americans Don’t Want Trump Or Biden To Run

Source: Unsplash AI Diagnoses Mild Cognitive Impairment That Progresses To Alzheimer’s

Russian Troops Dropped Their Rifles And Ran

Source: Pixabay The Brain Is Not Symmetrical

Covid: Unvaccinated People No Longer Have Detectable Antibodies

Source: Visual Capitalist Just Saying . . . Islands Are Fun ccg

EU Energy, China’s Lockdowns, Falling U.S. Markets & Economy

Source: National Cancer Institute Melanoma Thickness Equally Hard For AI, Algorithms And Dermatologists To Judge

Source: Nijat Ibrahimli Patreon, Quality Journalism Supporter, Is Laying Off Employees

Era Of Value Investing Started, Tech Stocks Outlook Dims – VIC608™

AI Predicts Patient Deterioration

Warren Hikes OXY Stake To 26.8%, On Way To 50%?

China Will Lead The India Russia China Trilateral

AI Helps Assess Psoriasis Severity

OpenAI’s DALE-E For Artists, Developers, Publishers

CNN Shifting Right

Taiwan Eyes Ukraine Messaging Model If China Attacks

Tesla Weighs Texas Lithium Refinery – BJY-S&P

AI Helps Writers Write

Nuclear Power On Verge Of Renaissance 21:22

MIT: How Our Neurons Communicate

The CHIP Act $50 Billion – YLabs™ (nyt$1)

AI Brain Imaging Shows Dynamic Mental Illness

Take Notice of Flat Tax Advantages, Few Disadvantages (op)

Source: Jiangwei Sun Repeated Infections Associated With Risk Of Neurodegenerative Diseases

Deep Learning Predicts Glaucoma Vision

It’s Apple & Globalstar vs T-Mobile & Starlink (& Google?) (mw$1)

AI App More Accurate Than Patient Evaluation Of Stool Samples

It Could Be A Difficult Flu Season

White House May Ban Bitcoin Mining (b$)

Youtube Especially Bad For Teens Sleep (2)

Source: WSJ Zelensky & John Adams

Amazon Acquires Robotics Maker Cloostermans

Twice-Daily Nasal Irrigation Reduces Covid-Related Illness

Nuclear Power Boost From Russia’s Cutting Fuels To Europe (2) – HYNUS™

Boom Supersonic And Rolls-Royce Part Ways On Engines

Visual Information Travels From The Retina To The Midbrain

Guaranteed Income (Vote Buying) Speads City By City (op)

United Airlines Invests $15M In Eve Air, Orders 200 Air Taxis

Columns™ And Fukuyama Made This Prediction Mid-March 2022

Source: Institute For Protein Design Biologists Train AI To Generate Medicines And Vaccines

Stocks Fall 800pts In Hours, Inflation Rages

Polio’s Comeback Caused By Anti-Vaxxers (2)

18 Of Russia’s Districts Call For Putin To Resign 5:32


109 Overdose Deaths At Ft. Bragg

Michael & Susan Dell: (2)

GM’s New $30,000 Equinox SUV, $7,500 Tax Credit – LFP Fire-Proof Battery?

Charles E. Butt:

Pentagon Suspends F-35 Deliveries Until Chinese Metal Part Re-Sourced

Source: Korea Institute of Fusion Energy Korean Nuclear Fusion Reactor Achieves 100M°C


History Tells Why Putin’s Army Will Crumble Fast

Source: Scientific Reports Covid Mutations Accelerated By Virus- Fighting Enzyme

“We Don’t Sell Your Personal Information” – Who’s Lying

Pubs Have 74% Odds Winning House

Daytime Eating May Benefit Mental Health

Metabolic Markers Could Give Clues For Brain Hypertension

Source: Mashable You Might Not Believe How Google Maps Really Works 8:41

Source: 9to5mac Meta’s VR Headset Leaked Online

Laura and John Arnold: The Cullen family: (2) Gary & Silva Crum: (2) (3) (4)

Source: Enlarge What Happened To The Hurricanes?

The Hobby family:

Source: Alstom/Sabrina Adeline Nagel Germany Begins Clean Hydrogen Trains – BJYFederal™, BJYTrans™

Source: India Narrative India’s Lame Argument Why They Side With Russia

Nancy and Rich Kinder:

Jan Duncan:

BeReal Is The #1 Downloaded App – SnappX™ 10:18

Ted Cruz Considers 2024 Run

Source: CNN Clashes Erupt Between Azerbaijan, Armenia – A Russian Federation Threat

Phoebe & Bobby Tudor: (2)

Columns 9/10/‘22: House Goes GOP, Senate GOP But Close

Historian: World Drifting Into Economic & Political Disaster (mw-$1)

The Mithoff family:

Amazon’s Offer To End EU Antitrust Probe Is Full Of Loopholes

I’m 28, Work 4 Days, Make $189,000 From 7 Incomes

The Ansary family:

The Chao family:

Why Instagram Is Struggling To Keep Up With TikTok^

Zuck’s Instagram Fined $402 Million For Teen Data Violations

The Moody family:

Gun & Ammo By Credit Card Will Be Coded & Tracked

Mindy and Jeffrey Hildebrand:

Source: Daily Beast How To Understand Coming SARS-CoV-2 Variants, Why Science Needs To Move Fast – China Knows This


Lester and Sue Smith:

Cherie and Jim Flores:

Russian Officials Call For Putin’s Impeachment

Boost Now Or Later

Tilman and Paige Fertitta:

More On TOB The Protein & Jumping Gene Tied To Anxiety, Depression, Fear

Russians Pushed Back To Border

The Sakowitz and Wyatt families:

Economists Find Silicon Valley & Big Tech Jobs Compelling – (e$)

Antibody Discovery May Mean No More Covid Vax

The Cockrell family:

Kathrine (John) McGovern:

Parkinson’s – Advances In Understanding And Treatment

Europe Should Retain Its Nuclear Power Plants (op) (2)

The Herzstein Family:

Covid Vax Efforts For Least Advantaged Populations Benefit Everyone

AI Speeds Sepsis Detection, Prevents Deaths

Suicide Prediction Method Combines AI And Face-To-Face Screening

AI In Biotech, Medical & Healthcare Advancing Very Fast, Doctors & Industries Upended

Source: FT LIZ TRUSS 4:33

AI & Stem Cells Predict Cardiac Arrhythmias

…More On Truss

Why Warren Keeps Buying Energy

Source: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Exercise Hormone Halts Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms

Not At Burning Man Is A Good Thing

Source: FT The New King

Ye Olde Fighting Cocks

Google Maps For Cycling

Can Snapchat Make The Transition? – SnApp™

Reserve Bank Of India To Run Digital Currency Trial

Source: MURA dataset Some Radiographers “Unsure” Of AI Interpreting X-Rays

Source: Nature Metabolism Redefining Obesity With Discovery Of Two Major Subtypes

CVS To Buy Home Health-Care Provider Signify^^

Source: Dianna “Mick” McDougall /ChampionX Cost Of Methane Monitoring (30X Greater Climate Effect Than CO2) Falls From $200,000 To $10,000

Anti-Diarrhea Medication May Help Treat Core Autism Symptoms



Source: Gogoro

Ukraine Outsmarted Russia’s Best Troops

Gogoro’s 500,000th Battery Swap – GGo™, Sprite™

Ukraine’s Advance Turning To A Rout

The Clear Statement Of U.S. Nuclear War Policy

…More On Ukraine’s 2-Front Success (nyt$1)

Concerning The Odds Of Nuclear War

Putin Has Two Days To Attack Or Be Defeated (op)

Source: University of Maryland School of Medicine How Memory Of Personal Interactions Declines With Age

Y Combinator Downsizes 40% – YLabs™ UT & UCSD

The Small Town That Stopped Russia In Its Tracks

Source: KIST Quick And Accurate Diagnosis With Artificial Tactile Neurons

Sunova To Build CA Off-Grid Neighborhoods – SUNz

The Robust S.Korea – U.S. Defense Supply Chain

The U.S. S.Korea Japan Taiwan Chip Supply Chain

Italy Going Right, Hard Right

Ukraine Cuts Key Russian Supply Routes

Source: SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory Covid Protein Caught Severing Critical Immunity Pathway

India Bans Rice Exports

Source: University Of Hong Kong AI-Designed Single Molar Dental Prostheses

…More, Ukraine Retakes Territory In Kharkiv Region

Ford “Wants” Dealers To Match Tesla’s Lower Selling Prices

Bot Dog Learns How To Walk

You Gotta See This Bot Dog Learn How To Walk 1:40

Zero Percent Mortgages Hitting Main Street – What It Means

…And The Supporting Research Paper

Source: NOAA ‘Triple-Dip’ La Niña Is On The Way

Navy Now Says All UFO Videos Classified, National Security

How The Brain Keeps The Urge To Act In Check

Source: WSJ, Strauss Zelnick CEOs Go Buff

Mt. Laguna, La Jolla To LA – 100mph Winds

Less Than 1% of Austin Food Is Local – HerbMan™, BJYAg™

Periodontal Health, Cognitive Decline & Alzheimer’s^

Source: Ivan Gromicho

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