Beautique Medical Spa November 2017


THE BEAUTILIFT DIFFERENCE Finding the Harmony Between Medicine and Art

My goal for your spa visit is simple: I want to you to be healthy and beautiful inside and out. As a doctor, my aim is to help you live longer and healthier, and I am grateful that I get to help people achieve this. I enjoy the creative aspect of my work and see it as a harmony between medicine and art. When we opened 16 years ago, there weren’t as many options for helping you reach your aesthetic goals, so it’s been wonderful to see the advances in technology. Now, there are so many ways to enhance your natural beauty! It’s incredible. That’s why I’m so excited to tell you about the skin-reviving procedure that uses advancements in thread lift technology. The Backstory on Thread Lifts Let’s go back about 15 years ago to when thread lifts first made their mark. At that time, they were made from permanent threads that had the same lifting effect as a traditional face-lift surgery. Not only was it nonsurgical, but it could be completed in about an hour, allowing patients to literally pop in on their lunch break and have the procedure done. As time went on, this type of thread lift lost popularity. The threads were permanent, which meant there were some unappealing side effects. It was proving to be an unsuccessful long-term solution. Fast-forward to modern days, and we find that the thread lift is making a comeback. But this time, it’s using completely resorbable materials, meaning your skin naturally reabsorbs the threads. The harmonious partnership between technology and your skin is yielding amazing results! The BeautifLift Difference What is this amazing technology? BeautiLift uses resorbable sutures known as PDO (polydioxanone) threads. Composed of biodegradable polymers, PDO threads have been used in cardiovascular surgery for decades. These resorbable threads do their job by stimulating the

skin’s subcutaneous layers and stimulating collagen production. They then disintegrate, leaving behind firmer, more youthful skin — and no threads! What makes the BeautiLift different than other thread lifts on the market? It all comes down to the threads. Most thread companies use eight to 12 different threads. However, Beautique has partnered with EuroThreads, which offers more thread varieties than any other company. This allows us to use this FDA-approved treatment at a more detailed level, and ensures the best results possible. If you’ve been fretting about how large your pores appear, this treatment also comes with added pore reduction. For pesky acne scars, tissue healing is also a perk. Other benefits include face contouring, neck lifting, and eyelid contouring. There are so many rejuvenating benefits that we don’t have room to list them all! And that’s why we’ve decided to offer it to you. We know you’ll be as excited about your youthful appearance as we are. Your first step toward rejuvenation is to talk with us about how we can help you get the results you want. Don’t wait for one more line to put a wrinkle in your day. Schedule a consultation with us today! Inside the newsletter we’re going to share with you another exciting treatment we’re offering. It’s called the HCG diet, and Beautique is one of the few places that offers the diet the way it was intended. Spoiler alert: You can lose up to a pound a day with HCG! With all these opportunities to rejuvenate your appearance, now is a great time for your next spa appointment. It’s just in time to bring your beautiful self to the holiday parties.

I wish you a happy start to the holiday season, and I look forward to helping you reach a healthy and harmonious life! –Dr. Sanchez OWNER, MEDICAL DIRECTOR | 956-664-1234

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