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KETO SUCKS SAYING GOODBYE TO THE DANGERS OF AMERICA’S FAVORITE PASSING FAD No fad in recent memory has taken our area by storm quite like the keto diet. It seems like everyone from your cousin to your economics teacher is singing the praises of the new “revolution in dieting.” However, at Carter Fitness Labs, we have been dealing with the aftermath of this revolution, and it’s not very pretty. While you may see satisfying results in the short term, the weight loss won’t be sticking around come summertime if you’re not careful. It all comes down to the peaks and valleys of changing your body’s physiology. If you’re not clinging to these changes for the rest of your life, then the impact of this high-fat diet can be alarming. The basis of the ketogenic diet, popularly known as the keto diet, revolves around an exclusively high- fat and low-carb intake — similar to the Atkins diet that gained popularity a decade or so ago. The basic pillars of keto have to do with dramatically reducing your carbohydrate intake and consuming high levels of fatty foods in its place. By cutting out carbs at this extreme level, your body enters into a metabolic condition called ketosis. Once you’re in full ketosis, your body begins to burn fat more

efficiently — for now. Unfortunately, the weight loss party won’t last.

Patrons of the diet get so used to eating a lot of fat that their bodies begin to crave it after ketosis is over. For example, let’s say you lose 10 pounds in a month — not a bad start, right? But because of your high fat habits, you’re liable to be back to your original weight after a week of indulgences. This is no way to live, and it’s definitely no way to diet. Here at Carter Fitness Labs, we don’t promote the keto diet, as you can probably tell already. Instead, we aim to get people on a regular diet where you can eat the regular foods you know and love. Whether it’s Captain Crunch in the morning or the occasional burger at night, it’s a diet that enables you to eat the food you want — all in moderation. It doesn’t matter if your food of choice has carbs or fat; as long as you feel full, it’s sustainable. We’re not food dictators. We aim to work with you and for you as we find the best plan to fit your desired long- and short-term results.

While it all sounds great and scientific and earthshaking, the problems begin to arise with the basic fundamentals of the diet itself, as well as with the profound aftershock your body goes through when you quit the diet. Time and time again, we see clients and friends alike come into Carter Fitness Labs after their inevitable post-keto weight gain, and I always tell them the same thing: Fitness is all about good habits and cutting calories, and keto doesn’t promote either. You have to be in a caloric deficit to lose weight no matter what you do, and one of the most important things people don't understand is the way your body processes fats. In order to process the fat you consume on keto and turn it into ketones, it has to first be stored in your body. In layman’s terms, this stored fat makes your body used to having stored fat long before it can be burned away during ketosis. Due to your unusually high fat count, your body begins to respond no differently than that of an overweight person, which causes a self-perpetuating cycle of bad habits.

–Saul Carter

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