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Point of Entry Protection for Potable Water

POE is like a firewall protecting your building from contaminants. Eliminate the effects of leaks, debris, lead, biofilm, rust and other contaminants that can degrade water quality.

Bottled water quality from every tap!

Among the many good design practices Plumbing Consulting Engineers could exercise today one stands out to combat harmful contaminants in the potable water supply piping system. Electroadsorptive filtra- tion is one of the most innovative and effective means of filtering out harmful pathogens such as viruses, cysts and bacteria including legionella and does so at an astounding efficacy rate of 99.99%. Additionally, source water and distribution networks contain high levels of sediment, rust, calcium and other nutrients that patho- gens feed off. Levels can vary with changes in seasons, civil construction and fire hydrant use. Excessive doses of disinfectants or coagulants and poor control of chemicals used in maintenance of treatment processes can represent hazards. If disinfection is being applied, it is likely that there will be an in- crease in disinfection byproducts. Excessive doses of chlorine should be avoided, but microbial control must be maintained. Our patented electroadsorptive filtration technology is the solution. Untreated water is pumped through a series of conventional pre-filters to remove larger contaminants. Finally, harmful pathogens and pollutants are removed by ionic bonding to the electroadsorptive filter media without the use of an external power source or chemical treatment. How is this possible? By using naturally occurring, positively charged filter elements to ionically bond to negatively charged harmful pathogens and pollutants, removing them from the flow stream. This unique fil- ter media also removes system clogging grit, heavy metals like lead and iron, and cellular debris that causes efficiency-sapping biofilms. Hundreds of layers of the electroadsorptive media within our filtration systems create thousands of catch points which remove contaminants along the water’s path. The attraction strength of the filter media is so great, it allows the filters to be designed with large pore openings. This results in high flow rates with little to no loss of water pressure (less than 2 psi clean). and uses far less energy to pump the water. Additionally, the ionically bonded contaminants are never released regardless of filter loading. This means the quality of treated water is always consistent and predictable.

Key technological advantages: 1. Higher flowrate with lower horsepower pumps 2. Elimination of power for the water cleaning component equipment

3. Easier maintenance of the water cleaning equipment due to no moving parts, or specially trained service providers needed to replace or repair expensive parts and no special handling of chemicals.

Call us today to learn how we can help you protect your building from dangerous contaminants. T 978.250.3333 F 978. 256.9611 www.gustavopreston.com

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