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Letter from the Superintendent I am excited to join you as we establish new preschool opportunities in Monroe County. I look forward to witnessing the positive impact these endeavors will have on children and families in our community. Our community values education, growth and inclusivity. As we lay the foundation for our new preschool opportunities, we celebrate the impact this will have on creating more equitable access to early childhood education. The massive expansion of early childhood education within our community is

Dr. Jeff Hauswald

Index There are significant details on early childhood education within this brochure. Additionally, details on our 2022 and 2023 referendums and the positive impact they are having in our community can be found at Again, thank you for your continued support of public education and particularly Monroe County Community School Corporation. Sincerely, Dr. Jeff Hauswald, Superintendent a testament to our dedication to shaping a brighter future for the next generation. Our new preschool opportunities were made possible through approval by voters in the November 2023 referendum, which also is eliminating school supply, textbook and instructional materials fees, reducing testing and career education fees, and removing other financial barriers our families face each school year. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to each member of our community for your support in making this preschool a reality. Let us join together to create nurturing spaces where our children can learn, grow, and build a foundation for a bright and promising future.

Letter from the Director

I'm honored to lead MCCSC’s Early Learning team as the Director of Early Learning & Enrollment. Bloomington has been my home since 2005. I am a proud MCCSC parent and I began my MCCSC career as a teacher at Childs Elementary. I have served as assistant principal at Binford Elementary, principal at Marlin Elementary, most recently I was the principal of Templeton Elementary.

Dr. Tim Dowling

My years of working with MCCSC’s students and families have taught me the importance of thoughtful planning and communication and that students and families are the heart of our work. My focus as Director of Early Learning will be to work with our early learning team to hire and support our amazing teachers and educators so their focus can be on providing the best educational experience for our community’s children. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions. Best, Dr. Tim Dowling


Early Childhood Education Overview

In this brochure, you will find information on our expanding Pre-K opportunities and about infant, toddler, and preschool care.


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Important Links

MCCSC Website

MCCSC Transportation MCCSC Food Services MCCSC Board Approved School Calendars

MCCSC Early Learning Website MCCSC Enrollment


Pre-K Programs

MCCSC Early Learning Department 812-330-7702 MCCSC Director of Early Learning & Enrollment Dr. Tim Dowling 812-330-7702 ext. 50730 MCCSC Early Learning Program Manager Laura Stickels 812-330-7702 ext. 50121

Arlington Heights Binford Childs Clear Creek Fairview Grandview Highland Park Lakeview Marlin

812-330-7747 812-330-7741 812-330-7756 812-824-2811 812-330-7732 812-825-3009 812-825-7673 812-824-7061 812-330-7750 812-330-7767 812-330-2011 812-330-7735 812-332-0175 812-330-7753

Rogers Summit


Early Learning Center 812-330-7830 Hoosier Hills Childcare Center 812-330-7330

Templeton Unionville University


4-Year-Old Program, Eligibility, & Enrollment

About the 4-Year-Old Program

On November 7th, 2023, voters in Monroe County approved a referendum to support MCCSC and community priorities, including expanding access to preschool and Pre-K for the children in our community. With this support, MCCSC is now able to significantly expand Pre-K during the 2024-2025 school year to students who turn four by August 1st of 2024. MCCSC’s Pre-K programs will be offered at 13 elementary schools.

Students' districted school can be found using the link on page 3 and verified with the Early Learning office or the elementary school's main office. MCCSC Pre-K programs will be led by teachers certified in Early Childhood education. All sites are nationally accredited (NAEYC), state licensed and Paths to QUALITY Level 4. Families can begin enrolling their child for Pre-K on February 1st, 2024 using MCCSC’s website.

Eligibility & Enrollment Details

All families who live in the MCCSC district will qualify for subsidized tuition for the four-year- old Pre-K program at their districted school. Students' districted school can be found on the Transportation webpage and verified with the Early Learning office or the elementary school's main office. Enrollment for 2024-2025 MCCSC four-year-old Pre-K program opens on February 1st. Students must be four by August 1, 2024 to participate. Families will also be required to provide proof of residency and income verification upon enrollment. All registration links for Pre-K as well as information on Early Learning Center (ELC) and Hoosier Hills Childcare Center (HHCC) three-year-old preschool programs and infant and toddler care can be found on the Early Learning website.




2024-2025 Pre-K Tuition (Student must turn four by August 1st, 2024) • Free - Families making less than 225% of free and reduced guidelines. • $2000 per school calendar year* - Families making more than 225% of free and reduced guidelines but less than 325%. • $4000 per school calendar year* - Families making more than 325% of free and reduced guidelines.

# in household

Your Cost

Your Cost

All Other Incomes

0-225% of F/R**

226% - 325% of F/R**


$0 - $44,370


$44,371 - $64,090




$0 - $55,935


$55,936 - $80,795




$0 - $67,500


$67,501 - $97,500




$0 - $79,065


$79,066 - $114,205




$0 - $90,630


$90,631 - $130,910




$0 - $102,195


$102,196 - $147,615




$0 - $113,760


$113,761 - $164,320



* prorated for later enrollment dates **free & reduced





Times, Extended Day, & Transportation


MCCSC will be offering Pre-K at the following schools with a schedule and calendar aligned to K–6 instruction. 9:00 AM – 3:45 PM: Arlington, Binford, Childs, Highland Park, Rogers, Templeton 9:15 AM – 4:00 PM: Fairview, University 9:30 AM - 4:15 PM: Clear Creek, Grandview, Lakeview, Marlin, Summit, Unionville Extended Day MCCSC offers Extended Day programing before and after school. The Extended Day Program is a separate program from Pre-K and requires a separate enrollment. The enrollment form may be found on the MCCSC website under the Extended Day Tab. Morning care begins at 7:00am and operates until school starts daily. Children who have been enrolled in the program can be dropped off anytime during that period. Morning care provides a morning routine designed to help your child be ready to learn for the day. Programming includes: activities designed for 4-year-old play, social time, and an optional school breakfast. Afternoon care begins when schools are dismissed and operates until 5:30pm daily. Children enrolled in this program can be picked up anytime during that period. Afternoon care features a fun and enriching routine for your student and includes: activities and physical play designed for 4-year-old children.


MCCSC will provide transportation to all Pre-K students attending their MCCSC districted school. The transportation department is expanding their fleet to include seats and harnesses specifically designed to transport Pre-K students. Early learning staff will surpervise the arrival and dismissal of our Pre-K students. MCCSC is proud to be a national leader in the implementation of electric buses that lower emissions, improve the air quality of a community, and have noise reduction for a better student experience. MCCSC’s transportation department can be reached at 812-330-7719 or by emailing


2024-2025 Calendar



Preschool Opportunities & Special Education

6 Weeks to 3-Year-Old Preschool Opportunities

MCCSC offers early childhood education programs for children ages six weeks through three-years-old at two state-licensed, PTQ Level-3 childcare centers: Early Learning Center (ELC) and Hoosier Hills Childcare Center (HHCC). We believe that our youngest learners thrive in a safe, inclusive, and play-based environment where they can actively explore the world around them. Our “whole-child” teaching approach provides students with the opportunity to socialize, create, and discover with their peers in classrooms rich in developmentally appropriate materials.

Growth and development of each student is encouraged through daily experiences which include foundational learning concepts and kindergarten readiness skills. Our teachers build positive relationships with each student and their families while embracing the family as the child’s first teacher. More information, including registration, can be found at MCCSC’s Early Learning page. Questions about MCCSC’s Early Learning programs can be addressed by calling 812-330-7702 or emailing them to

Early childhood special education is a state-and federally-mandated program for children ages 3 - 5 who meet state eligibility criteria (i.e., Article 7) for special education. Monroe County Community School Corporation (MCCSC) has specially trained professionals to evaluate young learner’s development and determine the need for special education services. This process is known as Child Find and provides all who qualify with a free and appropriate public education. Under the early learning program, MCCSC continues to follow state and federal policies designed to accurately identify all young learners for early intervention and special education services. More specifically, students who turn four on or before 08/01/2024 will receive a timely evaluation by their neighborhood school special education team, regardless of enrollment status. Children not yet four years old on or before 08/01/2024 will receive a timely evaluation through the MCCSC Early Learning Special Education team. If you suspect your child has a disability, more details regarding early childhood special education evaluation processes and services in MCCSC can be found on the MCCSC Special Education webpage ( Special Education Information (Child Find)


Why is Preschool Essential?

Importance of Early Learning

Indiana educators have been waiting for the Indiana legislature to provide sustainable and supportive funding for early childhood education. Indiana is one of only six states in the United States that does not provide funding for early childhood education regardless of parents’ employment status (1). MCCSC leaders and community members decided that the children of Monroe County can no longer wait for the state to provide this essential funding and brought a family-centered referendum to local voters in November of 2023. With the passage of this tax referendum, MCCSC is now able to provide free or subsidized Pre-K education to all of MCCSC’s students who are four years old by August 1st, starting with the 2024-2025 school year. Beginning with the 2024-2025 school year, four-year-old Pre-K will be offered to students and families in the students’ districted MCCSC elementary school (as well as approved community programs), building a connection between early childhood learning and elementary education. This relationship has been shown to have great benefits to students (2), including establishing, alignment between early learning curriculum and the skills needed during the primary elementary years. Participation in early learning programs increases creativity, supports development of social skills, and brain development. Additionally, research shows increased reading and math scores for students who attend full-day early learning programs in elementary schools (3), and that they are more likely to attend college (4). MCCSC will continue to use a research-based approach to early learning that provides a balanced, age-appropriate, and student-centered curriculum. This curriculum will focus on research-proven benefits to early childhood education, including an approach that develops a love of learning, helps students learn cooperation and teamwork skills, and helps students grow interpersonal skills such as listening and expressing emotions. Teachers will use a curriculum that embeds instruction and play in alignment with Indiana’s early learning standards. MCCSC will begin offering free preschool for students three-years-old to all income eligible families in MCCSC’s buildings starting with the 2025-2026 school year. More details will be provided on the expansion of the three-year-old early childhood education in the fall 2024.

References: (1) for-preschool-education (2) School Performance in Third Grade After a Full-Day vs Part- Day Preschool Program. JAMA. November 20, 2023. (3) how-schools-can-maximize-full-day-pre-ks-benefits/2023/11 (4) college-attendance-0208


Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Can all students attend Pre-K at MCCSC? Yes, all families living within MCCSC boundaries are eligible to send their child to an MCCSC Pre-K program. All families receive funding to support the cost of Pre-K, with many families having the opportunity to send their child for free thanks to the community’s support of the 2023 family centered referendum. What school will my Pre-K child attend? Students will attend their districted MCCSC school, which is the elementary school they would attend for kindergarten. Students are also eligible to attend approved MCCSC partners. Families may request a transfer to another elementary school, similar to the process for other elementary grades. Transfer approvals will be dependent on spots being available. Transfer request forms are available on MCCSC’s website. How does an outside program become a community partner with MCCSC and eligible for funding? Community programs must be non-religious and Paths to QUALITY Level 3 or 4. They must have completed MCCSC’s application process, have been approved by MCCSC as a community partner and agreed to MCCSC’s Service Agreement. This ensures high quality programs for MCCSC’s students.

When does MCCSC start offering free preschool for three-year-old students as detailed in the 2023 family referendum? As outlined in referendum materials, funding for free preschool in buildings for income eligible families will be in place for the 2025-2026 school year. Will MCCSC continue to offer care for students younger than Pre-K? Yes, MCCSC will continue to offer care for children six-weeks to three-years-old at the Early Learning Center and Hoosier Hills Childcare Center. When will I know my child’s Pre-K teacher? Our districted home schools will post class lists with teacher’s names on August 6th during our Meet the Teacher Open Houses. The hours for this open house vary by building. When will I know what time my child will be picked up and dropped off by their bus? Information will be located in Skyward Family Access on the "Bussing" tab once students are routed for the 2024-2025 school year. What if I still have more questions? Additional FAQs can be found on our early childhood education website. You may also email or call our staff at the contact information shown on page 3 of this brochure.


2023 Referendum Support & Information

Early Learning Website

Pre-K Application

MCCSC Enrollment

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