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accomplished so much. She’d attended West Point, was a championship diver on a men’s college team, trained as a mechanical engineer, and even had a number of patents! “Wow," I thought. "Amy is amazing.” That first impression struck home. The rest, as they say, is history. Since then, we’ve grown together and shared many joy-filled moments. This year, we are focusing on our health and learning how to promote a healthy lifestyle together. Amy is in remission after beating cancer, which has caused her to rethink her lifestyle. I just got her a peloton bike — the type with an interactive screen that allows you to take classes — and she’s been riding it 1–2 times a day. She’s already done over 100 rides since her birthday. Inspired by Amy, we’ve started a program called Forks Over Knives. It focuses on a plant-based diet, for optimal health. The movement gets its name from choosing foods you’d eat with a fork, like vegetables, over foods that require a knife, primarily meat. Studies show powerful findings about the positive effects of a plant-based diet for addressing problems like obesity, heart disease and diabetes. I recommend you watch the film by the same name on Netflix — it’s persuasive. Since making this shift, I’ve already seen immediate changes in my blood sugar and energy levels. It’s been eye-opening to see the health benefits of a plant-based diet. I think we‘ll still eat meat sometimes, and I still plan to eat fish, but overall this shift has been very positive for us. I’m learning a lot, and it's helped me connect with our son, who lives in North Carolina. He has been vegan for a long time but recently switched to being vegetarian. He's very healthy, and now we can share recipe ideas. It’s an interesting journey we’re embarking on, and we’re just getting started! What healthy habits are you adding this year? I’d love to hear your suggestions for how you stay healthy! —Dr. Demas

With Valentine’s Day approaching, I think about the lucky circumstances that led me to meet my amazing wife, Amy. Our story goes to show that you never know where — or how— you're going to meet the person you fall in love with. I was taking a personal development course and found the information fascinating. Knowing it would be beneficial to my team, I wanted to learn more. The facilitator of the course referred me to a life coach based out of North Carolina named Nicole Greer. Nicole was gracious enough to travel to Connecticut to work with me. We spent a couple of days going over the material, and I had an excellent experience. I really liked Nicole’s approach, and it was a joy to learn from her. Afterward, Nicole had an idea unrelated to the course. “I’d like to introduce you to someone,” she said.

That person was Amy, who lived in North Carolina.

Nicole coordinated a blind double date for Amy and I to meet over dinner with Nicole and her husband. I clearly remember meeting Amy for the first time — there she was, this beautiful person who had


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