CCI Newsletter 3 - 2021-2022

SCAM ALERT If you receive a text message from “ Service Ontario ” with a link to collect your license plate sticker refund—DON ’ T CLICK THE LINK. It ’ s a SCAM. @ServiceOntario doesn ’ t send refunds through text. The scams come fast and furiously —by phone, texts, emails and the list goes on. Scammers are relentless and unfortunately, too many fall for it. The reports of fraud, the number of victims and the amount lost are all mind boggling. Please visit the Canadian Anti - Fraud Centre (CAFC) here to see what scams are out there; how to protect yourself, how to report frauds and what to do if you ’ re a victim.


We do our very best to reach out to our members where we have email addresses. If you are not receiving emails from us there may be a couple of reasons:  CCI has not been provided your email address Email the Administrator at to approve receiving email.  Email was returned as undeliverable for a variety of reasons ; If we received an “undeliverable”, we do remove the email address from our data. Please update as changes occur.  The email is being routed to your SPAM folder A periodic check of your SPAM folder for a message from the Administrator <ccisw@cci- to move the message from SPAM to your Inbox can solve the problem. Follow your email instructions on this task. You may decide you don’t wish to receive our Communiqués. Hopefully not, but if so, simply email us to let us know. We urge Condominium Corporations to update the Administrator every time there is a change on the Board of Directors. Use this Membership Change form .

The fact that CAFC estimates that only 5% of fraud cases are reported makes it even more alarming. For example, as of January 31, 2022, there have been

5,569 reports (106,306 in 2021); 3,634 victims (67,533 in 2021); and $34 million lost to fraud ($380 M in 2021). We must all be more than vigilant in protecting ourselves and in reporting. We see and hear cautions in every manner possible and everyone needs to be reminded on the many ways they can be scammed or defrauded. Don ’ t be a VICTIM! Remember, if it seems too good to be true, it is! If you receive a text message offering you a refund for licence plate sticker fees – IT'S A SCAM!

Coffee News– Winners to date!

Congratulations to our Winners! Stephanie Anne Connor Naujokaitis

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