CCI Newsletter 3 - 2021-2022


If there are unresolved deficiencies at the end of the eighteen month “ Initial Builder Repair Period ”, the corporation may complete a “ Condominium Corporation Request for Conciliation ” from Tarion to determine whether the remaining items are covered by the warranty. The condominium corporation ’ s request for conciliation can be made at any time within 60 days following the end of the initial builder repair period. Once a request for conciliation has been made, the builder then has an additional ninety days to address all the outstanding items during the “ Pre - Conciliation Repair Period ”. If the builder does not resolve the outstanding items, Tarion will initiate the “ Conciliation Process ” and conduct an inspection. Any items Tarion deems warrantable will begin the “ Post - Conciliation Repair Period ” where the builder has up to ninety days to again resolve these items. Should any outstanding warrantable items exist after this phase, then Tarion will conduct a claim inspection and work directly with the corporation to complete the repairs and settle the claim. Conciliation is a challenging process for all parties involved and it is best to encourage a collaborative relationship between the Builder and Corporation to resolve claims during the “ Initial Builder Repair Period ”. In some cases, Builders can be uncooperative, and it is critical for the corporation to protect your claim and follow the Tarion process. ■

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Edison is a communication - focused professional engineering and project management firm specializing in the repair and restoration of existing buildings. Over 60% of our services are for Condominiums. We specialize in Restoration work and leverage that knowledge and experience to help our clients through the Performance Audit and Tarion warranty processes. For more information or technical references please contact Joe McGowan at , or 519 - 878 - 5177 at your convenience.

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