CCI Newsletter 3 - 2021-2022

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Many condos are looking forward to their spring projects, but are they looking far enough into the future? It is never too late to look beyond the next season. If anything, it may be worth starting to look a year ahead now as we sort through the challenges that may arise. We find the earlier you plan, the smoother the plan goes. One aspect to start planning long - term is how to become more ‘ green ’, to save money and the environment; but also to appeal to a wider owner group. We used to just talk about improving insulation in attics and solar panels (which seldom ever actually got installed). With the Paris Accord no longer in conversation due to the Ukraine/ Russian conflict (hopefully by the time you read this it has de - escalated) taking over the news, some of us have stopped discussing the inevitability of having to install Electric Vehicle Chargers in our condos. With more and more companies offering installation services and grants from the government, the information is easily available online. The Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO) has specific and step - by - step guidance on installing Electronic Vehicle Charging Systems for both high - rises and townhouses and this is a great spot to start, when thinking about responsibility for costs.

Attending to maintenance to the assets of the property is critical for boards. I encourage you to start planning NOW. Review your Reserve Fund Study Plan to see what was recommended for upcoming projects. For example, is this the year repaving is on your list of projects? There is organization to be done to get these larger projects off the ground. Connect with experienced professionals and trades to get the best for your community. If in doubt on any aspect of this year ’ s reserve projects, confer with your engineer. Organize and prioritize regular maintenance to manage budgets effectively. We continue to appreciate the awesome participation of all those who attend our events. Thank you. The importance of continued education in condominiums has never been more welcome and accessible and so essential to the responsibilities and decision - making that are ours. ■

Jennifer Dickenson, President

Call for Nominations to the CCI–London and Area Chapter Board

Well in advance of each Annual General Meeting (AGM) of CCI - London and Area Chapter, the Nominating Committee of the Chapter puts out a call to members who may be interested in volunteering to serve on the chapter ’ s Board of Directors. IF YOU DO, please email the Administrator at ccisw@cci - to express your interest NO LATER than July 1 st , 2022. The Administrator will provide you with a Board of Directors ’ Nomination Form to complete and return. Any questions can be directed to the Administrator or any Director on the board. All forms are passed along to the Committee who shall prepare a slate of qualified nominees which it recommends for election. The slate of qualified nominees shall be delivered to the members with the notice of meeting, along with a list of any other candidates who have expressed, in writing, interest in standing for election.

CCI Review 2021/2022 —March 2022 - 3

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