CCI Newsletter 3 - 2021-2022

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3. It is my understanding that I can access a previous seminar, how would I do that? We do record the events and are in the process of searching one familiar enough with the technology involved to edit and upload them to the CCI Resource Centre. That is work in progress. We will put out a notice when that work is completed. 4. Do you still print your magazine or is that online only now? As you know, CCI is a non - profit organization. Funding for the organization materializes from membership fees, advertising, sponsorships, and participation at events. COVID - 19 put an abrupt and definite dent into budget plans. In order for us to follow health guidelines to ensure that our members remain safe, postponements to in - person events were put into place and new plans promptly organized so we could proceed to share while maintaining our budget goals. While going digital was in our strategic planning for the future, the Board pivoted quickly and brought the plan forward in order to meet the funding portion of printing and mailing. Once we have finalized each edition of the quarterly CCI Review , the Administrator sends out an email Communiqu e to all members, along with the link. The benefit to an online version of our newsletter created the ability to expand on the number of articles we share and the number of people we share them with. It also helps us do our part in going green, also in our strategic planning. All current and some previous issues can be found here . As well, the annual Professional Service and Trades Directory , which contains information on CCI and its benefits, as well as listings of members in their categories, which is updated as members join in, can be found here . We very much appreciate hearing from our members, thank Debbi for her questions and hope they answer any you have had on your mind to ask. ■

You will receive quarterly complimentary copies of the CM Magazine from The Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario (ACMO). Professional and Business Partner members receive their copy at their business address. Condominium Corporations will receive a bulk mailing, equal to the number of directors on the board, mailed to the contact person on record, on the property for distribution, If the contact person and/or address to receive the mailing of this publication changes at any time, please advise the Administrator of CCI only so that there is no further expense to ACMO. Our chapter education events continue to be online now and there is no charge so directors may register on their own when they receive the link; however, boards may decide on the process they would prefer the members to take regarding registration. When in - person events begin again, we will likely revert to a fee to attend these events to assist in covering costs involved. At that time, it will be up to the board to discuss the process they would adopt to cover costs of directors attending. A budget line item for education for directors is highly recommended. Usually, owners pay their own way. It can be recommended that directors report at board meetings when they have completed further education, a benefit to the corporation. Some directors have suggested that attending education events be a talking point at the AGM (perhaps in the President or Board Report if you present one) as it adds additional time to their duties and responsibilities. It is a positive reflection that members of the board are invested in the responsibilities they have assumed on behalf of owners. Some directors say they find it helpful to encourage potential directors who might stand for election to attend the events so they may familiarize themselves and understand board.

“ Learning never exhausts the mind ” - Leonardo Da Vinci

CCI Review 2021/2022 —March 2022 - 37

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