CCI Newsletter 3 - 2021-2022

Chapter Communiqué By: Trish Kaplan, CCI (Hons)

The holidays came and went in a blink of an eye. Hopefully you all got to enjoy some of the delights of the season. Now we watch with anticipation for signs of spring. In my mind, the best to look forward to are the longer days and the flowering trees. However, we may not be quite finished with freeze/thaw cycles, so take care when you are out and about and watch for water accumulation around your units. Wishing ThemWell Over these past months, we received news from some directors who are leaving their boards for a variety of reasons, many of them sadly due to ill health. We can all be very grateful for the awesome dedication and support they have shown to their communities, some over many years. We wish them all comfort and speedy recoveries. Membership We continue to receive membership renewals for 2021/2022 and into 2022/2023, where pro - rated membership applies for NEW members. We realize email inboxes are full every day and priorities are set, so we thank managers and board members who found time in their busy schedules to complete the task to renew for 2021/2022 to keep memberships in good standing and to update board listings. Renewal Memberships for 2022/2023 are in the works. The renewal package will be emailed to the contact person of self - managed condos and to the manager of record for those who are serviced by a manager. Those to Professional and Business Partner members will go directly to them. We have been so pleased to acknowledge our long - standing members on social media in what we call ‘ Hat - Tip Tuesday ’. We hope you saw your recognition. Technology isn ’ t perfect. There have been hick - ups during these past many months as the renewal process continued. Thanks to those of you who have made us aware of issues and taken steps to ‘ make it right ’. You can check the listings to ensure your membership has been processed and remains in good standing here . CCI will continue to be on top of the pandemic guidelines and to respect everyone ’ s preferences. Volunteer directors have dealt with many issues that affected the manner in which they do business, from holding meetings to completing maintenance on the property over these last many months. The Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO) continues to provide updates and helpful resources on their website. Registering for Zoom Events We are delighted that so many of you are sharing your time with us at our education events via Zoom. We will continue to alert members by our Communiqu es when Registration to the events goes LIVE. The chapter creates annual reports to CCI - National. Event participation is included in those reports. Event Surveys

Following events, we ’ ve been able to create a survey for our registrants, which is emailed to them. Thanks to everyone who responds. We so appreciate your comments. The Education Committee will review them and incorporate some of your excellent suggestions into future planning of events.

to any of your comments, please include your email or forward your enquiry to the Administrator ccisw@cci - so that we can provide an appropriate response. Note:If you would like a response

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