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must have put them under. I try my best to carry forward that tradition, remaining calm during every new parental challenge that comes my way. In particular, I’ve found my father to be a major source of inspiration. Not only do I look back on his gentle patience with greater admiration, but I also recognize how much he sacrificed to be there for his kids. As an engineer with the phone company, our father always had plenty of work to do, but he never let that get in the way of spending real quality time with my siblings and me. We’d build things in the garage, go camping, and head out to baseball games. Knowing now what kind of time commitments my father was juggling, I can’t help but be impressed. Now that my daughter’s getting older, I look forward to continuing my father’s example. Being a lawyer is busy work, but I don’t let it keep me from spending quality time with Nadia. I will make the time to do puzzles, play games, and watch her play with her friends in the park, although I confess it’s getting hard to keep up! Nadia’s at that age when she’s really developing a personality, and I’m struck by howmuch she reminds me of myself when I was her age. She loves everything to do with being outdoors and definitely has a bit of a wild streak in her. I was worried when she started climbing on furniture as a baby, and now she loves zip lining! This may be the best surprise of being a dad: watching your child mature into the person they will become. Nadia’s in her kindergarten years, and I already admire her incredible capacity for joy. She’s always quick with a laugh and seems to constantly be able to find something to smile about. Just as I learned frommy parents, it seems I can stand to learn something from my daughter, as well.


What Becoming a Dad Taught Me

As cliche as it sounds, you never really know how much love you can feel for one person until you become a parent. I heard this adage time and again while my wife was pregnant, and I was sure there was some truth to it. But when my daughter Nadia was born, I was still caught completely off guard. Nothing could have prepared me for when I saw Nadia’s tiny face for the first time. The amount of compassion and affection that hit me was like nothing I’ve ever experienced, and from that moment on, the emotion just kept building. Becoming a father has really let me experience love on another level. Of course, love wasn’t the only surprise when it came to being a dad. There is no instruction manual for raising a child — no matter how much advice my wife and I got, it seemed like every day brought something unexpected. I definitely wasn’t used to feeling so scared all the time. You’re trying to take care of this little, fragile person, and suddenly the world is filled with potential dangers. The moment we brought Nadia home, I became acutely aware of stairs, forks, coffee table edges, and all the other formerly harmless parts of our house. As nerve-wracking as this was, I still wasn’t prepared for when she started learning to jump and climb on things. In these anxious moments, I found myself falling back on my parents’ example. Nothing makes you understand your parents more than becoming one yourself. The rules that used to frustrate me as a young boy suddenly made a whole lot of sense, and the ways my parents enforced them became far more admirable. They were always extremely patient with my siblings and me, and they were never short or snappy with us, no matter how much stress we

To all the dads out there learning and growing alongside their families, Happy Father’s Day.

– Gary L. Medlin, Esq. | Pg. 1


Even On a Rainy Outdoor Weekend

2. Use Your Body Heat to Dry Damp Clothes There’s nothing like getting to camp at the end of a hard hike and taking off your pack to finally relax. But if you got caught in a rainstorm or had to cross a river, you might not feel the same sense of relief. An effective way to dry wet socks and other clothes is to use your own body heat. Once you’ve changed into something dry, place wet socks between your layers of clothing, allowing them to warm and slowly dry. Insider Tip: While weight is a consideration for backpacking, it’s worth it to carry an extra pair of socks designated for sleeping so you’ll always have a dry pair to look forward to when you arrive at camp. 3. Suit Up Your Sleeping Bag Moisture that collects in the night can lead to a damp sleeping bag, and you want to do everything you can to retain heat in wet weather. Get better sleep by using your rain jacket to further insulate your sleeping bag. Put your jacket around the end of your sleeping bag and zip it up, creating a heat trap that will keep your toes toasty. Insider Tip: Keep wet gear out of your tent whenever possible by storing it in the vestibule rather than the main space.

Incoming clouds can really rain on a weekend camping trip. Getting wet isn’t just a nuisance; it can be dangerous in cold climates. Outdoor experts, like the instructors at the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), know the tricks to keeping dry, even on the wettest days. Here are three tricks these pros swear by. 1. Line Your Pack With a Plastic Bag Garbage bags are an easy and cost-effective way to waterproof your pack. As you’re preparing for your trip, put the garbage bag into your backpack first and place your sleeping bag, clothing, and any other items that must stay dry inside it. Carefully twist and fold the bag inside your pack to close it up, place any items that are okay to get wet on top, and look forward to having dry, warm clothes. On March 29, 2017, a church minibus was returning from a retreat in Leakey, Texas, carrying 14 members of the First Baptist Church of New Braunfels, Texas. Around 12 p.m., a pickup truck going in the opposite direction crossed the centerline and collided with the bus. Of the 14 passengers in the bus, 12 were killed at the scene, and another died later in the hospital. Witnesses reported hearing the truck driver saying, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I was texting.” Distracted driving has reached epidemic levels in Texas. AAA reports that distracted drivers caused over 95,000 crashes last year. In Dallas County alone, deadly crashes caused by distracted driving rose by 20 percent. Distracted driving is driving while doing any activity that takes your attention off the road. This can include changing the radio station or reaching for something in the back seat, but most distracted driving crashes involve a smartphone. Reading a text message, checking social media, or answering a phone call are all forms of distracted driving and are incredibly dangerous. Even looking at your phone for just 5 seconds is enough time to drive the length of a football field when driving at 55 mph. HOLD THE PHONE

Happy trails, and stay dry out there!

The Deadly Risks of Distracted Driving

Textingwhile driving has been banned inTexas since 2017. The law addresses “reading, writing, or sending electronic messages,” which means it’s also illegal to read social media posts or take photos using apps like Snapchat while behind the wheel. But keep in mind that it’s not enough to just not hold your phone while in the car. Many drivers think that going hands-free with Bluetooth headsets or their car’s stereo is safe as long as they have both hands on the wheel. It’s not. The brain is not meant to multitask. Even if your eyes are still on the road, a phenomenon called “inattentional blindness” can cause you to miss obvious dangers because your mind was focused on something else. To avoid causing an accident due to distracted driving, do not allow any distractions while behind the wheel. Never use your phone while driving. Turn it off when you get into the car if you have to. If you need to take a call or send a message, pull into a parking lot and park first. Do your part to help reduce distracted-driving crashes. And, if you’re a victim of someone else’s negligence, call The Medlin Law Firm at 817-900-6000 to get the help you need. | Pg. 2

arguing about money. The process can crawl on for weeks, if not months, as the adjuster makes request after request. During this process, they may throw out a low number, hoping you will settle. As tempting as it is to get it over with, giving in will mean you’ll likely end up will a lot less than you need. They make constant requests. Building off the point above, adjusters will make requests for practically every piece of information or documentation they can. Some of it might not even be relevant. They make you do a lot of excess work that they should be doing, and theywon’t hesitate to hang the results of the case over your head if you don’t comply. If you don’t get the documents they ask for, they won’t pay. They refuse to pay for future treatment. Immediately following a wreck, you may be injured and not realize it; adrenaline and confusion often mask the pain and discomfort that will set in later. This means you’ll have future medical bills you haven’t accounted for. If you settle with the insurance company too quickly, there is nothing you can do to recoup the costs of treatment. That’s on you and possibly on your health insurance, if applicable. It’s not a good place to be. These are just three examples of why it’s so important to speak with an attorney before making a call to the insurance company. You need to be ready for what they have to say, because when you’re prepared, you’ll be happier with the results.


Following a car wreck, conventional thinking says you need to call the insurance company. However, chances are you aren’t going to like what the insurance company has to say. One thing to always remember is that the insurance company is there to make money. While their commercials say that they are all about you and you can count on them, that’s only true up to a point. When you call to submit a claim, the insurance adjuster has one goal: to pay you as little as possible. Insurance adjusters are the gatekeepers between you and the money you need to take care of your medical and repair bills — not to mention the many other expenses that pop up following a car wreck. To get what you truly deserve, you may need someone on your side who can kick down the gate and get results. Insurance adjusters have a number of tactics they us to pay you as little as possible. When you call, they immediately go to work putting up barriers. Here are a few examples. They wear you down. You want to resolve the case as soon as possible, while still getting the money you need for bills and expenses. Adjusters want to drag the process out for as long as possible, so you may end up on the phone for hours on end

Brain Buster

BLT Dogs


4 strips bacon

1 head romaine lettuce, shredded

4 hot dogs (ideally Boar’s Head Beef Frankfurters, but any all-beef variety will do)

1 large tomato, seeded and diced

4 hot dog buns

Salt and pepper, to taste

1 tbsp mayonnaise


1. Heat a skillet to medium and fry bacon until rendered and crisp. Transfer to a paper towel to drain. 2. Fry hot dogs in bacon drippings, creating a crust, and cook until warmed through. 3. Using a dry skillet or oven, toast buns. 4. Spread mayonnaise on buns, place hot dog and bacon inside, and top with tomatoes and lettuce. Serve.

Inspired by | Pg. 3

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The Surprises of Fatherhood

2. How to Stay DryWhile Camping in the Rain

Are You a Danger on the Road?

3. Don’t Let Insurance Companies Take Advantage of You


4. Take a Deep Breath


Medicine found that mindful meditation lowers stress levels, and patients who habitually meditate report less chronic pain. Another study published in the same journal found that regular meditation also fights depression. How Do I Meditate? Meditating is as simple as sitting in a quiet place, closing your eyes, and focusing on your breathing for a few minutes. Whenever your mind starts to wander, gently bring it back to your breath. You don’t need to climb a mountain or pay for a week-long retreat to start meditating. That said, there are plenty of resources that help beginners build a strong foundation for meditation. Popular apps like Calm or Headspace are available on any smartphone and offer guided courses you can start anywhere, anytime. You could also check online or at your local community center for group classes if you would like some in-person guidance. Meditation isn’t a magical ritual that will cure all that ails you, but plenty of research suggests meditation does provide tangible benefits to our mental and physical well-being. Maybe one day, meditation will be as commonplace as daily exercise.

This is the first step in every meditation session. Though often associated with the New Age metaphysical movement, meditation isn’t all about incense and healing crystals. Meditation is an ancient practice that strengthens your mental focus, and recent research suggests that it offers real solutions to modern problems. What Is Meditation? Meditation has strong roots in various religious and cultural traditions, but anyone can find value in practicing it. The purpose of meditation is to strengthen your mind by promoting mindfulness, focus, and awareness. Does MeditationWork? It depends on what you mean by “work.” Will meditation allow you to defy gravity and hover above the earth? Probably not. But there are so many benefits that will leave you feeling lighter in another way. A study published in JAMA Internal | Pg. 4

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